PLACE Weekly Wrap-Up
Jul. 18, 2012

Coating matters: Discrete coating techniques and equipment
PFFC Online
In the world of coating technology, most of the time and energy is spent on coating a moving web to create roll stock of fluid-coated and cured materials. Spending time on this area of the converting market is well placed, but how about those companies interested in coating a single discrete item?More

Free webinar from TAPPI Binders & Additives Committee
On July 26, 2012 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern, the Binders & Additives Committee of the TAPPI NET (Nonwovens Engineers & Technologists) Division would like to invite you to participate in a free webinar

1. Learning about butadiene as a monomer – including from where we obtain this material and the markets into which it is used.
2. Investigating how butadiene is polymerized – including homopolymer properties, the most commonly used comonomers, and the benefits butadiene provides
3. Reviewing the markets into which butadiene containing emulsion copolymers are used
4. Understanding the contribution butadiene containing emulsion copolymer make to nonwoven applications – including choosing a latex, the benefits and versatility of butadiene copolymers, standard formulations and application techniques, interaction with aminoplasts and novalacs, and formaldehyde free binder systems using butadiene.

The presentation will focus on points one through three for the first half of the presentation with the remainder dedicated to the consideration of butadiene based latex binders for nonwovens.

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Mergers and acquisitions activity in packaging industry slips in first half of 2012, Mesirow Financial says
Packaging Digest
The first half of 2012 has seen a decline in global merger and acquisition (M&A) activity across most industry sectors and geographies, according to Mesirow Financial's just-released Packaging Perspectives report. More

We're going to need a bigger bath
Plastics & Rubber Weekly
Recycling business Eco Plastics has created a giant duck made from plastic bottles for London's Regents Canal Festival. "We consume 600,000 tonnes of plastic bottles every year, but less than half of this is collected for recycling," said the firm's managing director, Jonathan Short. "Not only is this a huge loss of valuable resource but a real barrier to our zero waste society ambitions." More

Commonly specified film attributes
Packaging World
A product's needs for functions - as discussed in the 2012 Flexible Packaging Playbook article, Common flexible packaging performance descriptions - can be described in general terms. More

Zeller caps Lornamead product
European Plastics News
Personal care specialist Lornamead is using a new hinge dispensing closure from Zeller Plastik for its relaunched Vosene shampoo and conditioner range. More

Asda to launch color-coded packs that show avocado ripeness
Packaging News
Asda is set to launch traffic-light coded packaging for avocados that will tell consumers how ripe the product is. The system allows shoppers to see the different stages of ripeness of the fruit. An avocado in a green box indicates that the fruit is ready to eat; orange shows it is almost ripe, while pink means it is not yet ripe. More

Less is more: Sustainable packaging solutions from Bischof + Klein
Packaging Europe
Up to 80 percent less material required thanks to high-performance flexible packaging. With its new developments, Bischof + Klein, a full-service supplier of flexible packaging and technical films, therefore actively supports its customers in reducing the use of packaging. More

Power cuts benefit plant's bottom line
Packaging Digest
Leading North American metal can manufacturer Silgan Containers has completed three power reduction projects at its plant in Sacramento, Calif., that have not only resulted in dramatic savings in electric power usage for the first year of the new system operations - but will continue in subsequent years and for the foreseeable future. More

Bag tax lobby in Northern Ireland 'scaremongering'
Plastics & Rubber Weekly
The Plastics 2020 Challenge, which includes the British Plastics Federation (BPF), the Packaging and Films Association (Pafa) and lobbying group PlasticsEurope, has slammed anti-bag campaigners in Northern Ireland for using "scaremongering" tactics. More

Organic tea producer selects cellulose-based packaging material
Packaging World
Lebensbaum, a company based in Germany, is a producer of organic tea, coffee, and herbs. It has built its success through pure-tasting ingredients, social responsibility, and ecological foresight. Introducing packaging materials based on renewable resources is part of the company's sustainability strategy. More

US pouch demand growing 5.1 percent annually
European Plastics News
U.S. demand for pouches should increase 5.1 percent annually and could reach nearly $9 billion (€7.4 billion) by 2016, according to a new market study. U.S. demand will grow to $8.8 billion (€7.2 billion) by 2016, compared to $6.8 billion (€5.6 billion) in 2011, spurred by pouches' advantages in sustainability, function and marketing over alternative packaging, according to a report from Cleveland-based Freedonia Group. More

Packaging sector will be 'quick' to respond to population changes
Packaging News
The packaging sector will be quick to respond to population changes in England and Wales and has a proven track record in doing so, according to industry experts. More

Kraft RRP for cream cheese yields 800,000-lb paper savings
Greener Package
New RRP for Philadelphia cream cheese bricks enhances ease of display by retailers, as well as consumer shoppability, while significantly reducing packaging materials.More

Pacific Natural Foods recognized for sustainability efforts
Packaging Digest
Pacific Natural Foods has received the Association of Oregon Recyclers' (AOR) 2012 Leadership in Sustainable Practices Award. Not given annually, the award is reserved to celebrate organizations that find solutions to materials management issues and far exceed sustainability performance of similar establishments. More

Eco Plastics gets Olympic performance boost
Plastics & Rubber Weekly
While the world is turning towards the Olympic Games for the sport this summer, one U.K.-based company is benefiting from the event to boost recycling. Eco Plastics, which is based in the U.K. and operates a plastics sorting facility, is making the most of the Olympics this year, collecting colorless PET waste from London 2012 Olympic venues and mixed PET from elsewhere to produce some 80 million bottles at its £15 million Continuum Recycling plant in Lincolnshire. More

Packaging materials move from petroleum to plant-based plastics
Packaging World
A durable, lightweight plastic that came of age in the late '70s and early '80s to contain carbonate soft drinks, traditional petroleum-based PET contains monoethylene glycol, or MEG, which accounts for up to 30 percent by weight of a container. (The remaining 70 percent of the total mass is purified terephthalic acid, or PTA.) More

c-LOW's green performance cuts carbon count
European Plastics News
Food packaging manufacturer Sharpak has extended the availability of its c-LOW low-carbon material across its protein packaging ranges for meat, fish and sausage trays. More

Brussels adopts End of Waste criteria for glass
Packaging News
Despite a lack of agreement over separate criteria for copper and paper, the European Commission (EC) has adopted new End of Waste criteria for glass. The criteria indicate that, for end of waste to be achieved, glass cullet must be of a suitable quality to be made into other glass bottles or products such as fiberglass. More

US demand for bioplastics to exceed 550 million lbs in 2016
Greener Package
New study predicts a 20 percent annual growth rate for bioplastics, with non-biodegradable bio-based resins representing more than two-fifths of volume demand. U.S. demand for bioplastics is forecast to climb at a 20 percent annual pace through 2016 to 550 million pounds, valued at $680 million. More

LGR-Reine Emballages: a new corrugating and laminating line and a large format equipment
Packaging Europe
The project of the 3rd production line on the Reine Emballages site, located in Veyziat (01, France), began in 2009 with the first extension of buildings. This first step gave rise to the possibility of setting up new equipments in optimal production and flow conditions. More

EU 27 collected 1.6 million tons of PET in 2011
Following a year-on-year gain of 6.5 percent last year, European post-sorting PET collection grew by 140,000 tons in 2011, reaching almost 1.6 million tons in total, the latest figures released by Petcore and the European Plastics Recyclers Association indicate. More