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Mar. 13, 2015

Social-media marketing not silver bullet for busy entrepreneurs
The entrepreneurial life is busy. You spend long hours growing your business and serving your customers. On top of all of that, you have the normal responsibilities of life. You throw in a family, and it seems like there's not enough time in each week. You have to stay ahead of new technology and strategies to grow and thrive in your business. The Internet and social media have created an unprecedented way to reach new customers.More

Is problem solving a problem for your employees?
By Jessica Taylor
According to a 2010 Critical Skills Survey, employers say they need employees who are equipped with skills beyond the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic to grow their business. In other words, you need two main skills: critical thinking and problem solving. But some employees aren't confident in their preparation and answers to problems. So how can they get the confidence back? We know encountering problems is inevitable in the workplace, but how do we solve them effectively?More

What #TheDress can teach you about marketing
Financial Post
As a serial entrepreneur and now chief executive of Toronto-based marketing firm AOK Marketing, I've worked in the marketing realm for many years, both to promote my own businesses and to boost clients' brands. In that time, I've learned a lot about perception and how it can impact a business's fortunes. Which is why in my first column for Financial Post, I have decided to talk about #TheDress and the Apple Watch. Both serve to illustrate a point I want to make about the importance of perception in the business world. More

10 ideas for a small business marketing on a shoestring budget
If you run a small business and have a specific budget set aside for marketing, consider yourself among the elite few. The ideal marketing budget is unique for every business and often seems impossible to tie back to your bottom line with any precision. That can be problematic for fledgling small businesses whose very existence hinges on making the right decisions on how and when to spend money.More

Newsjacking: 3 questions to ask before your brand participates
By Emma Fitzpatrick
You want your business to be on the front page of the newspaper and on the tip of everyone's tongue. While this goal seems lofty, an easy way to accomplish it is by newsjacking. Newsjacking is when your brand tracks the top news stories — either locally or nationally — and injects your company into the topic. If you've ever tweeted or written a Facebook post about a news story, then you've already taken advantage of this tactic. The key to newsjacking is to add your company's twist to the story. More

4 tax code changes small-business owners should know about
According to author Mike D'Avolio: Taxes are the number-one issue facing small businesses, according to December's Small Business Optimism survey. As we're now in tax season, small-business owners face the additional headache of understanding how new changes to the tax code affect their To relieve that burden, here are some of the key changes every small-business owner should know, along with a few key tax breaks, credits and deductions. More

5 reasons you need to increase your email marketing budget
Email marketing has undergone many shifts in the past two decades. It exploded onto the scene when email started becoming a more popular medium, and businesses everywhere scrambled to send, seemingly, as many emails as possible to their audience. Then, spam filters and legal email regulations started throttling back the "quantity over quality" mentality, and email marketers were forced to use more creative, appealing tactics in their campaigns.More

6 creative e-recruitment ideas to help you attract the top candidates
By Michael Tope
In today's digital age, a comprehensive e-recruitment strategy is a necessity for companies seeking to attract top talent. As baby boomers gradually retire from the workforce and tech-savvy millennials take their place, recruiters must utilize competitive online recruitment techniques that reach beyond major job boards. At a time when nearly every organization has an online presence and most job searches begin on the Internet, companies must think outside the box and stay on top of the latest technology trends in order to gain an edge in the talent wars. More