Simulation Spotlight
Jan. 22, 2014

IMSH Agenda Builder and Mobile App are open!
The web-based Agenda Builder and Agenda Builder Mobile App both contain full course details for IMSH2014. Due to the size and complexity of the schedule, we recommend you start selecting your courses with the Agenda Builder. Use either the Agenda Builder or the Mobile App to select your courses before you arrive in San Francisco.More

Dennis Quaid calls on Californians to support Pack Patient Safety Act
The Huffington Post
"We were lucky to have a happy ending," actor Dennis Quaid told a crowd at Consumer Watchdog's Rage for Justice Awards in 2009. He was talking about the near-fatal overdose that his twins experienced at birth. They were given 1,000 times the amount of blood thinner they were supposed to and nearly bled to death. "Their survival was the beginning of my activism." Quaid received the Phillip Burton Public Service Award for the spotlight he has put on medical errors and his campaign to introduce bar coding for prescription drugs and electronic medical records into the medical system. Cedars Sinai introduced a $100 million bar coding system in response to the Quaid family.More

K computer is unleashed for largest neuronal network simulation ever
Medical Xpress
Today's top supercomputers have formidable speed and computational power to rival humans. On the other hand, the human brain is more powerful than today's supercomputers, which with all their calculations, cannot surpass the complex wonder called the human brain. Scientists note that the brain, the basis of behavior and mental activity, is where over 50 billion neurons communicate with each other, in a network of complexity that some called "unimaginable." Each individual neuron's performance depends on molecular structures and mechanisms, and connections and spatial location in the brain.More

EU parliament supports health action plan
The European Parliament has voted to support the European Commission's eHealth Action Plan, which seeks to address barriers to the full use of digital solutions in Europe's healthcare systems. Welcoming the vote, Neelie Kroes, vice president of the European Commission said, "I want to thank Spanish Member of the European Parliament Pilar Auyso for her positive approach to the eHealth Action Plan for 2012-2020. Her report and parliament's support underlines and strengthens the EU's common vision on eHealth.More

Hudson, Wis., students explore healthcare careers
Hudson Star Observer
Camryn Letcher placed the stethoscope on the rubbery surface and listened. "I heard a heartbeat," the Hudson  (Wis.) High School freshman said. "It was really weird because it felt like it was alive, like I was listening to a real person." The patient simulators at Chippewa Valley Technical College in River Falls, Wis., bring to life realistic vital signs and symptoms. For Letcher, the experience was closer than she had ever been to real patient care in a clinical setting. "I’m thinking of being a pediatric nurse," she said.More

3 ways physicians can improve their adaptability skills
By Clint Hubler
Doctors who travel to new practices face a host of complex challenges. They interact with new colleagues and patients and often work with new tools and processes. Adaptability is one of the most important qualities a locum provider can possess. There are three tools that can help a doctor become more adaptable to new surroundings. In any new situation, having the right attitude, focusing on others when communicating and showing an increase of gratitude will help you adapt to any challenging environment.More

Experts: still dangerously easy to hack
The Daily Dot via Salon

Despite highly touted improvements to's functionality, the site many Americans are using to sign up health coverage under the Affordable Care Act still has crucial cybersecurity weaknesses, experts testified on Capitol Hill. Witnesses said that nothing has changed since security failings were first brought to light shortly after the website's glitch-plagued launch back in October. " is not secure today," said David Kennedy, head of the computer security firm TrustedSec LLC, one of a several security experts to testify before the House Science, Space and Technology Committee.More

Simulation experts creating virtual house for healthcare training
Computer-generated environments will alert workers to potential hazards. Simulation experts at the Ohio Supercomputer Center are developing a virtual environment in which healthcare professionals can safely learn about potential hazards they might encounter when providing in-home services.More

Medication reconciliation efforts can be difference in patient safety
Pharmacy Practice News
Three studies presented at the American College of Clinical Pharmacy annual meeting offer fresh evidence that enlisting pharmacists in the medication reconciliation process can help patients avoid serious adverse drug events that prolong costly hospitalizations. In some cases, the interventions were deemed potentially life-saving.More

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