Simulation Spotlight
Dec. 11, 2013

Healthcare sector looks to expand simulation usage
The Society for Simulation in Healthcare
One significant business area that continues to expand its I/ITSEC presence is healthcare. The growing market segment is reflected at I/ITSEC 2013 in a large number of floor exhibits as well as a special event focused on entering the healthcare modeling and simulation market.More

Medical schools in Nigeria to begin learning through simulation by 2015
Medical schools in Nigeria will begin the teaching and learning of medical sciences through simulation by 2015, Eugene Okpere, a visiting Professor at the National Universities Commission (NUC), has said. Okpere disclosed this in Abuja at a stakeholders meeting to discuss the enhancement of medical education through the utilization of new technologies.More

Research shows benefits of tele-ICU
By Herb Rogove
For years, there have been debates of whether tele-ICU programs can save lives and reduce both ICU and hospital length of stay. The importance of this question is highlighted from the reality that we simply do not have an adequate supply of intensivists. Recently, the journal CHEST published the most comprehensive study to date that shows that tele-ICU programs are associated with lower mortality and length of stay in both the ICU and hospital. More

Union Hospital hosts workshop on aging
Cecil Daily
Not all students in healthcare fields are exposed to geriatrics, but the reality is that the healthcare providers will be serving the geriatric population in some capacity once in practice. The Administration on Aging projects that the number of Americans 65 and older will reach 20 percent by the year 2050. Union Hospital recently hosted a two-day workshop for Eastern Shore Area Health Education Center in Cambridge to expose the healthcare students to the field of geriatrics and interdisciplinary healthcare teams.More

Simulation may offset USAF training budget cuts
Defense News
If one thing has become clear under sequestration, it is this: Budget cuts beget training cuts, which in turn hurt readiness. The US Air Force in particular has been impacted, with large swaths of its fleet grounded last year and unable to fly crucial training missions. Under that budget reality, the service — and the rest of the Pentagon — is focusing on simulation as a low-cost training alternative, a move made possible by improved technology.More

5 health tech trends to watch in 2014
2013 was a big year for consumer health technology. According to mobile tech consultancy Research2Guidance, there are now close to 100,000 mobile health apps in 62 app stores, with the top 10 apps generating over 4 million free downloads every day. This year also saw increased adoption of wearable tech, such as the Nike+ FuelBand and Fitbit — a market that is expected to grow to 100 million units by the end of 2014. More

Why healthcare tech will save your life... and your wallet
The Washington Times
With the recent failed launch of the website, it might be easy to second-guess the effectiveness IT transition that is happening within the healthcare IT industry. However, there are still successes to be found in healthcare technology.More

Florida High teens participate in EMS simulation to test their health science skills
Zoie Bowden, Sierra Das and Jordyn Lee recently gained a new appreciation for what emergency responders go through every day. The three teenagers, all students at Florida High in Tallahassee, Fla., spent the day crammed in the back of an ambulance during an intense simulation designed to test the skills they learned in the school's health science program. Lynn Wicker, Florida High's director, said the program has been well-received by students, who are now seriously considering EMS careers. The simulation, which started with a horrific car crash scene, was the perfect supplement to the in-class training the students received, she said. "It's a very hands-on, out-in-the-field type of program in addition to the training they receive in the classroom," she said. "It's awesome students are able to get out there and make sure this is a field they want to go into."More