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Jan. 30, 2015

The importance of promotional materials to any business
The Global Dispatch
When it comes to making customers happy and retaining them, the initial focus is on improving the sales experience for them. However, in more competitive sectors you may have to do a lot more to make customers value your brand. One way to achieve this is to use promotional materials. Promotional materials are branded small items that will be of use to just about every recipient. These include t-shirts, pens, key holders, mugs, hats and so on.More

Get more media coverage for your brand with these 4 proven tricks
By Emma Fitzpatrick
No doubt your business has set ambitious goals for the year. Whether you want to grow your user base or net more sales, public relations can help. PR gets respected media contacts to endorse your brand or tell your story to a large audience. Positive stories often trigger a huge surge in sales, Web traffic and social media followers. Use these four public relations tricks to get more media coverage and all the good that comes with it.More

5 things any business must know before advertising on Facebook
Huffington Post
We all know Facebook is great for sharing viral cat videos, making sure your ex is not dating someone better looking than you and tagging your friends in embarrassing Throwback Thursday pics. The average consumer has no idea how Facebook makes money or why they are worth billions, but you are not reading this because you are the average consumer.More

The secret to smarter customers
By Carol Heiberger
I want to be a good customer. I don't mean that I want to spend a lot of money at a particular establishment or with a particular vendor. What I want to do is communicate comfortably and easily with the people who are providing me with a service. Then, they know what I want and can deliver it, and we'll both be happy. My 3-year-old niece is told to "use your words" instead of crying. But what happens when I don't have the words to use? Herein lies the dilemma.More

For a complete marketing plan, look beyond your direct competition
Now that you’ve outlined both your business and marketing objectives for the year, it’s time to get to work writing your business plan. Most of the plan will be quite inward focused for sure, but you also have to look outside your four walls to have a complete perspective for your plan. You have to analyze your competition. Before you can look in, you first have to look out. Look out for what your competition is doing! More

#Media #leadership must include #social interaction
Hand on your heart: When did you last tweet one of your reporter's news stories? And when did you last have a conversation with one of your readers on Facebook? Today there is no valid excuse for you as a media leader not to be active in social media. Still feel like a beginner? No problem. It's easy: Just do it. How important would you rank social media as a success factor for your publication? I'm guessing very few of us as in the media business would mark the "not at all" box in a survey.More

How to make a great first impression on new employees
By Mel Kleiman
Does your company have an new-hire orientation program? Does your department? Have you reviewed it for content and effectiveness? If you're not in charge of orientation, drop in on what goes on there. There are lots of good reasons why you should. First impressions are lasting and, because of this, the key to employee retention is new-employee orientation. A new hire will never be more enthusiastic, hopeful and energetic than during the first few days on the job.More