PLACE Weekly Wrap-Up
Apr. 8, 2015

TAPPI PLACE contributes to the Centennial Celebration
In 2015, TAPPI will celebrate its 100-year anniversary. This remarkable milestone represents an excellent opportunity to commemorate the past, present and future successes of our industry and the people and companies who achieved them. The TAPPI PLACE Division will be participating in the program with a half-day track that will include technical presentations and also relate to the relationship between PLACE and the other TAPPI divisions. View the full PLACE program which will occur on Monday, April 20 from 1:30 – 5 p.m. at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia.More

Dow Chemical adhesive aids fast compliance
Dow Chemical Company reports the introduction of MOR-FREE LPlus1 High Efficiency Adhesive, said to address industry needs for packaging solutions offering faster compliance with food legislation requirements, enhanced conversion efficiency, and greater machinability. Company says the solventless laminating adhesive, which is suited for food packaging applications such as ready meals, fresh food and dairy, coffee and snacks, delivers fast cross linking technology and improved optics on semi-barrier structures.More

10 keys to optimizing your vacuum and pumping processes
Packaging Digest
Vacuum systems play important roles throughout today's packaging operations. As a result, packagers — whether researching new vacuum equipment prior to purchase or reviewing the performance of their existing system— are continually seeking ways to optimize the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their vacuum pumps. Their goal is to both control costs and increase their competitive advantage.More

Corona treating: Why all films do not treat the same
How well do you understand the relationship between your films and your corona treater? A treatment level of 2.0 watt density yields very different results on polyethylene terephthalate compared to polypropylene, and a nominal change in watt density can produce unexpected results. This article looks at the relationship between various films and watt densities. Recognizing that each film has its own signature relationship with a corona treater will help converters control surface energy and improve adhesion.More

Ravenwood conference debates future of 'skinny' labelling
Packaging News
New formats of linerless labels and minimalist labelling technology were discussed at Ravenwood Packaging’s World Conference 2015 in Suffolk. The U.K. labelling and sleeving specialist hosted a conference for 40 experts from around the world – including Australia, Europe and the U.S. – who are promoting the use of linerless adhesive backed labelling systems. The stripped-down, highy-flexible labels produce less waste than conventional labelling in that they have no liner or backing paper.More

The future of machine programming is FAST
Packaging World
AB Graphic International is a global manufacturer of label converting and finishing equipment. This includes inspection rewind equipment and turret rewinding systems as well as machines for many specialist applications, including RFID tag insertion, laser die cutting, booklet label machines, and 100 percent camera inspection systems.More

Sun Branding works with Unilever on new shrink-wrapping
Packaging News
Produced for the FMCG's ultra-concentrated fabric conditioner launch, Sun Branding Solutions has implemented a technique that applies brand creative to 2-D and 3-D structural packaging for the new range without distorting it when it is applied to the bottle’s premium gloss varnish texture – a common problem within 3-D packaging.More

Bread bag is 36 percent bio-based
Greener Package
In introducing its line of three organic bread varieties to East Coast consumers, Eureka! Organic Bread rolled out new packaging as well that complements its brand messaging of "being full of everything consumers want and less of what they don't," says Mike Jensen, Assistant Brand Manager at Bimbo Bakeries USA (BBU), owner of the Eureka! brand. The new polyethylene bread bag is made from 36 percent bio-based material, Braskem's Green PE, made from sugarcane.More

Progress in paper bottles
Packaging World
Denmark’s Carlsberg Breweries set the Twittersphere on fire recently when it announced plans to develop a paper bottle. And the ink was barely dry on that press release when Nestle, the largest food company in the world, launched Nestle Purina Pro Plan Renew premium cat litter in a paper bottle made by Ecologic Brands. Let’s start with the Nestle Purina offering, which became a marketplace reality in January of this year.More

Sensors drive paper tissue system
Packaging World
A tightly integrated array of photoelectric proximity sensors, fiber-optic sensors, inductive proximity sensors, laser sensors, contrast sensors, and safety locking devices plays a crucial role in a remarkable piece of equipment from Germany's Winkler & Dünnebier. Called the Flowtos, this equipment is described as the fastest two-lane paper handkerchief production and packaging system in the world. It’s capable of producing and flow wrapping up to 4,600 sheets per minute.More

Are refill stations the answer to packaging waste?
Packaging Digest
Sometimes sustainable packaging has less to do with eco-friendly packaging materials and more to do with how we actually distribute product. The bottled water industry, for instances, gets hit with quite a bit of criticism for how much unnecessary bottle waste is generated when most people have access to perfectly clean tap water. However, some communities and several universities have been working toward the elimination of plastic water bottle waste by implementing water refilling stations.More

New realities for packaging
Packaging World
Our traditional understanding of and approach to reality is being challenged these days. The good news is that it opens up some terrific opportunities for package design. At opposite ends of Paul Milgram’s Reality-Virtuality Continuum are the Real Environment and the Virtual Environment. Intermediate steps along this continuum of Mixed Reality are further defined as Augmented Reality, which is closer to the Real end of the spectrum, and Augmented Virtuality, closer to the Virtual end.More

YAZOO launches newly designed, fully recyclable and resealable PET bottle
Packaging Today
YAZOO, the U.K.'s leading flavored milk brand from FrieslandCampina, is excited to unveil its brand new bottles that are even better for the environment - and feature a great new ergonomic design. They are made of a PET plastic that includes 20 percent recycled material, rather than the HDPE plastic used in the current bottles. What's more, they eliminate the need for an aluminum foil lid. This will save 2 tons of waste per year - enough aluminum to make more than 1,700 bicycle frames!More

New materials, equipment address consumer trends
Packaging World
Since making its debut seven years ago, The Packaging Conference has provided a forum for new packaging materials and technology announcements as well as discussion on the market drivers of these innovations. This year’s edition was no exception. While produced by Plastic Technologies, Inc. — a developer of rigid PET packaging — along with polyester packaging consultancy SBA-CCI, Inc., the event hosted presentations on other materials, including flexible film, glass, and metal.More