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May. 15, 2015

The key to advertising with promotional products
Odisha Samaya
When you are choosing something to stick your advertisement on, remember this important rule: you want your ad on something necessary as much as possible, something people literally could not leave their home without. You want something that would disrupt their day utterly and completely if they forgot. Something likes, a set of keys.More

Pros and cons of buying vs. leasing commercial property
By Dale Willerton and Jeff Grandfield
The most common reason tenants lease space instead of buying a location is because 95 percent of all commercial, retail and office space is not for sale. If you are in an enviable position to purchase property, there are several opportunities available to you: a business condo where you occupy the one unit, a strata title unit, small strip plazas or centers where you're now a landlord to other tenants as well, or standalone buildings on a small parcel of land. For those tenants able to purchase, here are a few pros and cons to consider.More

A small business owner's guide to building an internet presence
In 2015, branding, PR, and marketing all run through the internet. If you want any chance of succeeding in complex and crowded global marketplaces, you need a strong online presence. However, for small business owners who are either inexperienced or preoccupied, it can be challenging to know exactly where to start. According to a study by BIA/Kelsey, 97 percent of consumers go online prior to making a purchase to research products and services locally. More

7 habits to nurture a small business state of mind
Huffington Post
When starting and growing a business, staying in the right frame of mind is vital to your success. Let there be no doubt that living your dream requires effort that you'll sometimes have to pull out of nowhere. Your attitude will constantly adjust between creative thinking and serious self-doubt. When you become your own boss, you wear many hats and perform many tasks — some of which will be frustrating and will require patience as you learn how to run your business.More

Soft-touch packaging: A value for consumers
By Sharon Derbyshire
Packaging is viewed as an extension of the product, and the consumer's first perception of value is based on look and feel of the package. Research shows that consumers spend on average three seconds eyeing a product on store shelves before deciding whether to purchase — sometimes referred to as the first moment of truth. Soft-touch thermoplastic elastomers are a package differentiator, often visually alerting the consumer that there is something unique about this package and product.More

Credit where credit is due: The perils of marketing attribution
One of the hottest topics in analytics is marketing attribution. Attribution, for those unfamiliar, is the process of assigning credit to various marketing efforts when a sale is generated. In the modern world, this is no easy task. There are myriad ways to touch a customer today and the goal of attribution is to tease out the impact that each touch had in convincing you to make a purchase.More

Odds are, you've fallen for most successful marketing campaign in history
New York Observer
Chances are, you've already fallen victim to this one. And not just once, but time and time and time again. In fact, you’ve probably been trudging to the stores each week and paying up to 10,000 times what it's worth...even though it's available to you for almost free, right in your home! What's this product I'm talking about? Bottled water.More

3 new social updates and how to use them in your business
By Emma Fitzpatrick
Social networking seems to evolve faster than anything we've ever seen in the marketing world. Each time you log in, it seems like something — whether huge or minor — has changed. This week, we're here to help you pinpoint exactly what's different. Here are three ways Google+, Facebook and Instagram have changed in the last week, and how your business can make the most of each new trend.More