TechComm Today
Apr. 22, 2015

The busy entrepreneur's guide to becoming a content creation machine
Search Engine Journal
Use a tool like RescueTime to monitor your activity. After a few weeks (or even a week), you'll have a really specific look at where you spend your time. There's probably a chunk of time every week that you can eliminate either by delegating that time or just spending zero to very little time on that task. Then, structure your day so you're dedicating some time to writing and thinking, ideally at the best time to write and get ideas for you.More

5 instructional design tips to create modern multi-device learning content
The e-learning or digital content ecosystem is quickly evolving, and mobile learning, multi-device content, mobile responsive content (call it what you will) is here to stay. The problem, however, is that it's not easy to stuff all the content you can onto a mobile screen. (Do you hear that subject matter experts?) Consequently, the design process required for mobile of delivery is forcing developers into the "less is more" paradigm. More

How to design websites that mirror how our eyes work
The Next Web
Don't be fooled: chances are, your users scan your content for the best parts. Don't take it personally; it's nothing against your content (and doesn't undermine its value). It's just standard user behavior. The F-pattern is the go-to layout for text-heavy websites like news sites, blogs, or in-depth landing pages. Once we explain how and why it works, you'll start to notice its use on popular sites all over the Web.More

How to write B2B content people will take seriously
Business 2 Community
Have you ever read B2B content you didn't take seriously? Of course you have. It could have been the little things, like misspelled words or homophone confusion. It could have been bigger things, like lackluster visuals or confusing jargon. Now, let's turn the tables. Has your content ever fallen short of your own high standards? Here's a handy list, along with some inspirational resources, that can help guide your future content efforts. More

Brand New Courses On the Way! TechComm in Biz and eBook Creation

STC is offering two brand new courses and the first one starts next week! "Technical Communication in the Business Environment" with Sharon Burton (beginning 28 April) and “eBook Creation Workshop” with Toni Ressaire (beginning 20 May) were both created in response to demand from STC members. The first course is designed to help you understand how and why technical communication impacts multiple groups and the bottom line; the second course will teach you how to format and convert your documents into the EPUB format used on the iPad, Nook, iPhone, Kobo, tablets, and other electronic reading devices and the MOBI format used on Kindle. Seats in both courses are limited so don’t delay, register today! More

So Many Reasons to Attend the Summit, and Now There's One More

Attending the Summit and its 80+ education sessions helps you master the technical aspects of your job. That's no secret! But did you know that attending also helps you become a more valuable, well-rounded employee in a different way? It's true — from networking opportunities to staying on top of emerging trends to hearing from two inspiring keynote speakers, the Summit isn't just about traditional education sessions. It's also about the more intangible experiences that you simply can't put a price tag on. And in case that doesn't give you enough reason to attend, this year we will also feature John Carroll, Distinguished Professor of IST at Penn State University, as a presentation speaker. His session will focus on mobile design challenges and approaches, drawing upon mobile timebanking and other community oriented applications. Don't miss out on hearing John Carroll speak at the 2015 Summit — register today!More

Calling all Exhibitors and Sponsors!

The 2015 STC Summit is the premier meeting in the field of Technical Communication. The Summit Expo Hall provides your company with an environment to showcase products and services and the opportunity to educate your customers on what your company does best. Exhibiting at the Summit will give your company the opportunity to:

Register today and start growing your customer base! Expo space is limited and sold on a first-come, first-served basis.More

Trying to Find a Beneficial Way to Spend Your Tax Refund?

Make the right choice on how to spend your tax refund. Join STC today for 2015 with the Gold Value Package and get a great ROI! Gold membership lets you build even more education and savings into your membership. You can take advantage of quick and built-in access to extra education and networking to advance your career. Pay once and have access to the resources you need when you need them. Gold members also receive Early Bird Pricing for the Summit at any time! More

Grow Your Chapter or SIG! New and Renewing Members Get Free Community Membership

You still have time to participate in the 2015 Chapter and SIG race! This is your chance to give other technical communicators an opportunity to join STC by sharing your experiences personally. Members who join or renew will receive a free 2015 membership in the referring Chapter or SIG More

How to prep, in 7 steps, for Google's mobile search change
With Google about to make a change that will affect how websites are ranked in its mobile search results, now is the time for companies to make sure their websites don't sink to the bottom of the pile. On April 21, Google is changing the algorithm for its mobile search, placing websites that are deemed "mobile friendly" higher in mobile search rankings.More

New study finds B2Bs struggle with content technology and marketing
For many of us today, there exists a bittersweet relationship between technology and marketing. On the one hand, it's never been easier to create material, reach out to an audience, and collect data; on the other, once this convenience is in place, new expectations are added to the marketer's constantly mounting list of responsibilities. Now, with content marketing holding an accepted position in the repertoire of B2C marketers, B2B brands are trying to make up for lost time and money in spearheading their own content efforts. But how effective are these initiatives, and what can other marketers learn from them? More

Cinemagraphs: The newest innovative video format for your content strategy
Business 2 Community
A cinemagraph is, in essence, a living photograph. More accurately, cinemagraphs are high-quality GIF files, meaning they can be embedded anywhere on a page without needing a video player while still playing in a seamless loop. Unlike their more common animated GIF cousins, however, the movement in a cinemagraph is subtle. This makes cinemagraphs ideal for final-product beauty shots, creative portraits, recipes and slideshows. More