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Nov. 14, 2014

The new marketing landscape: Why hoarding information will cost you sales leads
Business 2 Community
Everything you once knew about marketing and sales prospecting is wrong. Or at the very least, social selling is quickly rendering it obsolete. Once upon a time, companies treated information about their product as sacred. After all, information is power. The traditionally held belief was that a company’s marketing efforts should force prospective customers to call and talk to a salesperson in order to gain almost any useful information. That systematic hoarding of information made sense once upon a time, but it’s totally obsolete in the search engine age, self-educating buyer age.More

Synthetic fibers surpass cotton to dominate US apparel imports
U.S. imports of synthetic apparel this year have overtaken cotton garments for the first time in decades, according to the latest U.S. government data, confirming the cotton industry's fears that cotton is losing the battle to man-made fibers. Of 19.43 billion square-meter equivalents (sme) of apparel shipped to the United States through September, 9.87 billion was clothing made primarily of synthetic fibers like polyester and viscose, the latest U.S. government data show.More

Mobile matters this holiday season, including for small retailers
Internet Retailer
Smart use of analytics, web design principles and e-mail marketing will allow smaller companies to compete with retail giants, without breaking their budgets. As the holiday season lands at our doorstep, larger retailers are flexing their mobile muscles by launching apps, touting mobile payments and spending more on mobile advertising. And although most small retailers don’t have the budget to tackle m-commerce at this scale, they do recognize the importance of mobile to their overall holiday success, and more importantly, are taking steps to maximize mobile’s potential in the coming months.More

Ingenious giftwrap transforms into a tote bag
Fast Company Design
During the holiday season, between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day, people in the United States generate about 25 percent more waste than usual — about 1 million extra tons. And part of that waste is made up of mountains of wadded-up wrapping paper that get tossed out after gift-giving fests. For a more sustainable approach, Japanese design studio Nendo has invented the gift wrap that keeps on giving. More

Press releases: Double the chance your release will be published
By Jeffrey Dobkin
When writing a press release write the "objective" first. The objective is the specific reason of why you are writing the release. What do you want to achieve? What do you want to happen? Most of my press releases are about marketing products. So I ask myself in a more sober — I mean somber — moment, "If the press release works perfectly, what do I want the reader to do?" Only after answering that question do I write the release — specifically to fulfill the objective.More

Strategies: What's hot in holiday swag?
USA Today
Free stuff! Everyone loves getting gifts or "swag" — the promotional items businesses give out. The holiday season is the perfect time for your small business to thank your customers or clients by giving them small gifts. But hurry — time's running out to order anything imprinted with the name or logo of your small business.More

NHL says uniform advertising is coming
Promo Marketing
European sports fans are used to it, the NBA has talked about it, and now the National Hockey League (NHL) may be the next major sports league to adopt advertising on uniforms. According to an article by CTV, John Collins, the NHL's chief operating officer, said that uniform sponsorship is "coming and happening." He did not say when this would happen, though.More

USPS to deliver 7 days a week for holidays
Print + Promo
The United States Postal Service (USPS) announced that it will deliver seven days a week in major cities during the height of the holiday season, including Christmas Day, according to an article by Fortune. The USPS hopes to compete with FedEx and UPS with the surge of e-commerce. The National Retail Federation forecasted that e-commerce sales would increase as much as 11 percent during the holiday season. UPS has doubled its seasonal hires this year to handle the increased workload, and FedEx has increased its staff as well.More