Simulation Spotlight
Apr. 16, 2014

Advanced level of certification now available for healthcare simulation educators
The Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) is pleased to announce the Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator-Advanced (CHSE-A) certification is now open to all qualified applicants.More

Register for SSH Sim Ops Pittsburgh
The first SSH Sim Ops Symposium boasted more than 280 attendees — the largest gathering of healthcare simulations operations and technical professionals ever!More

Patient safety: How to reduce diagnostic errors
Have you ever driven on a familiar route without remembering how exactly you arrived at your destination? We are creatures of habit, and it is not unlikely that physicians may utilize habitual knowledge in making medical diagnoses. Unfortunately, these skill—based activities may sometimes result in patient harm. We are human, and errors will undoubtedly occur—but why? More

3-D printing and its impact on the medical implant industry
By Hannah Whiteoak
As this 3-D printing develops, it is finding an ever-greater range of applications in a variety of fields. One area where 3-D printing could truly change lives is in the manufacturing of medical implants. From artificial bone and joint replacements to prosthetic body parts and life-saving pacemakers, medical implants restore quality of life to people who have been affected by injury or illness. Researchers all over the world are working on developing new implants that are produced using 3-D printing. This highly-flexible manufacturing technique could massively improve the range and quality of implants that are available. More

Inovalon provides reason for optimism for the future of healthcare
Dr. Keith Dunleavy writes, "Most of the news surrounding the state of healthcare is depressing. Obamacare is a political quagmire. The cost of care is rising while service is declining or so the conventional wisdom goes. But Inovalon and its energetic founding CEO, Dr. Dunleavy offer reason for optimism."More

Business aviation training needs on the upswing
AIN Online
Business aviation continues to grow in China and the rest of the Asia region, and the demand for pilots and technicians is stronger than ever. With a generally accepted ratio of five qualified pilots required for each business jet in service, supplying training for those pilots–and the technicians who will service the aircraft–remains one of the industry's more profound challenges.More

Beware Pollyanna entrepreneurs: GE Healthcare Global Health Services CEO is a fan of balanced pitches
MedCity News
GE Healthcare has been a major force in supporting innovation in healthcare. One example is a three-year collaboration with Startup Health that began last year as part of its Healthymagination program. Through the program, it set aside $6 billion to develop and invest in innovations that improve the quality of healthcare and make it more accessible globally. More

Students get hands-on training in simulation lab
The Arnold S. Gold­stein Sim­u­la­tion Lab­o­ra­to­ries Suite in the Bouvé Col­lege of Health Sci­ences has been up and run­ning now for seven months—and already stu­dents such as senior Mary Williams, BHS'14, are feeling the impact of the cutting-​​edge training lab.More

Overcoming communication challenges of EHRs
By Jessica Taylor
The transition to electronic health records can bring some concerns for healthcare providers, including workflow, training, privacy and security. But one of the most important issues is communication, and many clinicians are concerned that using a computer with a patient will hinder communication. To overcome these challenges and make sure your patient has your undivided attention, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has provided five communication behaviors for the integration of EHRs into your practice.More

Has healthcare embraced a hit-and-run strategy?
Sovaldi is off to the races — the biggest and most successful drug launch, by far, in the history of the industry. This is a truly remarkable achievement, a combination of derring-do and flawless execution that has given millions of patients the hope of a cure, and Gilead's investors the anticipation of a just reward. That blend of risk-taking and excellence is the hallmark of innovative drug companies, and the rare combination of skills that has given Gilead a $100 billion market cap within a short 27 years of its creation, making it the 8th biggest company in the industry.More