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Oct. 31, 2014

IHeartRadio's vending machine turns Instagram photos into swag
IHeartRadio is touring the country with a T-shirt vending machine that accepts Instagram photos as payment. The marketing effort has racked up 5.7 million impressions — likes, shares, views — in the first week on the photo-sharing app, according to iHeartRadio. The five-week campaign (which runs through Nov. 15) stops at 10 college campuses in the Midwest and South, including Arizona State University, the University of Texas and Florida State University.More

Setting annual sales goals are a waste of time: Part 2
Promo Marketing
Last month's "Be Bold" column grabbed quite a bit of attention. In fact, author Rick Greene, MAS, received the most feedback from readers from this hot topic since his "A Touch Is Still A Touch" article from a few years ago. In that column, a "Basic Truth of a Million Dollar Producer" was revealed, and that truth is that it takes 13 touches to turn a prospect into a client. But Greene also stated back then that there are no absolutes and no real rules. It may take eight superb touches to turn a prospect into a client — or it may take 15. More

Awkward sports giveaways: Promotions that weren't home runs
Bleacher Report
It’s great that sports teams give free stuff away to fans, but sometimes free stuff makes for awkward situations. Some of these recent giveaways are both awkward and funny, like the Memphis Grizzlies giving away flip flops when the Los Angeles Clippers are in town. Some are awkward and awesome, like turning Jayson Werth into a garden gnome. Still others are just uncomfortably awkward. After all, what team misspells their own shortstop’s name on thousands of T-shirts?More

How to create a culture of productivity
Fast Company
As the CEO of a startup, Jenna Fernandes has realized how important it is to increase productivity while at the same time limiting expenses as much as possible. But this can be difficult to do and at times seems impossible. While waving a magic productivity wand would be much easier and ideal, the magic is not really possible if the right culture or productive work habits are not in place. That’s why it’s important to create a culture where productivity is celebrated starting with the first hire.More

How your online T-shirt business can benefit from co-marketing
Business 2 Community
You believe you have a talent and an eye for making appealing t-shirts, and could find some success selling them, which has led you to launch a website to do just that. Now what? You’re a t-shirt designer, not a master marketer. How do you go from operating an online store in the desolate, barren wastelands of the Internet, where not a soul stirs (or shops for t-shirts), to one that has a prime corner location in the Internet’s Mall of America? More

H&M bans textile factory in India for alleged 'appalling' conditions
Promo Marketing
Following a report that a spinning mill in southern India uses child labor and subjects workers — mainly young women — to "appalling" conditions, H&M has banned suppliers from using its products. The company, Super Spinning Mills Ltd., was "unwilling to cooperate with H&M in a transparent way," an H&M spokesperson told Bloomberg. A Banglideshi supplier has used the company's yarn, but H&M does not have a direct business agreement with Super Spinning Mills.More

10 unique promotional gifts under $1
With the holidays fast approaching, there are so many options of distributing promotional products to spread some holiday cheer and show appreciation to your customers and employees. These holiday hand-outs are the perfect way to say thank you. And here’s the really great part — they won’t bust your budget. Seriously. You can select from all kinds of promotional products that are under a buck. How’s that for budget-friendly?More

5 ways small businesses can afford a big-time trade show
Trade shows are an opportunity to meet potential distributors and buyers, test market interest, evaluate the competition, and identify strategic alliance partners. Deciding to invest in a trade show exhibit booth to promote your product is an important strategy that can make, or break, your piggy bank. National and international conference and trade show booth fees can cost upwards of $10,000. Check out some resourceful ways to get your company to the conference without paying the full entrance fees.More

The 5 scariest marketing mistakes this Halloween
Business 2 Community
For retailers of all colors, whether ecommerce or brick and mortar, it’s also crunch time to prepare for the oncoming holiday shopping rush. That means it’s time to ensure that your inventory is in order, your logistics are all running smoothly, and your suppliers are easily accessible. It’s also a perfect time to be doing an audit of your marketing. More