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Jul. 3, 2014

SPPA Fall Showcase larger than last year
With two months before the second annual SPPA Fall Showcase, all three stops are already bigger than last year and nearing a sell-out! The showcase will stop in Baton Rouge, La., on Sept. 3: Jackson, Miss., on Sept. 4; and Birmingham, Ala., on Sept. 5. Each showcase will also feature a professional development seminar in the morning and ESP training from ASI each afternoon. There is no charge for distributors to attend the seminars or the show and registration is open online. More

Sign up to be designated as a 'Product Safety Aware' company and 'Product Safety Ambassador'
SPPA is co-hosting a Product Safety Awareness Conference in Nashville, Tenn., on July 29. Members can attend the conference for free and will finish with the official PPAI designation of being a “Product Safety Ambassador.” Ambassadors will be listed online and will be able to use the official logo on their business cards and marketing materials. Companies that have at least one employee complete the course will receive the “Product Safety Aware” status. Also, by completing the course in its first year, you will be among those listed as a “Product Safety Early Adopter” — something you can use in your marketing materials for years to come.More

Big 12 Conference announces new logo, branding initiatives
Big 12 Sports
As July rolls around and a new athletic season begins, the Big 12 Conference has undertaken a new set of branding and identity standards, beginning with the 2014-15 school year. “Today marks an exciting day for the future of the Big 12 and its member institutions,” commented Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby. “The Conference is proud to launch a new logo that integrates the league’s iconic heritage with a progressive new look.”More

For paper mills and cogeneration, everything old is new again
Midwest Energy News
The hulking pulp and paper mills built many decades ago in Wisconsin, Michigan and other Midwestern states have had their share of environmental impacts. But the mills were decades ahead of the game in adopting technology now seen as an effective tool to fight greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impacts. That would be the use of combined heat and power (CHP, also known as cogeneration), promoted by President Obama with a 2012 executive order and lauded by environmental and energy efficiency advocates.More

Video: The world's first recyclable coffee cup
CNN Money
British inventor Martin Myerscough has designed the world's first truly recyclable coffee cup, hoping to reduce the 2.5 billion coffee cups that end up in U.K. landfill sites each year. More

Moving from customer service to customer care
Business 2 Community
However you measure customer service, making improvements is never simple. Organizations who have moved from good to great and are delivering world class service have done so by implementing root-and-branch change of how they interact with customers. Indeed, you could say that they’ve gone from customer service to customer care. More

In battle with CPSC, Zen Magnets issues voluntary safety standard
Promo Marketing
Zen Magnets, the largest vendor of magnetic spheres in the U.S. now that Buckyballs vendor Maxfield and Oberton has closed down, has recently begun selling its products in physical storefronts, as opposed to online-only. As a result of this move to physical space, the company has issued a new voluntary sales standard for safety purpose.More

Is same-day shipping worth the effort for Amazon?
Seeking Alpha
According to a PwC Strategy & Inc's study, nearly 50 percent of consumers are unwilling to pay anything for delivery. The study also showed only 10 percent of participants were willing to pay $10 for same day delivery. PwC wasn't the only firm to find similar consumer sentiments. A Boston Consulting Group's survey tried to find the top factors consumers believed would improve online shopping. More

Trouble over T-shirts just landed 2 state universities in court
The Huffington Post
Two Midwest state universities are being hauled into court over what campus groups can and can't say on their T-shirts. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education said that it has filed lawsuits against Iowa State University, for denying marijuana reform advocates the use of the school mascot on their T-shirts, and against Ohio University, for directing a student government-related group not to wear T-shirts with a double entendre. More

SPPA Fall Showcase larger than last year
With two months before the second annual SPPA Fall Showcase, all three stops are already bigger than last year and nearing a sell-out! The showcase will stop in Baton Rouge, La., on Sept. 3: Jackson, Miss., on Sept. 4; and Birmingham, Ala., on Sept. 5. More

6 reasons attendees don't trust your booth staffers
Trade Show News Network
Why do B2B buyers continue to attend trade shows by the tens of millions, rather than make all their purchases online? Because they want to meet you face to face, to see for themselves what the people who work for your company are really like, and if your company is trustworthy enough to do business with.More

Marketers need to address UPS, FedEx rate changes
Direct Marketing Changes
Internet retailers and catalogers whose pricing decisions are influenced by shipping rates need to reassess their shipping strategies in light of UPS's decision to follow FedEx and base U.S. ground rates on the size of packages, according to a shipping industry expert.More

Why you should rethink that morning meeting
Fast Company
When’s the best time to schedule a meeting? For many managers, the answer is clear: first thing in the morning. Your team is fresh, you make sure you’re all on the same page, and you set yourself up for a productive day. But there are plenty of arguments against the morning meeting. Before you make it your default option, consider these factors.More

The top 10 legal mistakes small businesses make
One of the last things that is on an entrepreneur’s mind when they start a company are legal issues. Unfortunately, it is exactly these types of things that trip them up and can sink their company. Here are the top 10 legal mistakes and what to do about them (in addition to seeking the advice of an attorney).More