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Jul. 12, 2013

Quickpoint hires Lisa Parker
John Goessling Jr., Quickpoint president announced the hire of Lisa Parker, MAS, MASI. Parker is an industry veteran starting as a distributor and now adding to more than a dozen years on the supplier side. She has given back to the industry as a regional volunteer by serving many roles for PPAMS including president. On the national level she has been active with PPAI, most recently serving on a panel at the Women's Leadership Event.

"We're glad to have someone of Lisa's caliber and breadth of experience join Quickpoint, states Goessling, and look forward to the energy and customer focus she will bring to us." Parkers adds, "I'm excited about joining the great tradition of innovation and excellent service at Quickpoint and can't wait to share those details with my friends and customers!."More

North American pact for Bangladesh factory safety
Nearly 20 North American retailers and clothing makers have agreed to a five-year pact aimed at improving safety conditions at Bangladesh factories. The group's agreement seeks to spread accountability across a wide spectrum from the local government to factory owners.More

Pharmaceutical industry decides against promotional products
Promotional Merchandise
A recent article published by EPPI, reported that The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations, EFPIA, published its new transparency code recently. According to the press release posted on the EFPIA website, Article 10 of the old code, which allowed for the gift of promotional products up to the value of five Euros, has been deleted. More

CPSC revises lead limits in children's products
Changes to the rules governing lead content in children's products have been unveiled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Under the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008, consumer products designed for children aged 12 and younger with a lead content of more than 100 parts per million are considered banned hazardous substances under the Federal Hazardous Substances Act.More

Industry reactions to offensive T-shirt that shut down screen printer
Promo Marketing
Though not directly related to the promotional products industry, Solid Gold Bomb was forced to close down its business shortly after designing a T-shirt that read "Keep Calm and Rape a Lot." The story raises some relevant questions: Does the promotional industry face similar risks from automated order-taking software? How much should you be evaluating your customers' artwork and decorations for content? And what role, if any, does Amazon.com play for decorators in the promotional industry?More

3 practical tips for documenting essential job responsibilities
By Deborah Wipf
Ahhh, summer! Time to head to the beach or nearest pool, fire up the...More

3-D T-shirt printing — the future of custom clothes?
PR Web
GarmentPrinting.com, the online promotional clothing company, have made it their mission to research, print and deliver 3-D T-shirts and custom personalized clothes, planning talks with the leading technology companies Stratasys and MakerBot.More

Zebra Marketing's Laura Forbes, MAS, retires; new officers announced
PPAI Publications
After 33 years in the promotional products business, Laura Forbes, MAS, president of Memphis, Tenn., distributor Zebra Marketing Corp. is retiring.More

Don't 'hope it goes away' when dealing with employee discipline issues
Print + Promo
Disciplining employees is not something most managers look forward to doing. The ability to successfully handle employee discipline in a timely and professional manner, however, is crucial for any business. Maintaining an "I hope this goes away" approach may not be the best strategy, so how can you prepare yourself and better handle issues in this area?More

5 tips for press releases
Business 2 Community
Literature can now be more effective than ever because of the capability to make the pieces more interactive via Social Media channels, QR codes, and more. The same holds true for press releases.More

Are you getting the most out of your QR codes?
The Digital Nirvana
Nowadays, marketing and advertising your business is becoming more technical, literally. Technology is taking over the entire system, therefore making it necessary for you to utilize technology as well. Millions of people are using their smartphones to access websites, read blog posts, and get coupons or special deals for local businesses. By learning how to incorporate QR codes into your marketing method, you can reach more customers. More

Dealing with rejection: Turn a no into a yes
Steve Strauss writes: "When you're an entrepreneur, you hear the word 'no' a lot. The not-so-fictional rejection letter above was just one of scores of similar responses I received for years from publishers back in the day when I was first trying to become a published writer. It took me almost a decade of hearing no before — finally — that all-important yes came in the mail."More

Improve your chances of getting a small-business loan
Fox Business
Small-business owners looking for capital may want to spend some time preparing for the process. That's because, Marc Scheipe, chief financial officer at Sage North America, says preparation can make all the difference in whether a company receives the funding they desire.More