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Jul. 26, 2013

SPPA members are saving 15 to 45 percent on FedEx
In a recent review of SPPAmembers who participate in the FedEx discount program as one of their member benefits, we found that members are saving 15 to 45 percent, depending on the service they use. FedEx, a PPAI Business Partner, offers PPAI and SPPA members some of the lowest shipping rates available on air, ground and freight, including U.S. and international services. Members can save up to 21 percent on select services with FedEx Express, 15 percent with select services with FedEx Ground and up to 45 percent on select services with FedEx Freight.

Don't miss out on this exclusive member benefit! Start saving by visiting https://advantagemember.visionary.com/2033/. For additional details call the FedEx Advantage hotline at 1-800-475-6708.More

The state of thermal transfer and digital printing
Heat transfers may not be one of the more obvious uses for digital printing, but for years the innovative companies have been successfully building up a market in a variety of ways. From bar codes to plastic decorations using digital presses, the uses for thermal transfer printing have continued to expand. Today thermal transfer can offer a choice of finished printed items, pre-printed transfers or blank foil rolls for customers to apply for themselves.More

How to get the most from a professional conference
By Dave Bowman
You've signed up to attend a professional conference focused on your field or industry and, as the conference date approaches, you finalize your travel arrangements and prepare for several days of learning and exploration. With numerous educational sessions, many booths in the expo hall and evening events, you'll have a myriad of ways to broaden your industry knowledge, find new sources of products and services, and connect with colleagues. Trying to squeeze education, vendor visits and networking into three days may leave you feeling like you're drinking from a fire hose.More

Postal Service looks to end at-your-door mail
If you're moving to a newly built house, say goodbye to mail delivery at your door. And if some House Republicans get their way, all door-to-door mail delivery will go away.More

Next year, 3-D printers may finally make something you want to keep
What current home 3-D printing technolgoy produces, largely, is tchotchkes. Fun around the house, and good for getting an idea of what a 3-D design will look like in real life, but not a strong product like ceramic or metal. That said, laser sintering technology — which layers powdered metal, glass, or ceramic dropped below melting point to build models and molds — allows for the kind of finished products the masses are craving.More

3M posts slight profit gain, boosts share buyback plan
Diversified U.S. manufacturer 3M Co posted a slightly higher quarterly profit, helped by revenue increases across most of its business lines, and raised the number of shares it expects to buy back this year.More

Measuring the effectiveness of your sales staff
By Harry J. Friedman
Imagine for a moment that you're the head coach of your favorite football team. Your team is vying for a spot in the playoffs.More

Big plans but no follow through? 4 steps to get more done
Entrepreneurs often have big ideas, but implementing the plans can easily get lost in the day-to-day shuffle of running a business.More

Things I wish I knew before opening an ecommerce business
Practical eCommerce
You might be prepared to open an online retail business. You have the funding, cash flow planned, inventory managed and even a marketing campaign ready to launch.More

What does Gmail's new inbox mean for email marketing?
By Liz Murphy
In 2012, there were 425 million active Gmail users worldwide, making it the biggest email provider on the planet. So when Google recently announced changes to the Gmail inbox by sorting all inbound messages into primary, social and promotions tabs, many users rejoiced. Given the sheer number of people who use the Gmail service, however, this change has left many asking one question: What does this new innovation mean for the email marketing campaigns and organizational newsletters of a business?More

How about some face time instead of Facebook?
Remember the United Airlines commercial (OK — some of you weren't born yet) where the CEO gathers his team to announce the sad loss of a major account they had a relationship with for 20 years? He then distributes actual paper tickets for flights to send their sales team out to visit with and thank all of their customers in person. More

The secret marketing tool: Success
PC Today
Are you using "success" as a powerful marketing tool? If not, you could be wasting an incredible resource. Remember that the purpose of your marketing is to help you sell more.More

The value of taking (and returning) phone calls
Print and Promo
Ryan T. Sauers writes: "It seems that nearly every week a printing or promotional company tells me the people they are calling on do not return messages. I hear this from sales staff, as well as executives and/or ownership."More

7 mistakes of B2B marketing
The Sacramento Bee
Business-to-business, or B2B, has a long history. But recently, online positioning, display advertising and marketing automation progress have lifted B2B marketing to a new level. Thanks to the Internet, it's no longer impossible for B2B marketers to reach and educate their target audiences via online means with large scale, accurate, cost-effective technology, regardless of marketing budget.More