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Apr. 12, 2013

SPPA to participate in advertising conference
SPPA is joining with the Promotional Products Association of the Mid-South, Georgia Association of Promotional Products Professionals and PPAI in an end-buyer awareness program next week in Jackson, Miss. The four associations will be participating in the American Advertising Federation's District 7 Spring Convention which brings advertising agencies, media representatives and students together from five states. Kim Todora with PPAI will lead a panel discussion during the conference titled "Firing on All Cylinders: Integrated Campaign Executions."

Members of PPAI, PPAMS, SPPA and GAPPP are invited to attend this session free of charge. To attend, please email your reservation to mark@sunbeltppa.org or call 205-588-8004. Complete information on the conference is available here.More

A few seats still available for Promo Lunch in New Orleans
A few of the free seats are still left for the SPPA Promo Lunch April 24 in New Orleans. The two-hour event is open to industry distributors and includes lunch, an industry update and five supplier presentations. The suppliers participating in the New Orleans Promo Lunch are Cochran & Company, Crown, Hit, Lanco and Vitronic.

To reserve your seat, email PromoLunch@sunbeltppa.org or call 205.588.8004. Reservations are also being accepted for the Mobile and Montgomery Promo Lunches. For more information, visit www.sunbeltppa.org.More

Advocating for our industry in Washington, DC
Recently, SPPA participated in PPAI L.E.A.D. in Washington, D.C., and met with several congressional leaders from our region. SPPA Executive Director Mark Farrar and Kim Newell, president of World Wide Line, joined almost 70 others from across the nation to take the message of promotional products to Capital Hill. "I really felt like I made a difference," said Newell. "The Members of Congress were very receptive to our industry and our conversations were invaluable."

Farrar and Newell were able to meet with several members and staffers, including Rep. Steve Scalise, Rep. Martha Roby, and Rep. Bill Cassidy. House Speaker John Boehner made an unexpected visit and spoke to the group for about 15 minutes during dinner. Rep. Erik Paulsen from Minnesota was also honored by PPAI as the 2013 Legislator of the Year.More

SAGE Seminar Series to visit New Orleans, Baton Rouge next week
Whether you want to know if SAGE is the right fit for your company or you have used SAGE for years, the SAGE Seminar Series brings an interactive, classroom-style seminar to fit your needs. SAGE will be in New Orleans April 16, and Baton Rouge April 17 with their free seminar and complimentary lunch. For more information and to reserve your spot, visit www.sageworld.com/seminars. More

Here's everything small-business owners need to know about Obama's new budget
The Washington Post
The Obama administration has unveiled its annual budget proposal, setting the stage for yet another battle over the most effective way to rein in federal spending without derailing the economic recovery. The White House's plan arrives several weeks after House Republicans and Senate Democrats approved their own competing budgets, which, politically speaking, are worlds apart. The president's entry seeks to bring the two sides toward the middle.More

WWE's promo mania
WWE's success, and the innovative way in which it has embraced new media for PR and digital distribution of its entertainment — especially over the past year — a ords Hollywood a few lessons in how to better exploit its own offerings.More

Making sense of 'Made in the USA'
Promo Marketing
In the promotional industry, American manufacturing has its obvious benefits. Product safety, from basic toxicity concerns to complicated cases of fraud and counterfeiting, is easier to enforce and count on since it falls under the watchful (and litigious) eye of the U.S. legal system. More

Defining the win: How job descriptions can improve employee performance
By Deborah Wipf
Go to any high school stadium on a Friday night during football season and you're likely to hear the roar of the crowd or the band playing the school song. If you walked into the stadium part-way through the game and asked "Who's winning?", you'd get a quick response. How could such a diverse group respond to a question with complete consistency? Easy — they all know that the team with the most points wins, and they know how to locate the score. In the workplace, these indicators are a bit harder to find.More

I object! Creating great rebuttals for those pesky objections on the intro call
By Amanda Puppo
If you're in sales, handling objections is part of the job. How do you get the conversation back on track, make that appointment or close that sale?More

Best practices for B2B marketing at conferences
Business 2 Community
When you are marketing a marketing service to marketers, the bar is even higher than it is for most B2B marketers.More

It's a small (business) world: The benefits of exporting
The Huffington Post
Today, nearly 96 percent of consumers and over two-thirds of the world's purchasing power reside outside the U.S. More

3 keys to crisis management
PC Today
Why do some companies come out of a crisis with enhanced reputations while others may not even survive as a business? It comes down to three main areas: Failure to consider the human factor; failure to gather adequate information to support decision making; failure to act quickly, decisively.More

Stamford marketer brings iconic Sunoco can to NASCAR fans
Norwalk Citizen
Sunoco fuel tanks have been a staple for pit crews at NASCAR races for decades, and a veteran marketer has turned the cylinders emblazoned with the iconic blue-and-yellow logo into something that millions of race fans can hold in their hands and take to every race.More

Fostering loyalty: Keep your customers coming back to you
Growth Business
People just aren't loyal to brands in the same way they once were.​ If you're expecting people to get so attached to your brand that they give you lifelong loyalty, think again. They just won't. More

The 5 marketplace mandates of branding
Have you ever wondered why, if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, more small-business people don't copy the branding techniques used by corporate America and adapt them? Like scenes out of AMC's "Madmen," one assumes that these branding "secrets" are fiercely guarded.More