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Jul. 11, 2014

SPPA welcomes new members
We’d like to welcome the newest members of our association!

Inkworks — Supplier Member in Mobile, Alabama
Kutmaster / Utica Cutlery — Supplier Member in Utica, New York www.kutmaster.com
NUW Graphics, LLC — Distributor Member in Samson, Alabama More

Gold Bond expands with acquisition of World Wide Lines
Supplier Gold Bond, Inc, based in Hixson, Tennessee, announces the acquisition of supplier World Wide Lines, Inc. in Covington, Tennessee, effective July 31. World Wide offers full-color printing, including the ability to print on a breadth of substrates including full color wraps on drinkware, and dye sublimation.More

Jetline issues recall on power adaptor
Supplier Jetline in Gaffney, South Carolina, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), has issued a voluntary recall for about 31,000 power adaptors. The adaptors can overheat and pose a burn hazard when in use. So far, one injury has been reported due to the defect. More

The 4 elements of timeless logo design
The Huffington Post
Designing an effective, timeless logo when you first start your business is time and money well spent. Besides you will want to still be in love with it in five years time. The strongest logo designs are often simple and classy. Here are four elements to ensuring your logo design is powerful, iconic and timeless.More

Worse case scenario: 3 product safety mistakes and how to prevent them
Promo Marketing
Pens, bags and drinkware are big sellers in the promotional industry — but they aren't without risks. If you're not careful, your customer's $500 mug order could end up costing you more than $5,000. Not complying with product safety laws can seriously damage your business and your client's reputation, so how do make sure the products you're selling are safe? More

How social media can reinvent your staid, old sales tactics
Business 2 Community
The idea of the sales and marketing funnel is so entrenched that it has given rise to an industry of customer relationship management, or CRM, software offerings, which help companies acquire and identify leads and usher them neatly through the distinct stages of the funnel. The problem is that nothing about the funnel is neat. More

To build a great licensing partnership, discuss expectations early
Angst is normal when entering into a licensing agreement the first time. What does the other party expect from the partnership? How demanding will meeting the deal terms be on our organization? How can I ensure the agreement enables us to achieve our goals? For the most part, licensors — the brand owners — want their licensees focused on manufacturing, marketing and commercializing approved products as quickly as possible. More

Truckers strike at 2 California ports, larger labor dispute looms
Independent truck drivers at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are on strike against three large trucking firms that operate at the ports. Handling almost half of all the nation's cargo, the ports of Los Angles and Long Beach are the main gateway for imports from Asia. A lot of the shipping containers end up on these idling trucks. The short-haul truckers bring the goods from here to nearby rail yards and distribution centers for companies like Costco, Forever 21 and Skechers.More

Who said procurement and marketing can't be friends
Spend Matters
Marketing departments are constantly being challenged to maximize the ROI on their marketing spend and to demonstrate the effectiveness of their campaigns. Procurement can help our marketing colleagues achieve this goal by reducing their costs by up to 30 percent on sales promotions without compromising on the creative. More

SPPA welcomes new members!
We’d like to welcome the newest members of our association!

Inkworks — Supplier Member in Mobile, Alabama
Kutmaster / Utica Cutlery — Supplier Member in Utica, New York www.kutmaster.com
NUW Graphics, LLC — Distributor Member in Samson, Alabama More

Trouble over T-shirts just landed 2 state universities in court
The Huffington Post
Two Midwest state universities are being hauled into court over what campus groups can and can't say on their T-shirts. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education said that it has filed lawsuits against Iowa State University and Ohio State University. More

The top 10 legal mistakes small businesses make
One of the last things that is on an entrepreneur’s mind when they start a company are legal issues. Unfortunately, it is exactly these types of things that trip them up and can sink their company. Here are the top 10 legal mistakes and what to do about them (in addition to seeking the advice of an attorney).More

Enforcers crack down on fake World Cup merchandise
Securing Industry
U.S. customs have intercepted a large shipment of counterfeit World Cup clothing in Puerto Rico, while Chinese police have arrested 10 people involved in the trade. China's Ministry of Public Security said that the detained people were discovered with 150,000 fake shirts, including national team jerseys, that were valued at more than 30m yuan (almost $5 million).More

These are the best and worst US states for small business
Business Insider
Ian Toner, an architect in Philadelphia, recently went to city offices for a permit to build a stoop for a client’s home. The city, he learned, had just imposed new requirements: He would have to get maps from gas, electric, water and other utilities to ensure the stoop would not disturb their underground lines and then resubmit his application. A process he thought would take a day took more than two weeks.More