TAPPI's PLACE Weekly Wrap-Up
June. 8, 2011

California votes to ban foam takeout containers
Packaging Digest
The California state Senate has passed a measure to prohibit food vendors and restaurants from dispensing prepared foods in polystyrene foam.

Plasticizer contamination triggers food security fear across Taiwan Strait
China Daily
On the window of a stylish cafe along Taipei's busy downtown street Zhongxiao East Rd, there hangs a board written with big black characters, saying, "All products in our shop do not contain plasticizer." More

P&G partners with cellulosic ethanol firm
Greener Package
Procter & Gamble and ZeaChem will research, develop and demonstrate, scale-up, and commercialize new 'drop-in' bio-based chemicals and other products. Procter & Gamble has joined into a binding multi-year joint development agreement with ZeaChem Inc., a developer of biorefineries for the conversion of renewable feedstocks into sustainable fuels and chemicals.More

Activia yogurt in bioplastic cups introduced to the German market
Packaging Digest
Danone has switched to Ingeo - a plastic from plants, not oil - for its Activia yogurt in Germany. The new yogurt pack is the result of a close cooperation between Danone and Ingeo producer NatureWorks.More

Constar International emerges from Chapter 11
Plastics & Rubber Weekly
Philadelphia-based PET bottle, preform and closures maker Constar International has emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection under the ownership of its pre-bankruptcy secured note holders.More

Confectionery labeling laws negative for industry, says AI Group
Packaging Magazine
"Confectionery companies are uniting to better educate consumers about their diet in response to proposed changes to labelling laws which would negatively impact the confectionery industry," Ai Group Confectionery Sector Principal Advocate, Tim Piper said. More

Additions to Planters plant to be environmentally friendly
Packaging Digest
Two new initiatives at the Planters peanut plant in Fort Smith - a 33,000-square-foot facility addition and a packaging conversion - are going green, according to remarks by a company official Friday, June 3. More

Packages designed for patient user experience win market share
Packaging World
A recent survey by technology design and development firm Cambridge Consultants, in conjunction with MassMEDIC, examined how device usability impacts patient acceptance, dosage compliance, and ultimately health outcomes. Looking at the role lifestyle factors and device features play in patient compliance for drug and device combination products, the research supported the idea that pharmaceutical companies could improve the market share of their drugs if the emphasis was shifted to the broader patient user experience. More

Sustainability is toughest packaging challenge today, survey reveals
Greener Package
An online survey conducted by DuPont finds that worldwide, one of the biggest goals of CPGs and packaging converters to reduce their package's environmental footprint.More

Dutch flower exporters choose NatureFlex
European Plastics News
Three Dutch exporters of flowers and bulbs - Florex, Kapiteyn and Mantel Holland - are using Innovia's NatureFlex film to package their range of flower bulbs. The packaging is a pouch pack, made of laminated NatureFlex, paper and PLA. It was developed by Assen-based Hapece Flexible packaging. More

Dow pilots recycled plastic-to-energy system
Packaging World
The Dow Chemical Company reports that it has successfully demonstrated the use of recycled plastic to generate energy. The successful pilot test measured how plastic that has been reused and recycled to the full extent possible can be used as fuel for an ultimate end-of-life option instead of going to a landfill for disposal. More

Defra moves to assuage concerns over PRN changes
Packaging News UK
The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has moved to assuage concerns that changes to the PRN system being brought about by new end-of-waste criteria for metals could make it harder to reach packaging recycling goals.More

Sustainability initiatives exceed expectations, businesses say
Packaging World
The majority of businesses say that the benefits resulting from their sustainability initiatives have exceeded expectations, according to an international survey by Accenture. But a hard-core minority of businesses does not see sustainability as a critical or strategic investment. More

RockTenn to close three corrugated container plants
Packaging News UK
U.S.-based paperboard manufacturer RockTenn has announced that it will close three former Smurfit-Stone corrugated plants in the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2011. The U.S.-based plants are located in Birmingham, Ala., Jonesboro, Ark., and Santa Fe Springs, Calif.More

Nip roll modules for web handling
Flexible Packaging Magazine
Converter Accessory Corporation (CAC) now designs and manufactures both standard and custom precision, air loaded nip roll modules. These air loaded nip modules allow precise side-to-side gap adjustment, independent of precise pneumatic pressure adjustment. They can be supplied as non driven or with complete drive systems. All feature plate steel framework and may be supplied with either dual side frames or cantilevered for narrow width applications.More

How to talk to a shoppers smart phone
Packaging Magazine
Superior Lithographics, a large format packaging printer from California, has launched FirstTouch, an interactive packaging solution that uses Quick Response (QR) technology to send information direct to a shopper's smartphones.More