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May. 17, 2013

White House looks to invest $200 million in 3-D printing
It's been hard to escape the furor surrounding the popularity of the first operational gun released via 3-D printing. More than 100,000 copies of the weapon have already been downloaded.More

A conversation Daniel Pink, author of 'To Sell is Human'
Daniel Pink's chatted with PromoKitchen about his new book "To Sell is Human" and the relevance of his research on the promotional products industry. Other topics include the shifting paradigm for sales commission compensation, the myth that extroverts make the best salespeople, how to decommoditize our medium, the threat of internet selling and more.More

Selecting and using creative promotional materials
Business 2 Community
Trade shows are a valuable opportunity for business owners to showcase the work they do and raise their professional profile in their larger industry. The challenge to you is standing out among a crowd of fellow exhibitors that are doing exactly the same thing. More

Enterprise feedback management — All you need to know is in the name
By John Carroll
Leaders are constantly seeking new ways to drive customer centricity throughout their organizations. Time-starved customers are less and less willing to provide feedback in traditional ways. Venture capitalists are funding specialist software companies with hundreds of millions of dollars to address company and customer needs alike under the name of enterprise feedback management, or EFM. Yet even with this mounting popularity, confusion about what EFM is and how it is different from traditional customer research is hindering deployment and real business success. It's about time we simplify EFM for the sake of clarity. In fact, all you really need to know about EFM is in the name itself.More

SAGE announces new dates for SAGE Show 2014
SAGE announced new dates for the 2014 SAGE Show, a national promotional products tradeshow in the central U.S.More

Simple steps to content marketing
PPAI Today
Content marketing is the leading channel for business-to-business marketing today.More

Creating an engaged community
By Robin Carver
Social media provides many opportunities each day for two-way, constant communication.More

Is social media really marketing?
Huffington Post
Michele Masterfano: "I spent a lot of my career in marketing, and I teach a few marketing courses. I can talk about the foundational aspects of marketing all day long: the 4 Ps, integrated marketing communications, consumer behavior, and so on. Has social media obviated the need for some or all of these?"More

Event marketing brings a brand's story to life
Event Marketer
In a TED talk entitled "The technology of storytelling," celebrated multimedia storyteller Joe Sabia said, "The art of storytelling has remained unchanged… but the way in which humans tell the stories has always evolved, with pure consistent novelty." Storytelling, and especially the way brands use stories to create a compelling narrative around their products, is making just such an evolution.More

15 corporate logos that contain subliminal messages
Daily Finance
Whether you realize it or not, a brand's logo speaks to its viewer on many levels. There's the recognizability factor — if a logo is too complex or unrelated to its brand, it risks being glanced over without communicating its brand's message. And companies risk annoying their consumers when they make drastic changes to logos people love.More

When is the best time to follow-up with trade show leads?
It seems like more exhibitors today place a high value on immediacy. They're sending follow-up emails and product-related communications immediately after the trade show closes or even the minute the attendee leaves the booth. More