PLACE Weekly Wrap-Up
Jul. 22, 2015

3-D printing's future in packaging is promising
Packaging Digest
An exclusive survey provides an overview to the market status, forecast, advice and points to several unusual projects in the packaging market. Exclusive survey results for packaging’s role in 3-D printing indicates that while current activity in 3-D printing for packaging is limited, that will change due to increased investment in the technology as a near-term tipping point that will bring many more companies into using 3-D printing for packaging.More

Bericap sees lightweight closure growth
Food Production
Bericap has said the trend for lightweight closures is on the rise especially in the edible oil market. It said it sells more than 1 billion closures for the PET 26/21 bottle neck every year. The PET 26/21 bottle neck allowed a weight saving of as much as 1.37g compared with the PET 29/21 which had been dominant on the market, said the firm.More

Syrup brand benefits from digital UV Inkjet workflow
Canadian maple syrup producer 29 février is benefiting from a cost-efficient supply of labels in short runs for its premium product range thanks to the digital UV-inkjet printing capabilities of its newly appointed supplier, Multi-Action Labels, based in Québec City.More

Creative communication tips to help drive sales
Packaging Europe
It is a fact that good packaging design drives sales. Packaging is the face of your brand, your on-shelf advertising and, if well considered, provides standout on a crowded retail shelf. In practical terms, packaging assists consumers in identifying your brand whilst informing them of your product’s ingredients or contents. From an emotional perspective it intends to engage and make your product as attention grabbing and desirable as possible – writes Adrian Whitefoord, co-Partner of design consultancy Pemberton & Whitefoord.More

Industrial Inkjet goes commercial after successful pilot
Industrial Inkjet Ltd. reports the success of a pilot system at one of America’s biggest label companies has prompted it to go for a full commercial launch of a new super-fast version of its monochrome range ahead of Labelexpo Europe, Sept. 29 – Oct. 2, in Brussels, Belgium. The new HS range runs at 167 mpm, double the previous speed.More

How can identifying materials reduce packaging waste?
Packaging Digest
Waste characterization is a general term for the systematic identification and categorization of materials within a particular waste stream. In Europe, waste characterization is done by waste management companies through coding systems classified by both the European Waste Catalog, and the List of Waste.More

Navigating the way to structural packaging innovation
Packaging Europe
Getting to a new place with your packaging can be a lot like that. On one side, if your new package doesn't retain the identity and appeal of the old one – plus meaningful advantages – unhappy consumers can bite you. On the other side, if manufacturers can't or won't retool to produce it, your new package could be sunk before it even reaches the shelf.More

Runner-up, end of life: Parkside, compostable bag
Packaging Europe
The EU has set stringent targets for recycling of plastic packaging materials. However, flexible packaging materials are often unsuitable for recycling due to their multilayer lamination or co-extrusion nature, making it impossible for the recycler to separate the materials. U.K.-based Parkside wanted to fill this gap in the market and by developing a range of compostable products now has a credible alternative solution to landfilling: the first flexible multilayer laminates that can be disposed of in a home or industrial composting environment.More

Liqui-Box launches AquaPur film for water packaging
Packaging Business Review
U.S.-based flexible liquid packaging firm Liqui-Box has introduced AquaPur film to cater to the rising demand from bag-in-box water market. Developed by the company's research and development team, the AquaPur film is claimed to shield the product without compromising on the natural properties of water. Its multilayer structure constitutes anoutside layer, and an interior contact layer.More

Sun Chemical: Water-based board coatings for food contact
Packaging World
Sun Chemical’s new SunSys resistance coatings are a series of water-based coatings formulated to impart or enhance resistance properties to paper and board substrates while at the same time being FDA-compliant for direct food contact.More

Coffee capsules: A greener option?
Greener Package
While non-recyclable/non-compostable coffee capsules for single-serve brewing systems may be getting a lot of bad press due the massive amount of packaging waste they generate, a new study from PAC, Packaging Consortium tells a much greener story. In fact, it reports that single-serve coffee may be a better choice for the world’s environment than traditional brewed coffee for most coffee drinkers, especially when it comes to reducing food waste.More

Amcor acquires Indian flexible packaging company
Plastics Today
Amcor has acquired Packaging India Private Ltd. from Essel Propack, a publicly listed specialty packaging company, for $26.4 million. PIPL has three plants located in the North and South of India and produces flexible packaging products predominately for the food and personal care markets. The business services leading multinational and local customers and generates annual sales of approximately $40.0 million.More