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Mar. 8, 2013

SPPA Membership Luncheon to feature an end-buyer panel
Next week's SPPA membership luncheon will give attendees a rare glimpse into the minds of some of the area's biggest buyers of promotional products. Learn what they like, what they think is most effective, what they consider when they make buying decisions, and what their biggest frustrations are. The luncheon is part of Education Day sponsored by Bulova during next week's Spring Showcase. Register here.More

Spring showcase will feature almost 300 product lines
When attendees arrive at next week's Spring Showcase, they'll find almost 300 product lines on the show floor. That means a ton of new products, new ideas and new catalogs will be waiting for attendees says SPPA President Tim Hennessey. "We definitely have the top suppliers in our industry represented and I'm excited for everyone to see how great our Spring Showcase will be this year!" The SPPA Spring Showcase is schedule for March 13th at the Cahaba Grand Conference Center in Birmingham. More

New shuttle service being offered at Spring Showcase
Two free services are being added to the SPPA Spring Showcase to make it a more convenient and enjoyable trip for attendees. When you park at the Cahaba Grand Conference Center, be on the lookout for the Bulova Shuttle that will pick you up and drop you off right at the front door. The shuttle will be running all day to get you back and forth from your car to the show. Also, the popular distributor valet service is back and is free of charge. As attendees work the show floor, they can drop their heavy bags off with our valet attendants. When they're ready to leave, the attendants will carry the bags outside for pickup.More

Top 3 nominees announced for SPPA Member Awards
The top three nominees were announced on Facebook for the 2013 SPPA Member Awards. The winners will be announced on March 12 during the SPPA Casino Party.

Supplier Company of the Year: Crown Products, Hit Promotional Products, SanMar
Multi-Line Rep of the Year: Cochran & Company, Pearson Marketing, The Maddox Company
Factory Rep of the Year: Eric Carr (Hit), Drew Greer (SanMar), and Linda McMahan-Kollinger (BagMakers) More

No, not another meeting!
By C. Fredrick Crum
Have you ever attended a meeting that was a waste of your time. Most of us would answer yes to that question. Effective meetings are the engines that move organizations forward. The results of effective meetings help strengthen the corporate culture and set the course for the organization. Most organizational meetings, or engines, either stall, backfire or fail. Unfortunately, there are very few engines that run at peak performance.More

Bag ban begins with cheers, grumbles in Austin, Texas
Austin American-Statesman
As Austin's ban on disposable bags got under way in Texas, Lisa Flores came prepared to a North Austin Wal-Mart. She brought reusable fabric bags from home to buy a pet carrier, organizational items and a jar of spicy pickles.More

Company turns old promo items into bags, products
Earth 911
When she was expecting her first daughter, young mom Melissa Richardson found herself hesitant to return to her job in the corporate world. Inspired by a successful Swiss brand that repurposed old truck tarps into bags and accessories, Richardson decided to modify the idea to fit the urban-hip fashions of her hometown of Toronto, Canada.More

Being a leader: A special brand of fearlessness
Being a leader requires the ability to get people to follow you. Sounds elementary and obvious, but to really create a following you must poses certain skills and charisma that make people feel they are following something that will either benefit them or a cause they believe in.More

4 ways to pull ahead of your competitors in business
The road to profits is paved with unfair advantages. Think about that statement. It's the reason why some of the best ideas can flop, and why some of the most average people can be wildly successful. Somewhere along the way there was a competitive advantage.More

Which one typeface would you eradicate forever?
The Austin Chronicle
No formal education necessary. You don't have to be a graphic designer to be disgusted almost to the point of blowing chunks when confronted with certain overused or, especially, egregiously ill-used typefaces; you just have to be a human with a hint of aesthetic sense.More