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Jan. 2, 2015

11. 12 examples of how freebies, promo products are getting a tech touch
Chicago Tribune
From July 25: Get ready to swag out those smartphones, as companies opt for self-promotional products that accent mobile tech. Tech is coming on strong in the $19.4 billion specialty advertising industry. More frequently, those freebies that businesses hand out with their logos have a tech bent — smart phone and tablet accessories, chargers, screen wipes, stylus pens and the like.More

12. See the hidden meanings inside 17 tech company logos
From June 27: Everyone recognizes Amazon's famous logo. But did you know there are three different symbolic messages tucked within it? We picked 17 tech company logos that have hidden, subtle, or otherwise clever messages inside their famous brand marques. They include a Facebook logo that secretly indicates another company it hoped to kill, a message you won't get unless you understand Morse, and an actual cryptogram.More

13. How to design a killer logo with super lame fonts
From June 13: System fonts are like Top 40 radio: Fine for the masses but easy to snub if you’re of more discerning taste. It’s easy to look down on the default typefaces we find on our PCs and Macs (think Verdana, Comic Sans and Arial), especially if you’re in the business of making fonts look good. “As graphic designers, we tend to spend a lot of time and energy picking out bespoke fonts,” says Natasha Jen, a partner at Pentagram. “My habit was to always think, what will be a new cool font for this, or what’s the most exquisite cut for that?”More

14. 3 ways to cut costs for your small business
Small Business Trends
From May 9: Even with the economy on the rise, it’s general good practice to keep a check on your business costs and see if there’s any room for improvement when it comes to savings. As the old adage goes, “a penny saved is a penny earned.” Here are a few ways you might be able to cut costs and save your small business some money in the long run.More

15. What your logo's color says about your company
Fast Company
From April 4: When it comes to identifying your brand, your logo is probably the first thing your customers will think of. While honing the narrative and message behind your logo should of course be your primary concern, research suggests that your logo’s design — and specifically its colors — have more bearing on your customers’ opinions than you might think. Neuroscientist Bevil Conway, who has focused his recent research almost entirely on the neural machinery behind color, believes the science behind color processing to be very powerful and completely underexploited.More

16. The 41 freebies inside the legendary People/Time swag bag
The Washington Post
From May 9: Behold, people, the glory that is the People/Time White House Correspondents’ Weekend Gift Bag. To call it a mere goodie bag fails to convey the 17.2 pounds of luxury swag presented to guests departing Friday’s cocktail reception. Well, not every guest — White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett attended the party at the St. Regis Hotel, but walked out empty handed due to ethics rules for government officials. “No, no,” she told us. “We can’t accept any gifts. But I’ve heard about it.”More

17. 6 words that sabotage sales
From April 4: One of the quickest ways to turn off your sales prospects is to use poison words. Poison words are words or phrases that trigger suspicion, mistrust and loss of respect. Ironically, several of these words are commonly used to build rapport with the customer. Promotional Consultant Today shares the vernacular you should avoid in sales.More

18. 5 ways to promote your trade show display
Trade Show News Network
From May 16: Being a trade show success takes more than just setting up your booth, collecting business cards, and handing out freebies. To get the most targeted traffic at trade show displays, having a proper marketing campaign is essential. Promoting the booth before, during, and after the event is important because this is what brings awareness to your audience about your presence at the trade show.More

19. Worst case scenario: 3 product safety mistakes and how to prevent them
Promo Marketing
From July 11: Pens, bags and drinkware are big sellers in the promotional industry — but they aren't without risks. If you're not careful, your customer's $500 mug order could end up costing you more than $5,000. Not complying with product safety laws can seriously damage your business and your client's reputation, so how do make sure the products you're selling More

20. 6 reasons attendees don't trust your booth staffers
Trade Show News Network
From June 27: Why do B2B buyers continue to attend trade shows by the tens of millions, rather than make all their purchases online? Because they want to meet you face to face, to see for themselves what the people who work for your company are really like, and if your company is trustworthy enough to do business with. Well, attendees won’t trust your company if your booth staffers do these 6 things.More