PLACE Weekly Wrap-Up
Feb. 8, 2012

5 ways to successfully break the rules in packaging design
Packaging Digest
Rapid commoditization of products in every category. Customer churn. The economy a roller coaster. All moving at Mach speed. It's enough to make marketers crazy. Yet, brand building has to remain the focus no matter how challenging the consumer environment is. Assessments must be made about where products are in the life cycle. Solid performers need incremental improvements. Would they also benefit from contemporized packaging? If so, how far should a package refresh be taken? More

Petainer's 'greenest ever' refillable bottle
Plastics & Rubber Weekly
Plastics packaging technology specialist Petainer has developed a PET refillable bottle, claiming to "further improve the sustainability of what is already one of the most environmentally friendly forms of beverage packaging." The new bottle is manufactured using more than 25 percent post-consumer "one-way" recycled PET. The company cites the same performance characteristics as for a refillable bottle made entirely from virgin material.

Did the 2011 economy make an impact on your packaging career?
Packaging World
As the definitive salary survey in the packaging business, the Institute of Packaging Professionals' (IoPP) annual survey has evolved beyond reporting, "What you are worth?" IoPP's Salary Survey has grown with a greater focus on your career in packaging as opposed to just reporting numbers.More

British Plastics Federation: Small plastic firms 'stable' in downturn
Packaging News
Anecdotal evidence shows that small and medium-sized plastic packaging firms are finding business quite stable, against a backdrop of heightened economic uncertainty, according to the British Plastics Federation. More

CSI testing sertifies Perfecseal medical pouch converting to Class 7 cleanroom standards
Flexible Packaging
Perfecseal has certified its Oshkosh, Wis., sterile medical pouch and bag manufacturing facility to ISO 14644-1 (1999) Class 7 cleanroom standards. Though already operating the facility at a Class 7 cleanroom standard since 1997, it did not seek certification until 2011. Perfecseal's medical, diagnostic, and pharmaceutical packaging production plant in Northern Ireland and its custom thermoforming plant in Mankato, Minn., have both been ISO Class 8 certified for several years. More

Paper packaging materials to reach 223.9 metric tons by 2015
Packaging Digest
Paper packaging is the most widely used packaging format due to the availability of a wide variety of sources, easy storage and handling, low cost, and the recycling advantage. Increasing demand from end-use markets and penetration into new applications has resulted in significant technological developments in processing and manufacturing stages of paper packaging materials.More

Wrap says local authorities shouldn't lose their bottle
Plastics & Rubber Weekly
A new technical guide that aims to help local authorities increase plastic bottle recycling rates has been launched by the Waste & Resources Action Program (Wrap). According to the organization, with demand for PET and HDPE recyclate soaring local authorities have a "significant opportunity" to boost overall recycling rates by focusing on collections of plastic bottles. More

Prolacta Bioscience comes to relief of African babies
Packaging World
Talk about giving an incredible holiday gift. In December 2011, the U.S.-based International Breast Milk Project (IBMP), Prolacta Bioscience, and Quick International Courier cooperated in a joint humanitarian effort that delivered upwards of 267,000 (nearly 67,000 bottles) of donor breast milk for premature, sick, and orphaned infants in Cape Town and Durban, South Africa. More

Complete Core to pack sport meals for rugby players
Packaging News
Contract packaging firm Complete Core Business Solutions is to pack and distribute a new range of quick sport meals for international rugby players and sports people throughout the U.K. and E.U. More

New KLEENEX pack has a cool touch
Packaging Digest
Graphic Packaging Intl. and Kimberly-Clark evaluated laminated HoloPRISM paperboard for the requirements of printing, converting and filling for KLEENEX tissues. Together, Graphic Packaging International and Vacumet worked hand in hand to provide Kimberly-Clark with a unique holographic brushed aluminum pattern that is tinted with a hint of a blue hue that conveys the benefit that is in these tissues. More

A new prescription for drugstores
Brand Packaging
Visiting your local drugstore, you almost always find the usual suspects: cold medicine, diapers, seasonal goods, personal care items and cleaning products. But you've probably noticed that there's a whole lot more going on at major drugstore retailers than there used to be. More

Aptar Pharma expands in India
European Plastics News
France-based Aptar Pharma is hoping to expand its presence in the Indian medical market with a new manufacturing plant near Mumbai. The plant, located at Rabale, Navi Mumbai, will manufacture aerosol, spray and dispensing systems for pharmaceutical companies in India, and was inaugurated on Jan. 21. More

Brand differentiation more critical than ever
Packaging World
That's the conclusion drawn by Robert Passikoff, president, Brand Keys, based on the findings in the Brand Keys 2012 Customer Loyalty Engagement Index (CLEI). For all 30 brands tracked in the Beverage category, attributes relating to "drinkability" and "brand value" are exerting the strongest impact on customer decision-making, category-expectations, and engagement with brands.More

Bottle recycling plant with links to Signode goes into administration
Packaging News
Wales-based plastic bottles recycling plant Plastics Sorting, which supplied material to Signode, has been placed into administration. Of the 30 staff, 27 have been made redundant with the remaining three currently employed to help with a potential sales process. It has an annual turnover of around £1.2 million.More

A framework for sourcing nanomaterials for food and food packaging
Nanowerk News
As You Sow, a nonprofit organization that promotes environmental and social corporate responsibility through shareholder advocacy, coalition building, and innovative legal strategies, has developed a framework on sourcing nanomaterials for food and food packaging. The Framework highlights what companies should ask their suppliers regarding the safety of nano-enhanced food products and packaging. More

Jobs saved after rival buys out troubled packaging firm
Packaging News
Twelve jobs have been saved at a Yorkshire, U.K., packaging supplies firm after a competitor stepped in to buy the business from administrators. Centerpac, based in Dinnington, Sheffield, has been acquired by the Samuel Grant Group, following a week-long race to find a buyer for the firm. More