PLACE Weekly Wrap-Up
Feb. 17, 2010

Bioplastic industry defies economic crisis
Packaging Digest
"Coca-Cola does it, Frito-lay does it and so too do Samsung and Hyundai." This is how Andy Sweetman, chairman of the European Bioplastics' Board summarizes the fact that an increasing number of renowned brand owners are turning to bioplastics to enhance their products' image.More

How about them (wrapped) apples?
The New York Times
Food packaging seems like a straightforward problem with a straightforward solution: there's too much of it; it piles up in landfills; we should reduce it. These opinions are standard among environmentalists, many of whom have undertaken impassioned campaigns to shroud consumer goods -- including food -- in less and less plastic, cardboard, and aluminum.More

New converter is green from the ground up
Greener Package
High-barrier flexible pouch provider debuts with wind-powered facility and optimized equipment, and introduces first-of-its-kind compostable zipper bag. In today's sustainable packaging-focused environment, if you were given the opportunity to build a package manufacturing business from the ground up that was green from stem to stern, where would you begin?More

Spectacular recovery for Hungarian packaging firm
Plastics & Rubber Weekly
Hungarian plastics packaging producer Pannunion Group has reported a spectacular recovery in its performance last year, turning a 2.6 million Euro loss in 2008 to a minimal 122,000 million Euros in 2009.More

Trends in flexible packaging
Packaging World
From Russia, to Turkey, to Italy, to Massachusetts, developments in flexible packaging materials are bubbling to the surface.More

Sustainable plastic wine bottle
Greener Package
A U.K. wine merchant has launched two new wine ranges packaged in a unique plastic bottle that has been proven to keep wine fresh for at least two years and is environmentally friendly.More

Label applicator flat pack saves assembly costs
Packaging Magazine
A label applicator, that is delivered from the manufacturer as a flat pack, ready for the buyer to assemble at the site where labeling takes place, is the latest innovation from one of Australia's leading manufacturers of labeling machines.More

Polypropylene prices rise in Europe this month, but buying remains limited
Polypropylene (PP) prices in Europe have increased this month, but buying has been limited to essential purchases, as there are still widespread expectations of a price drop in 2010, as per ICIS. Buyers are very cautious and buying on a hand-to-mouth basis.More

Pouch demand is in the bag
Converting Magazine
Flexible packaging, the converted bags and pouches segment, has a lot going for it, especially when compared against various forms of rigid packaging and for particular end-use markets. More than one study shows healthier-than-average gains in value, attributing future flex-pack success to an expected recovery in the U.S. economy and its cost, performance and source-reduction benefits.More