Simulation Spotlight
Mar. 26, 2014

Healthcare providers tout 'paradigm shift' as path to reining in costs
Healthcare is undergoing a "paradigm shift" toward placing more value on quality and outcomes, and to help change the trend in spending that has the country heading toward spending more than 20 percent of its gross domestic product on healthcare within 15 years, panelists at the Triad Business Journal's Health Care Reform Panel. More

How a thumb-sized gauge is revolutionizing traumatic brain injuries
The Daily Beast
In 2011, Scott Featherman was in Kandahar, Afghanistan as a scout platoon leader with the 2nd Brigade Combat Team of the 101st Airborne Division. He patrolled on foot, and Improvised Explosive Devices filled the donkey paths that crisscrossed the wadis and hills. "I was hit several times when I was over," he says, "and you have no clue if you’re hurt. You get back up, say "Am I good? Looks good." And then you go back out."More

Future medicine: Doctors practice speeding up trauma care
Aurora Sentinel
Before the car-wreck victim reached the emergency room, doctors, residents and nurses at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center knew what to expect by glancing at their smartphones. The details came in the staccato of text messages: A 35-year-old man had driven head-on into a bus. He suffered major chest injuries. His vital signs were crashing. More

Emergency medical workers receive advanced training
More than 150 first responders and emergency medical technicians underwent intensive training recently in new lifesaving procedures and tactics to quickly and effectively handle life-threatening situations. About 71 fire departments, six volunteer ambulance corps and members of the Nassau County Police's Emergency Ambulance Bureau received critical training at an all-day special emergency services conference at Nassau University Medical Center in East Meadow, N.Y.More

Safety a priority for CareFlight crews
Dayton Daily News
Safety measures for CareFlight helicopters at Miami Valley Hospital include daily inspections, simulation training for pilots and up to 100 sessions each year with emergency personnel on how to effectively land an aircraft — whether it's on a highway or in a field. The deadly news helicopter crash in Seattle put helicopter safety measures back in the national consciousness. The KOMO-TV chopper went down on a city street, not far from the Space Needle, killing two people aboard and seriously injuring a driver. The crash remains under investigation.More

Disaster simulation comes to College Station, Texas, for healthcare students
VideoBriefMarch 20 was a day of manufactured crisis for healthcare professional students and first responders with the Texas A&M Health Science Center and Blinn College. Students and actors simulated a hurricane and tornado catastrophe to learn what to do if the real thing happened.More

Sumner tunnel drill: Fire traps people in cars
VideoBriefThe scenario was a car crash, smoke filling the Sumner Tunnel and people trapped inside. "We're always looking to improve, this is how we improve," said Massachusetts State Police Maj. Terry Hanson. A similar scene played out in real life in the tunnel years ago, and it has potential to happen again with so many tunnels connecting Boston's roads. More

Dalhousie uses lifelike mannequins to help train nursing students
Global News
VideoBriefAs Nova Scotia, Canada, nurses remain embroiled in a labor dispute, a class of new nurses is getting ready to join the province's health care system. Dalhousie University's school of nursing held a mock simulation of medical emergencies with students, using computerized mannequins in place of actual patients. The mannequin groans and student nurses rush to help "Mr. Smith," which is simulating a person having a heart attack. It's a true-to-life situation where patient safety is on the minds of every student. More

Southwestern College continues TERT in paramedic program
Fire Engineering
Classrooms, textbooks, presentations and computers are possibly a student's most common expectation of a typical learning environment. Recently, 24 students from Southwestern College in San Diego traded in their pens and notebooks for breathing apparatus, bulky gloves, rubber boots and protective suits. These students are enrolled in the college's paramedic program and attended training at FEMA's Center for Domestic Preparedness in Anniston, Ala. "This training provides our students a well-rounded exposure to current threats and better prepares us," says Loretta Contreras, an instructor with the college and a paramedic for the past 30 years. "The [Technical Emergency Response Training for CBRNE Incidents] course explains what we should be alert to and topics we don't think about on a day-to-day basis."More

High school students solve medical mystery at SCF Lakewood Ranch in Florida
Bradenton Herald
High school students interested in pursuing medical and health care careers when they graduate got a realistic and up-close-and-personal taste of life inside a hospital recently, via medical simulation. The Gulf Coast Community Foundation. through its STEMsmart initiative, hosted an interactive Medical Simulation Experience for about 30 students from Venice, North Port and Lemon Bay high schools in Sarasota and Charlotte, Fla., counties at State College of Florida's Lakewood Ranch campus. More

Paul Smith's VIC hosts search and rescue training
Adirondack Daily Enterprise
The Paul Smith's College VIC recently played host to a multi-agency search and rescue training exercise. Eighteen first responders from seven organizations participated in the Joint Agency Exercise on Feb. 22. It involved locating an injured person using GPS coordinates, assessing the individual for injury, treating the person as appropriate and transporting him or her to a waiting EMS rescue squad service.More