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May. 1, 2015

SPPA to host an end-buyer show in Birmingham
As an added member benefit for our distributors, SPPA will allow distributor members to bring their clients to the Alabama Fall Showcase in Birmingham on Friday, Sept. 11. This will be a trial run to see if our members like the end-buyer format and benefit from it, says James DeBoer, president of SPPA. "We look forward to getting feedback after the event to determine if we continue and/or expand this type of format in Birmingham and possibly other locations."

To help distributors understand the format and registration process, webinars will be held on May 15th and June 16th to share tips and answer questions. SPPA board members and distributors who have participated in end-buyer events will be part of the webinars to address concerns and share advice on how to grow customer loyalty and sales by participating in end-buyer shows.

"Every market around us is offering end-buyer events and distributors and suppliers are overwhelmingly favorable of the format," says DeBoer. "Our board feels that we need to give our distributors the same opportunity to showcase our products and increase their sales." More

How to improve brand awareness with promotional materials
Developing a strong and reputable brand is imperative in business, and the very pinnacle of success. Brand awareness is necessary for creating a favorable impression amongst customers and motivating potential customers to buy. Companies are always looking to increase brand awareness, and this is done in many ways; starting with always offering a great product or service, and including other aspects; such as a good advertising campaign, a strong presence on social media and the internet, proper product placement in shops, and by using promotional materials to get your name out there.More

Why Bud Light had no problem releasing an offensive marketing campaign
Recently, Bud Light issued an apology after facing a firestorm of criticism over beer labels that read, "The Perfect Beer For Removing 'No' From Your Vocabulary For The Night." The labels are part of the "Up For Whatever" marketing campaign, which also faced criticism for a tweet during St. Patrick's Day saying, "You can also pinch people who aren't #UpForWhatever." Both taglines could be construed to endorse unwanted sexual contact or, in the case of the most recent one, rape. More

4 reasons why email marketing is an asset for all small businesses
Marketing has come a long way in the four-and-a-half decades since the first email was delivered. Advances like social media and search engine marketing have left businesses with no shortage of channels to leverage in order to reach their target demographic. Why then, in this era of real-time socially driven marketing, do businesses continue to feature email as a staple of their marketing strategy? More

Facebook added 10 million small business pages in a year
Facebook now boasts 40 million active small business pages, the company announced. Almost all of the 2 million who advertise on the platform are small business owners, up from 1.5 million last year. Facebook defines an active small business page as a profile that has posted information in the last 28 days. Facebook said it had 30 million active small business pages last June. More

The 4 types of small businesses, and why each 1 matters
Harvard Business Law
America loves small businesses. A 2010 poll by The Pew Research Center found that the public had a more positive view of them than any other institution in the country — they beat out both churches and universities, for instance, as well as tech companies. As Janet Yellen pointed out in a speech last year, "the opportunity to build a business has long been an important part of the American Dream."More

Copywriting strategies for marketing to women
When it comes to copywriting, we marketers often find ourselves staring into a literal and virtual blank screen: an online canvas onto which we must write an inexhaustible supply of words for websites, blogs, articles, interviews, social media updates, video scripts, thought-leadership pieces, captions, contests, headlines and more, all with the goal of driving engagement in a brand or business, 24/7. More

Do all small business owners need to pay sales taxes?
Huffington Post
I came across an inquiry about taxes from a reader of I came across an inquiry about taxes from a reader of mine, and I knew it would be helpful information for other small business owners. Do all small business owners need to pay sales taxes? Yes, the majority of businesses that are sales oriented are required to pay taxes to the home state or other locations where they do business. There are only a handful of states that do not require taxes from businesses — Oregon, Alaska, New Hampshire, Delaware, Hawaii and Montana, for the rest of us, sales taxes are something worth paying close attention to.More

3 trends marketers need to know about location-based advertising
Street Fight
Location-based advertising has exploded in recent years as brick-and-mortar brands shift digital and traditional budgets to mobile. The result has fueled the growth of one of the quickest moving sectors in an already chaotic ad tech industry where tactics, strategies and capabilities are changing as fast as the companies offering them. These changes have implications for a host of stakeholders in the local marketing industry. More

Marketing chiefs need to embrace technology
We have grown so used to being interconnected, to having the means of communicating with other people or finding out information at the touch of a screen that it is hard to believe that when the current generation of senior managers were in the early stages of their careers Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter did not exist. More