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Jun. 7, 2013

US apparel makers express concern over high labor cost
Fibre 2 Fashion
The apparel manufacturers in the US have expressed concern over increasing labor cost in the country as several global apparel brands are sourcing garments from other countries with low production cost.More

With promotional items, 'Man of Steel' nearly made its entire budget back
Warner Bros. has booked a whopping 98 promotional partners worldwide — so far — that are providing about $170 million in support (on top of paid ads) for "Man of Steel." That's even more than "The Dark Knight Rises" $150 million in third-party promos last summer.More

Promo items part of 'excessive' IRS conference spending report
NBC News
A new investigative report from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration reveals charges of "excessive spending" by the Internal Revenue Service related to a 2010 conference held in Anaheim, Calif. The report details the $4.1 million spent on that conference, including what TIGTA calls "questionable expenses" for planning trips, outside speakers, video productions and promotional items and gifts for IRS employees. More

California state Senate rejects plastic bag ban
Promo Marketing
The California State Senate once again voted against a proposal for a statewide ban on disposable plastic bags. In recent vote, Senate Bill 405 fell three votes short of making California the second state after Hawaii to ban single-use bags from retailers and grocery stores. The final vote was 18-17, with four abstentions.More

Coca-Cola making bottles entirely out of ice just in time for summer
Ad Week
First, Coca-Cola tried to thaw relations between India and Pakistan. Now, the brand has created bottles that are guaranteed to melt in your hands. But folks are warming to the offbeat promotional items, introduced in sunny Colombia just in time for beach season.More

How to build more confidence and be more successful
Small Business Trends
Confidence in yourself, others and in your business is vital to your success. Having confidence in your abilities is vital to your success in business because...More

Bodek and Rhodes breaks ground on new warehouse addition
Bodek and Rhodes
Bodek and Rhodes, a leading imprintable apparel distributor, has started construction this month on a new, 100,000-square-foot, 40-foot-high warehouse addition in Philadelphia.More

People hate reading — but please read this
By Mark MacDonald
Have you ever considered what people want to read when they go to your company website?More

Leading under pressure
By C. Fredrick Crum
Yes, it has been said that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. The question is how do they get going? How do leaders respond when they are under pressure? We are not referring to physical pressure, like that which is exerted on a professional weightlifter. We are referring to pressure — the invisible mental state causing stress. A leader's true colors come out when he or she is under pressure, especially extreme pressure.More

Coach an effective selling system
PC Today
Those who are true leaders in selling have effective selling methods or processes that allow them to excel. Promotional Consultant Today examines the role of the effective selling system and why it's an important process for success within your sales team. An effective coach must clearly demonstrate what is expected of a salesperson.More

How to improve your chances of getting an SBA loan
Fox Business
A banker will look at many factors when evaluating whether to grant you a loan, from your personal credit to the recent profitability of your business, so you'll want to make sure you put your best foot forward on every front. Even small efforts, like paying down some of your credit card debts to reduce your overall credit utilization, can make a difference.More

Is direct mail and promotion marketing dead?
The reason business owners feel direct mail is dead is because of the type of mail they are sending and their message. Sixty-four percent of customers said they valued the mail they received, only 36 percent of business owners believed customers valued their mailings, according to a recent USPS poll.More