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Jul. 17, 2015

Registration open for SPPA Fall Showcase and End-Buyer Show
Registration is now open for the SPPA Fall Showcase in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Jackson, Mississippi, and Birmingham, Alabama. Now in its third year, the show has quickly become the largest tabletop show in each of the states it visits. Distributors who register for the Alabama Fall Showcase will also be given the opportunity to invite their clients — instructions on inviting clients are on the website and a webinar will be held on Friday morning, July 24. Email mark@sunbeltppa.org if you would like to attend the webinar. For more information on the shows and to register, go to www.sunbeltppa.org and click on Trade Show. More

SPPA Board adopts policy for conduct at shows; fees for end-buyer show
The SPPA Board of Directors has adopted a Code of Conduct for all SPPA-sponsored shows. The policy is intended to ensure an enjoyable experience and fair marketplace for all attendees. The policy also includes items that are intended to protect distributors who bring clients to the end-buyer show in Birmingham. Click here to see a copy of the new policy.

"Most of these are common sense things that our members are already doing," says Mark Farrar, SPPA executive director. "The Board wanted to put it down in writing so if the policy is violated they can take swift action to protect our members."

The Board also approved the fee structure for the Alabama Fall Showcase, which is different from the others since distributor members can bring their clients to the Alabama event.

These fees only apply to the Alabama Fall Showcase ONLY:

SPPA Distributor members can attend the show for free and can invite clients.
Small Distributor members can invite one client for free and pay $10 for additional clients to attend.
Medium Distributor members can invite two clients for free and pay $10 for additional clients to attend.
Large Distributor members can invite three clients for free and pay $10 for additional clients to attend.
Non-Member Distributors can attend the show for $25 each but cannot bring clients.
There are no fees for any distributor to attend the Fall Showcase in Baton Rouge or Jackson, however, clients/end-buyers are NOT allow at those shows. More

How to market to Pinterest's newest users — men
By Emma Fitzpatrick
Pinterest used to be the primary social network for women looking to plan their weddings, find new recipes and attempt ambitious DIY projects. However, Pinterest's user base is slowly beginning to diversify. According to the latest Pew Research, men are the fastest-growing demographic on Pinterest. Capitalize on this early trend before your competitors do. Discover how men use the platform differently than women and three simple ways to market to men on Pinterest.More

3 struggles of growing a small business
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Starting a small business is hard to do. It requires careful planning, sacrifice, taking risks and a significant financial investment. Growing your small business is even harder and requires even more time, money, and efforts. I see so many entrepreneurs start their businesses and then hover in the survival mode zone for years. For most people, business is fun.... but its more fun when your business is growing. Mark Cuban said, "Business is the ultimate sport." If he's right, then growing your business is a form of winning. No matter what anyone says, it's always more fun to win. More

4 things every marketing professional should prioritize
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As a marketing professional, you need to keep up-to-date on the latest trends. This can help you improve your marketing campaigns and stay ahead of the competition. But given how quickly the business-to-business industry changes, how can you tell what to add to your strategy? Check out this list of four business-to-business trends every marketing professional should prioritize.More

Guide to social media marketing strategy for small retailers
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Social media has come to be one of the most essential marketing techniques for all types of businesses, including retail. Although it may be difficult to establish a direct relationship between social media and in-store sales, few would deny the influence that it bears on consumers' purchase decisions. Nearly 70 percent of the active Facebook users in the US and Canada follow local businesses. More

Millennial marketing tips from 4 of the world's biggest digital platforms
A quartet of executives from Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Pandora gave advertisers tips on how to reach millennials during a panel at ZenithOptimedia Group's Mobile Day in New York. Marketers are constantly working multiple social media platforms and tweaking digital ads to target elusive millennials—adults ages 18 to 34 who don't respond to traditional advertising and are increasingly "cutting the cord."More

Bad marketing campaigns are a goldmine for machine learning
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What's the use in continuing to run a marketing campaign that doesn't work? It turns out that there might be gold hidden in that dud of a campaign —' you just haven't found it yet. The treasure usually stays buried. Traditionally, marketers don't have the time or the money to even think about retesting unsuccessful campaigns. In a typical campaign process, marketers decide what to test — and then determine which is better, A or B?More

4 reasons an online business is a solid investment
Are you considering buying an online business? As you are likely aware, there are a variety of options available. This makes it challenging to come to a buying decision that accurately reflects your priorities. Not only will you be looking at what kind of business model makes the most sense for you, you will also be considering what industry to invest in, and what you hope to achieve and experience with your investment money.More

8 social media marketing mistakes to avoid
There are so many resources available to social media marketers, so many hints, tips, and advice out there that it might seem easy to get your social media marketing efforts off the ground. However, new marketers or business owners trying to go it alone continue to make rookie mistakes. An infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines outlines basic mistakes to avoid.More