TechComm Today
Dec. 4, 2013

Death of the desktop
Design News
Mobile browsing is set to overtake traditional desktop browsing in 2015. The smartphone revolution is changing how consumers use the Internet. This is slowly leading to the death of the desktop. What does this mean for the design world?More

Cutting edge Web development with CSS Shapes and CSS Regions
An Alice in Wonderland demo site highlights a storytelling technique that uses the CSS Shapes and CSS Regions modules and was created using Adobe Edge Code CC. Look under the site's hood. More

App design Dos and Don's: What to keep in mind when designing for a global audience
The Next Web
Designing an app takes a lot of creativity, planning, and intensive labor. However, the game gets harder when you're designing for a global audience. We spoke to some of the hottest global apps and got their top tips to share.More

STC Early Renewal Discount ends 12 December
The deadline for the Early Renewal Discount for Classic STC membership is coming up fast! Current members, you must renew by Thursday, 12 December, to save $30 off a Classic membership for 2014. That brings your base price down to $195 (regularly $225). See your recent emails from STC for your dues discount code, or email Not a member? Join today and get the rest of 2013 free, including Friday's free, sponsored, live Web seminar from JustSystems and Vasont. Email Megan McBroom at with any membership-related questions.More

November/December issue of Intercom is online and open to the public
The November/December issue of Intercom (sponsored by Adobe) is online. This issue is guest edited by Leah Guren and has a theme of Tech Comm 101, with features and columns geared toward those starting out in the field. We've made this issue open to the public as well and we invite you to share it with colleagues and coworkers and share one of the values membership in STC brings you. More

Member Get a Member closes 13 December
The Member-Get-A-Member deadline is approaching as well. Recruit a new member to STC by 13 December and be entered to win one of a number of great prizes. Reach out to friends, colleagues, and coworkers, and share with them the value of STC, including this month's issue of Intercom (see above article). More

New recorded webinars available
Another 14 recorded Web seminars have been added to the STC lineup, bringing the total to almost 100! STC’s recorded Web seminars are an archive of our most popular live Web seminars, allowing technical communicators to view them at anytime, anywhere. The webinars are recorded within AdobeConnect and include the audio of the webinar plus the PowerPoint presentation. Recorded webinars are available for download for $19 for all STC members and $59 for nonmembers, or buy a bundle of three recorded webinars for just $50 for members, $170 for nonmembers.More

International Summit Award Committee announces 2014 call for judges
The International Summit Awards Committee invites you to apply to be a judge for the 2014 competition. The 2013 ISA judges demonstrated a heightened conscientiousness in providing substantive, quality comments to all entrants regardless of the final award designations, and we look forward to welcoming volunteers this year to continue that effort. See the link below for a list of qualifications necessary to judge and for more information. Thank you for taking the time to consider whether you can contribute your unique expertise to the STC International Summit Awards in the upcoming year.More

1-click app deployment with server-side git hooks
This article shows the user how to deploy a simple website using no more than a git post-release hook. It covers just enough background information so that the reader can go further and expand their knowledge as their time permits.More

How to use HTML5 data attributes
Back in the old XHTML/HTML4 days, developers had few options when storing arbitrary data associated with the DOM. You could invent your own attributes but that was risky; your code would be invalid, browsers could ignore the data, and it would cause problems if the name ever became a standard HTML attribute. Therefore, most developers relied on the class or rel attributes since these were the only ones which permitted reasonably flexible strings. Now, HTML5 introduces custom data attributes. More

Internal linking strategy: SEO nerd vs Web design nerd
Business 2 Community
Most content management systems (like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.) allow you to set a few basic options when it comes to the link, one of those being "Open link in a new window?" So, the question is, should you do this or not?More

iOS 7.1 beta gets developers talking on Twitter
Just before the Thanksgiving holiday, Apple offered developers a sneak peek at something they seem truly grateful for, based on Twitter comments: the beta version of iOS 7.1. Though most of the changes were relatively minor, they included an option to upload "burst mode photos" to Photo Stream for iPhone 5s users. More

Powering the Web with Python Web frameworks
Web frameworks are primarily server-side technologies that are designed to accomplish a series of specialized tasks. As it relates, Python Web frameworks are module and package collections that enable developers to build Web applications without concern for certain details. These details, handled by the chosen framework, eliminate complexities such as performance bottlenecks. As such, developers are free to focus on Web development responsibilities, particularly application logic.More

Goodbye WYSIWYG for Web content management systems?
CMS Wire
CMS platform provider SetSeed CMS thinks it offers a better alternative to WYSIWYG-based content management in its newest version. SetSeed 8 — with an all-new interface, improved mobile experience, and new APIs — avoids problems caused by What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) CMSs, company representatives claim. SetSeed 8 also includes several APIs that allow SetSeed CMS to be used as a website builder for the first time.More

The importance of Gestalt laws for UX design planning
The Drum
We are increasingly opting to conduct tasks within a 2-D world rather than 3-D. The rise of the digital age has provided us with quick, convenient services, greater functionality and limitless opportunities. But what are the pitfalls of abandoning the traditional 3-D environment and entrusting 2-D with such important tasks?More

The secret beauty of the World Wide Web
Newcastle University via ScienceDaily
From a distance, these newly created visualizations look likes stars exploding, fireworks or simply striking patterns — but what you're actually looking at are the hidden dimensions of the World Wide Web. Dr Martyn Dade Robertson from Newcastle University creates the stunning artworks, known as Data Portraits. He has developed a way of mapping sites and turning drab data into a beautiful artwork.More

5 tips for creating a better user experience in your mobile apps
Tech in Asia
Sulit, which started in the Philippines in 2006, is an e-commerce site that blossomed when there wasn’t much competition yet. It kept its momentum over the years and remains the top e-commerce site in the country. The Sulit team understood that they had to keep up with technology, which led to the birth of Sulit's mobile app. In the recent Developers' Connect Summit 2013 held in SM Megamall, Pasig City, Sulit's user experience engineer Micael Andrei Diaz shared his experience and lessons in mobile app development.More