PLACE Weekly Wrap-Up
Feb. 15, 2012

Health care packaging market expected to hit $93.9 billion
Packaging Digest
The global health care packaging market is a complex and large market. The varied factors affecting the drug demand and consumption as well the development of medical practices will determine the growth of this market in future. Also, being a vital industry, the health care packaging market is directly linked to economic development. As emerging economies grow, demand for health care packaging will increase, further strengthening the market. Visiongain calculates that the global health care packaging market will reach $93.9 billion in 2012.More

Bio-degradable packaging material perishes within 6 months
Food Production Daily
Israeli researchers are developing a biodegradable packaging material that automatically "perishes" within 180 days - providing a green solution for the food and drink industry. More

Planters peanuts switches to plastic packaging
Greener Package
A move from glass to plastic jars for Planters Dry Roasted Peanut varieties results in 84 percent less packaging by weight. A blog from Sustainable is Good reports that in fall 2011, Kraft Foods' Planters brand has launched new plastic packaging for all of its Dry Roasted Peanut Products as part of its sustainable brand initiative.More

Klöckner Pentaplast breaks ground on China plant
European Plastics News
Germany-based Klöckner Pentaplast has started building its first manufacturing facility in China. Located near Shanghai, the site will produce packaging films for the Chinese market. The company has invested CNY 185 million in the site, which will increase the company's global shrink-film capacity by 6,000 tonnes, and completion is expected in the first quarter of 2013. More

Toray succeeds in production of fully renewable, biobased PET polymer
Flexible Packaging Magazine
Toray Industries, Inc. in partnership with Gevo, Inc., a leading company of renewable chemicals and advanced biofuels, has succeeded in producing laboratory-scale samples of fully renewable biobased PET and its films. Gevo succeeded in converting isobutanol, produced from biomass by employing its own highly effective production method that uses genetically modified microorganisms, to para-xylene using conventional chemical process for commercial operations. More

Recycling targets backed by ESA and London Councils
Packaging News
The Environmental Services Association (ESA) and local authorities in London have backed the government's proposals for tougher packaging recycling targets. London Councils is a lobbying organization that promotes the interests of London's 33 councils. Although it supports Defra's proposals, it insisted that there must be no increased cost for councils.More

European sustainability project targets paper packaging
Packaging Digest
A pan-European project that aims to revolutionize paper packaging being coordinated by the UK's Sheffield Hallam University, has secured EU funding in-excess of €3 million. It is expected to result in the development of "NewGenPack'"- the next generation of environmentally friendly paper packaging. More

Diet Coke wears its heart on its can
Packaging World
This year marks the fifth year Diet Coke will play an active role in The Heart Truth® campaign. Diet Coke is taking its efforts online, on packaging, and on the runway to call attention to women's heart health educational programs. More

New program advises: Keep your caps on
Greener Package
New Caps On initiative encourages communities to ask residents to include caps on plastic bottles at the time of recycling. The Closure and Container Manufacturers Association (CCMA) and the Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers (APR) have partnered to increase the recycling rates of plastic closures. More

Innovation a key to thriving in packaging sector
Plastics News
Innovation was the name of the game at the annual Packaging Conference. Packaging industry insiders and experts gathered to discuss issues and advancements in their field, ranging from the development of new oxygen scavengers to the creation of zero-landfill pouches. While trends and topics varied, most presenters agreed: it's time for brands and companies to start innovating or risk being left behind. More

This fungus eats plastic
Brand Packaging
A group of Yale University students has discovered a fungus that can "live and prosper" on a steady diet of polyurethane, according to the September issue of Applied and Environmental Biology.

Grupa Kety invests in film production
European Plastics News
Polish industrial firm Grupa Kety has stressed it has no intention of pulling out of flexible packaging production following its recent investment in increased printing and blown film capacity.More

Chris Dow: Why I'm backing Defra plastics recycling targets
Packaging News
Closed Loop Recycling's Chris Dow reveals why he is right behind Defra's proposed 57 percent recycling targets for plastics. The Defra consultation on packaging and waste recovery targets offers an amazing opportunity to transform the future of the recycled packaging industry. More

Protective packaging cuts waste and cost
Greener Package
A multilayer blown coextrusion with Surlyn at the core is the key to keeping a high-gloss, thermoplastic washing machine door 'bezel' from getting scratched. Renowned appliance manufacturer Miele is among the first to capture the energy- and waste-saving benefits of a new process and film technology developed collaboratively with a leading machinery manufacturer, a film producer, and DuPont. More

Packaging gets lean and green
Packaging Digest
Customers of sporting goods retailer Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI) care about the planet-understandably, since they use the company's equipment to enjoy all aspects of the great outdoors. That concern is one reason the company is striving to ensure all of its product packaging lives up to ultra-high standards of eco-friendliness.More

Airless dispensers for lotions
Packaging World
The dispensers are made by Mega Airless. According to Eric Desmaris, business development director at Mega Airless, "The selection of our 75-mL Mezzo top-fill pump underscores our appeal to innovation-oriented customers with natural and eco-friendly products that require optimal formula protection and reinforcement of core brand characteristics through premium-style airless dispensing solutions. Faran appreciated our airless pack's performance, precision and protection. Savvy customers know the importance of packaging in communication of core brand attributes."More