TechComm Today
Jan. 30, 2013

Get to know the candidates for the STC election
Do you know the candidates for STC's 2013 election? STC members will elect a new vice president, treasurer, two Board of Directors members, and two Nominating Committee members in the 2013 election. Take this opportunity to get to know the individuals running for elected office at the Society level. Visit the 2013 Election and Candidate Information page on the STC website to review the candidates' biographies, ask them questions, and view their responses to questions posed by other members. The 2013 election will be held from 11 March through 22 March 2013. Information on casting your ballot will be sent to you prior to the opening of the election. As a reminder, you must renew your membership (and new members must join) by 28 February 2013 in order to be eligible to vote in the 2013 election.More

HTML5 vs. native mobile apps: Myths and misconceptions
The explosion of the mobile Web has sparked a debate over the best approach for developing applications that give consumers and employees what they have come to expect: access to whatever form of content they want, whenever and wherever they want it. In fact, 2012 may be remembered as the year HTML5 took the Internet by storm. Yet concerns surrounding HTML5's architecture linger, along with a debate concerning the use of native mobile apps versus apps developed for the mobile Web.More

Has your STC membership expired?
If you haven't renewed your STC membership yet, your membership has expired! All memberships ended on 31 December, with a grace period until 15 January. That date has now passed, however, so if you haven't renewed your membership yet then your access to publications, members-only discounts, free archived seminars, and more is gone. Renew today and regain your access! More

Joomla development or Drupal development — Which is the best CMS for Web development needs
Joomla development and Drupal development are two of the most competitive and superior content management systems available to serve your Web development needs. While both of them are almost strikingly similar — yet different — they come with their own set of pros and cons. Joomla, earlier Mambo, the award-winning PHP based content management system is easy to use and highly extensible. It is one of the most user-friendly CMS there is. It is a perfect solution for those who do not possess high technical knowledge or website development experience.More

What can an STC certificate course do for you?
If you're looking for in-depth education to advance your career, try an STC certificate course. Currently scheduled to start in February are Undiscovered Country: Master Writer, presented by Sharon Burton every Wednesday from 6 February through 6 March; and Usability Testing Essentials: Hands-on Workshop and Best Practices, presented by Carol Barnum every Tuesday from 12 February through 2 April (rescheduled from January). Take the next step in your career with help from STC education!More

What is the best programming language to learn in 2013?
Sitepoint recently analyzed more than 60,000 job vacancies during 2012 to produce a chart of the most sought-after technologies. Despite developer complaints, demand for PHP and Java (server/Android) remains strong. You would also expect those jobs to require some SQL knowledge although that has a strong showing in its own right. ActionScript is a dying art so it's rapidly falling off the chart. But there are a number of surprises.More

Early Bird rate now in effect for 2013 STC Summit
The deadline has passed for the best savings, but you can still register for the STC Summit and save. The 2013 Summit takes place from 5-8 May in Atlanta, Georgia, and is the place to be for technical communicators as STC celebrates its 60th year! Early Bird pricing of $950 for members ($1,225 for nonmembers) is in effect through 15 March; that's still $100 less than the regular Advance rate. The year 2013 is STC's diamond anniversary, and the Summit will be a great way to celebrate. Join keynote speaker David Pogue and your colleagues from around the world for education, networking, and a celebration of all things tech comm. Make sure you're at the best tech comm event of 2013 at the best rate possible!More

Design an easy-to-use mobile website
Ping! Zine
You may not realize just how incorrect or broken a website looks on a mobile device, despite working fine on a traditional computer screen. If you want to develop a version of your site specific to mobile users, there are some things you need to consider that might be slightly different from designing a normal website. Check out these tips to make sure that mobile users are having a good experience with your business.More

The intersection of SEO and user experience
Search Engine Journal
One of the biggest criticisms that exists regarding the process of search engine optimization is that it's entirely self-promotional — that is, that it manipulates websites based on what the search engines prefer to see, not based on what's most beneficial to website users. As such, it would appear that a conflict exists between SEO and the creation of a good user experience.More

15 modernized, responsive WordPress themes
Design Festival
New years bring new trends, techniques, and templates to the design community, and WordPress themes are no exception to the rule. This year, WordPress themes have taken on responsive designs coupled with beautiful, flexible layouts. It's not just the responsive design aspect that makes these modern WordPress themes stand out either. Many are now able to take on valid HTML5 and CSS3, offer drag-​​and-​​drop support and provide improved SEO-​​friendliness.More

Sun Web app developer discusses HTML5 design for iOS
Digital Arts
Recently, a new free weather app for the iPhone and iPad broke across Twitter. Sun eschews the cartoon sheen of Apple's built-in app or the nerdish data overload of the Met Office app, instead offering the clean simplicity of good old Swiss-style graphic design and a simple bright palette and gesture-based interface reminiscent of to-do game Clear. It's not even a native app, but a Web app coded in HTML5, conceived as a way to demonstrate some of the neat UX and design elements possible With web apps for the iPad and iPhone.More

The new rules of the responsive Web
Webdesigner Depot
Responsive Web design has become a near ubiquitous buzzword on the Web. The term is everywhere. As responsive Web design gained steam, the way we build websites changed. As the term moves from buzzword into a common part of every Web design project, the way we work as Web professionals needs to change. With this in mind, we need to lay some new ground rules for how we work.More

CSS Selectors Level 4: The Path to CSS4
Just as you are still learning to use CSS3 and HTML5, those talented folks at W3C have released a working draft of the Level 4 standards of CSS Selectors, creating a buzz that CSS4 is near.More

Dependency Injection with Pimple
PHP Master
In application development, we try to create independent modules so that we can reuse code in future projects. But, it's difficult to create completely independent modules which provide useful functionality; their dependencies can cause maintenance nightmares unless they are managed properly. This is where Dependency Injection comes in handy, as it gives us the ability to inject the dependencies our code needs to function properly without hard coding them into the modules.More

Basic Canvas animation using JavaScript
The <canvas> element, introduced in HTML5, allows developers to dynamically create bit map graphics using JavaScript. In this tutorial you will learn about some of the basic operations supported by the <canvas> element and create a simple animation using JavaScript.More