TAPPI's PLACE Weekly Wrap-Up
July 13, 2011

New technology aids fight against counterfeiters
Packaging Digest
Developments in nanotechnology, alongside increasing sophistication in converting, including electronic printing, are making it possible for brand owners to be even more clever in confronting fraudsters. They need to be. Counterfeit goods today are worth well in excess of $250 billion worldwide and account for 8 percent of China's GDP alone.

Pafa presents packaging initiative to politicians
Plastics & Rubber Weekly
UK trade association for flexible films and rigid plastic packaging, Pafa, has launched a communications initiative aimed at reinforcing the sustainability credentials of its members' products. The association presented its sustainability program to nearly one hundred guests including MPs, senior civil servants, and key industry figures in the House of Commons.More

Box liner films allow 30 percent downgauging
Packaging World
Stiff, high-barrier FeatherWeight™ box liner films from Bemis allow aggressive downgauging to meet cost and sustainability goals, while maintaining quality machinability and physical properties. More

Profile: Pepsi looks to plant-based plastics
Packaging News
PepsiCo says it is on a sustainable packaging journey and wants to reduce its reliance on oil-based plastic. Speaking from New York, PepsiCo's global beverage packaging vice president Denise Lefebvre talks to Liz Gyekye about PepsiCo's sustainable packaging agenda and what lies in store for the future. More

Shrink sleeves capture spirit of summer for Crystal Light
Packaging Digest
Crystal Light Mocktails in Appletini, Margarita, and Mojito flavors launches in fun and festive shrink-sleeve packaging. This new limited-edition product line aims to be an alternative to popular summer beverages by combining great taste and low calories, allowing consumers to enjoy the familiar flavors without the alcohol or excess calories. Crystal Light Mocktails is available nationally until Labor Day (Sept. 5, 2011).More

Neuroscience explains the emotional buy
Brand Packaging
Few would dispute that emotion plays an important role in packaging. In a world of overwhelming choice, with hundreds of products in each category, shoppers simply don't have time to consider all the options and can’t rely solely on rational, fact-based product comparisons. Instead, they sort through items quickly - and the packages that "break through" and make an immediate connection are most likely to end up in the shopping cart.More

MonoSol gets halal certification for its water-soluble films
Plastics & Rubber Weekly
MonoSol says that its MonoDose water-soluble films have been certified by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) as halal and thereby suited for use by Muslims. "We’re pleased to achieve this distinction," said MonoSol CEO Scott Bening. "IFANCA's certification acknowledges our products as conforming to the halal dietary and contact standards of the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims."More

Packaged milk to outsell 'loose' milk in developing world
Packaging News
The research entitled Tetra Pak Dairy Index [Fourth edition] also forecasts that India and China will drive the global consumption of liquid diary products (LDP), which is set to rise by 30 percent to 350 billion liters by 2020.More

Chinese firm launches honeycomb paper packaging for computers
Packaging Digest
Uni Core Holdings Corp., an aggressive 'company doctor' and 'incubator' of mid- to large-size companies in China, announced that, as of the first half of 2011, Suzhou Eastern Sunrise Paper Products Co., Ltd.of APT Paper Group, a wholly-owned company by UCHC, has replaced the traditional packaging technology with honeycomb paper technology, and become the overall product packaging supplier for ASUS, Inventec and BenQ. Focusing on the definition of electronic components and the vulnerable characteristic of computer products, Suzhou Eastern Sunrise developed an appropriate solution for overall computer packaging by using honeycomb paper technology.More

Food industry gets advice on labeling standards
Packaging Magazine
The Parliamentary for Health and Ageing, Catherine King, announced the start of a new service designed to help the food industry interpret the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.More

Hot (niche) brands
Brand Packaging
With a portfolio of more than 500 brands offering more than 3,500 beverages, The Coca-Cola Co. has expanded greatly since it poured its first Coke 125 years ago. But even with this vast portfolio, Coca-Cola continues to search for the next 'big thing,' charging its Venturing and Emerging Brands team to do just that.More

L&D Mouldings sells injection business to WPG
Plastics & Rubber Weekly
L&D Mouldings has sold its plastic injection moulding business to Bradford-based Weidenhammer UK, part of the Germany-based Weidenhammer Packaging Group (WPG). During the last 10 years, L&D Mouldings has been an important supplier of plastic over-caps and closures for WPG - the acquisition is therefore a good strategic fit.More

Recycled packaging used to create world's first cardboard vacuum cleaner
Packaging Digest
A British student has invented the world's first cardboard vacuum cleaner by using the recycled packaging of another model. Jake Tyler, an industrial design student of Loughborough University, took the venture of developing the innovative machine 'ev' as his final-year degree project.More

SABMiller could save AUS$11.8 million per year from lighter bottle top
Packaging Magazine
SABMiller, the firm looking to takeover the Foster's Group, claim they could make an annual saving of $12.6 million by converting to a new lighter bottle top. The cap was developed by Backus, a Peruvian subsidiary of SABMiller, and Packaging Product Peru.More

Recycling firms ratify rPET sleeve
European Plastics News
Sleever International says its PETsleeve, made of 100 percent recyclable PET resin, has been ratified by four recycling companies - Cleanaway in the UK, Unisort in Germany, Returpack in Sweden and Visy in Australia.More

Watson Standard acquires Electron Beam curing unit to satisfy demand
Flexible Packaging
Watson Standard recently acquired an Electron Beam curing unit.  The investment will serve to strengthen the Research and Development facility and capabilities of their Rigid and Flexible packaging divisions. The EB unit allows Watson Standard to continue its progression in aptly and expeditiously responding in the development of energy curable specialty coatings and their rising demand.More