TechComm Today
Mar. 25, 2015

Translate your e-learning courses to other languages very easily
Translating e-learning materials should be simple, whereas finding high-quality, fast service for the same is challenging. The main idea is to search various ways and simpler methods of translating e-learning modules into other languages.More

Tips to effective copywriting
Guardian Liberty Voice
Copywriting is essentially when one writes as part of advertising or marketing in order to attract business or followers. This form of writing can be used to both sell people on a product, as well as on an idea or possibly a belief. In order to be effective at copywriting, it is always a good idea to follow tips and guidelines that will benefit the overall writing. Most of the time the tips are general to all types of copywriting, but there can be guidelines specific to the type of work needed. Here is a more general set of tips to adhere to.More

5 tools to help you audit your Web content
Being able to spot thin content when you're browsing different websites is usually pretty simple, but it can actually be very hard to detect when dealing with your own website. Many small businesses today have hundreds or even thousands of pages of content, so it's tough to find the time to look through all of it and make sure it is optimized. Ranking well on the Web today and positioning your website as an authority is all about content — both quality and quantity — so the sooner you can get acquainted with content audits the better.More

5 tips for writing a better white paper
Whether you're seasoned at creating white papers, or getting started on your first one, it doesn't hurt to step back and think about some of the basics of what you need to do to make a white paper work. With that, here are some basic tips that should not be overlooked.More

Best Selling Author Nancy Duarte Shares Insights on Transforming Audiences at the 2015 Summit

You already know the education ROI you'll get by attending the 2015 Summit, but what about the inspiration ROI? This year's opening keynote speaker will deliver just that! Join Nancy Duarte, best-selling author and CEO of Duarte, Inc., as she demonstrates how to apply the methods in her book Resonate: Presenting Visual Stories That Transform Audiences, to build meaningful connections with audiences that compel them to action. Her groundbreaking work details a new way of structuring a presentation and connecting with an audience, helping the presenter create a human connection. If you're in desperate need of an inspiration pick-me-up, you won’t want to miss Nancy's presentation, plus so much more at the Summit. Register today!More

April Education Offerings: TechComm in Biz and Springing Over Workplace Hurdles

April is just around the corner — have you lined up your STC education yet? On 1 April, join Pamela Paterson in her webinar "Spring Over Hurdles in the Workplace: How to Get Ahead No Matter Where You Are" and learn top strategies to guarantee job success as a technical writer from the bestselling author of Get the Job. Then, on 28 April, be sure you're enrolled in our newest online course, "Technical Communication in the Business Environment," to understand how technical content affects different areas of your business. If you've ever felt like technical communication is important but didn't know how to articulate it, this is the course for you! Instructor Sharon Burton of Anthrobytes Consulting will explain everything from how a business works financially to how to tie your technical content to overall business goals. Don't delay, sign up today!More

The 2015 STC Election Is Open!

Be sure to vote before the polls close on 6 April. This is predicted to be a tight race, so make your voice heard! Eligible members have been sent login information for the voting site via email. If you have not received your email, contact

Exhibit Space and Sponsorship Packages to Fit Any Budget

Now is a great time to get involved and grow your customer base. The STC Summit and Expo attracts over 650 professionals who work in areas such as content strategy, technical writing, document management, information architecture, and more. Attendees also include technical communicators from municipal, county, state, and Federal governments, as well as individuals from private industry, large and small corporations, and academic institutions. Over 60 percent of our attendees are the decision-makers or have the direct influence over their departments or clients’ purchasing decisions. Register today! Expo space is limited and sold on a first-come first-served basis.More

Join STC and Save on Membership Dues!

There's no better time to renew or join STC for 2015 than right now. Classic, TC Professional, and Student memberships are now 10% off. Don't forget that STC provides many other great benefits for our members. We offer award winning publications, top notch educational offerings, and direct involvement through our chapters and special interest groups. More

Grow Your Chapter or SIG! New and Renewing Members Get Free Community Membership

It's time to start your engines, shift your recruitment strategies into high gear, and begin the 2015 Chapter and SIG new and renewal member race. This year, member recruitment and retention will not only strengthen your association but also your Chapter or Special Interest Group (SIG). Recruit a member and they will receive a free 2015 community membership. More

7 ways to leverage visual storytelling in your marketing
Our attention span as humans is decreasing each year. It's now shorter than the ordinary goldfish. Depending on the source our attention span is roughly between 2.5 seconds and 6.5 seconds. For an average goldfish it's 9 seconds. We are visual beings. Ninety percent of what's communicated to our brain is visual. Audio is important, but language is a relatively new phenomenon. Smart marketers know this and connect to the hearts of their customers by using visual storytelling. Here are seven reasons and tips on how to leverage it in your marketing. More

11 big content marketing challenges (and how to overcome them)
These days, content marketing is a lot like the housing market. Sure, it's still possible to get on the ladder and own your own home, but making the transition from renter to proud new homeowner has become a lot harder than it used to be. Here are 11 content marketing challenges and what they mean to your content strategy, as well some tips for overcoming them.More

BuzzFeed's CEO says modern media is about pushing actual content, not links
The startup earns money by charging brands for native ads that it designs to look like BuzzFeed stories, and then helping distribute them. It doesn't need page views on every one of its own stories. It just needs to learn what people like, make sponsored content that matches that, and get lots of people to see it wherever they are. As more media properties evolve towards a native ads model, getting clicks becomes less important. Meanwhile, building a social network audience and becoming known for great content becomes increasingly critical.More

7 data-driven ways to improve the user experience
The Huffington Post
With four math and computer science degrees from MIT, including a Ph.D., under his belt, Chief Technology Officer of KAYAK, Giorgos Zacharia is a leading expert at applying the hot topics of data, analytics and machine learning to the real world of travel. As one of the world's top travel sites, KAYAK's objective is to build the best app for the user to search and find the travel product that they're looking for and then manage that travel even after the booking experience. More