Simulation Spotlight
Jun. 19, 2013

Comparison of success rates using video laryngoscopy versus direct laryngoscopy
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Emergency airway situations are relatively rare events in pediatrics with most graduating residents having little exposure to intubate. Newer video technology offers the promise of reducing complications associated with intubation. This study proposes that video laryngoscopy (VL) should aid less skilled residents to intubate an infant mannequin with greater success and speed as compared with traditional direct laryngoscopy (DL).More

Have you used the SSH Living Learning Center?
You receive two courses at no charge with your SSH membership. Looking for a new simulation position?

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SSH is pleased to announce the formation of the Hospital Simulation Modeling Affinity Group and the Book Club Affinity Group. Check for more information.More

Robotic surgery advances local patient care
The future of surgery in the Heart of Illinois is changing, thanks to robots. A conference was held recently at the Jump Trading Simulation Center in Peoria, Ill.More

Vanderbilt University receives $1 million grant from AMA to disseminate best practices in medical education
The American Medical Association (AMA) has selected Vanderbilt University School of Medicine (VUSM) to receive a $1 million grant as one of the nation's 11 top medical schools transforming medical education. The grant, part of the AMA initiative Accelerating Change in Medical Education, makes Vanderbilt the recipient of $1 million over the next five years to take part in a consortium created to rapidly disseminate best practices in medical education across the country. More

Healthcare inflation slowing down
Medical News Today
Despite newly insured people being added to the system, American healthcare inflation is expected to fall to 6.5 percent in 2014, says a new report by the Health Research Institute, part of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. Healthcare inflation in 2014 will drop even lower than this year "Defying historical patterns," the authors wrote.More

What does the future of medical education look like? These 5 medical schools offer some clues
MedCity News
Medical schools have been preparing for the changes healthcare reform is bringing. Many have framed their education around iPads and other tablets, and are encouraging more of their students to focus on primary care as physician shortages are expected to worsen. From accelerated programs to a technology focus, the description of some of the innovative approaches proposed to obtain some of the $11 million in grants being offered by the American Medical Association over the next five years offers a window to their thinking about healthcare reform. More

Survey of Dallas' Parkland hospital will see if patient safety issues resolved
The Dallas Morning News
Inspectors began a critical government survey this week to determine whether Parkland Memorial Hospital will retain its future state and federal funding. The surveyors arrived — unannounced — and began combing through Dallas County's public hospital, looking for signs of patient safety problems that were detected in 2011. Hospital spokesman Mike Malaise confirmed that the inspectors had begun their work. The survey will determine the fate of more than $400 million in government funding that Parkland receives annually.More

Quantification of surgical technique using an inertial measurement unit
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Quantifying the algorithmic information content of hand motion patterns during a surgical task enables the comparison of different groups, novice and expert. Previously, it has been shown that the information content/complexity of hand motion patterns during the surgical skill/subtask of knot tying reduces with increased expertise. Researchers hypothesize that the information content/complexity of motion patterns would also reduce with expertise during a more complex surgical task of a bench model venous anastomosis.More

GE wants to use artificial intelligence to predict the future of hospitals
GE Healthcare is pushing a system called Corvix for doing agent-based simulations on complex problems. In India, the technology simulated a population of 80 million people in order to determine the best places to build medical facilities.More

High-tech upgrade to nurse training
Nelson Mail
Nursing facilities at the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT) have received a million-dollar upgrade, and two mannequin patients now reside on campus to help simulate triage situations. The new facilities, upstairs in NMIT's A block, were officially opened and blessed last night. Group manager Chris Hubbard said about 200 nursing trainees at NMIT would benefit from the two new science laboratories, the microbiology laboratory, the new teaching spaces and the classrooms. A new clinical practice space with six hospital beds was a highlight of the upgrade.More