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Jun. 28, 2013

Exclusive whitepaper: Amazon's local strategy
MultiBriefs Staff Writers
With its sights set on a profitable 2011 holiday season, online retail giant Amazon made a bold decision. Having millions of customers armed with smartphones and Amazon’s barcode-scanning feature, it chose to offer customers 5 percent off purchases if they went into a local store, scanned items for price and then went home empty-handed — retailers be damned. Thus began showrooming. And as Amazon captures local store data only to encourage consumers to buy online, it does so at the expense of the local retailer.More

Controversial T-shirt destroys business
CNN Money
A tiny company in Worcester, Mass., has paid the ultimate price for posting offensive T-shirts for sale online. Fierce public backlash brought down Solid Gold Bomb, which made headlines in March for offering shirts that said "Keep Calm and Rape a Lot." Recently, the company closed its doors and let go its remaining three employees.More

'The Joe Show':New products worth applauding
ASI Central
VideoBriefIn this episode of "The Joe Show," Managing Editor Joe Haley shows off some new items that are perfect for a variety of promotions. Looking for a product geared toward active consumers? How about a new charger perfect for people on the go? Or, even a unique spirit product that's sure to fire up any crowd?More

Microsoft does for 3-D printing what it did for 2-D printing — makes it mainstream
The Washington Post
Microsoft, the maker of the most popular desktop operating systems, appears to have brought 3-D printing fully into the mainstream. The company announced at its Build developer conference that it will be adding built-in support for 3-D printers as part of Windows 8.1.More

10 cheat-sheet tips about websites
By Mark MacDonald
In college, "cheat-sheet" cards were a big help to study between classes. But as we all know, life isn't about passing exams...More

Coach an effective selling system
PC Today
Those who are true leaders in selling have effective selling methods or processes that allow them to excel.More

6 best things companies do on Facebook today
Inc. showcased five companies that just don't understand how to use the network for positive promotion — and, as a result, turn a lot of consumers off.More

How to use an eBook for marketing your product
Business 2 Community
eBooks have the potential to increase customer engagement and increase revenue from product sales. Besides that, they can also establish you as a niche expert and increase your exposure and chances of making money online.More

8 words to avoid when selling
Geoffrey James writes: "Over the two years, I've read hundreds of sales messages and heard dozens of sales presentations. Probably 90 percent of them are full of words that are both trite and ineffective."More

Forget bobbleheads — minor league team gives away a free funeral
USA Today
Most minor league baseball promotional giveaways aren't enticing enough to drive people to the park — bobbleheads, T-shirts, salt and pepper shakers and the like. The Lehigh Valley IronPigs are changing that by giving away a free funeral to one (lucky?) fan. Locals will be dying to go to "Celebration of Life" night.More

Social Media marketing case study: Pinterest and Lowes
CMS Wire
Social marketing on Pinterest is easy. All you have to do is post photos and they'll be repinned and liked by others who have similar interests. Right? Wrong. While the ideology behind the content sharing site is pretty straightforward, if Pinterest is being used as a marketing tool, a business' strategy has to be a bit more precise.More