PLACE Weekly Wrap-Up
Aug. 19, 2015

Scientists design technology to make PLA production process simpler
Food Production Daily
Polylactic acid is already a part of our everyday lives in biodegradable drinking cups and vegetable wrapping foil but it is not yet considered a full alternative to traditional petroleum-based plastics, because it costs so much to produce. As a result, researchers from the KU Leuven Center for Surface Chemistry and Catalysis have come up with a way to make the PLA production process more simple and waste-free.More

Looking for the best date code?
Packaging Digest
Date codes on food and beverage packages continue to be a source of confusion for consumers as they try to balance minimizing product waste with safe consumption. There are many ways to explain when your product should be used by, but a recent Packaging Digest survey revealed which phrase you prefer to use.More

Light shines negatively on next-gen PET bottles
Greener Package
A new research study conducted by Plastic Technologies, Inc., a global company involved in PET package development, found that exposing post-consumer bottles to ultraviolet light prior to recycling has a severe impact on the physical properties and visual attributes of next-generation, recycled PET bottles. Intrinsic viscosity, yellowing, and haze are among the attributes that provide challenges when using rPET along with virgin material.More

Challenge yields 200 ideas for better packaging
Food Processing
A challenge issued to the world’s designers to create better and more sustainable consumer packaging has resulted in almost 200 design proposals, covering everything from e-book covers to toilet paper packaging.More

Sun Chemical launches lamination adhesives in Latin America
Sun Chemical and its parent company, DIC, have launchedSunLam lamination adhesives range of products to the Latin America market. The SunLam family of lamination adhesives consists of water-based, solvent-free, and solvent-based products designed to meet the needs of all major flexible packaging applications, including lamination, aromatic retort, and film/food packagesMore

Bosch to exhibit 2-in-1 biscuit system at Pack Expo
Packaging Europe
Following a highly successful field test with leading international manufacturer of biscuits and cakes United Biscuits, Bosch Packaging Technology for the first time will showcase its innovative Two-in-One biscuit packaging system to the North American market at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2015. Launched at Interpack 2014, it is the first system of its kind capable of pack style changeovers from slug to pile packs in less than three minutes, offering unprecedented flexibility to biscuit manufacturers.More

MPI Release Launches Silicone Release Liners
MPI Release has launched a new line of silicone release liners, marketed under the trademark Ultra•Slick. These liners can be engineered to be multi-purpose, thereby serving a large cross section of pressure-sensitive adhesive applications, including general industrial usage, medical and healthcare applications, graphic arts (e.g., signage and labels), and single-sided, double-sided, and transfer tapes.More

Bulletproof redesigns Trebor mint packs
Packaging News
Bulletproof was tasked with creating a design that would celebrate the Mondelez International-owned mint’s rich heritage while packing a visual punch on shelf. Bulletproof said it reworked Trebor’s red star brandmark ensuring it became the "heart" of the identity. A spokesperson said the new design exudes energy, alluding to the intense and explosive flavors within. From the star itself, tonal plays on color are emitted from the shape, enhancing the illusion of movement with "shards of freshness."More

ASTM unveils new test for oxygen transmission in packaging
Packaging Business Review
ASTM International has devised a new test for measuring oxygen transmission rate through plastic packaging for food, pharmaceuticals and other products. The "F3136 Test Method for Oxygen Gas Transmission Rate through Plastic Film and Sheeting Using a Dynamic Accumulation Method," is applicable for film, sheeting, laminates, coextrusions and coated or uncoated papers or fabrics.More

Collaboration across the supply chain
Packaging Today
Everywhere you look these days, you see collaborations: Brands working with other brands (such as Johnnie Walker and Dunhill), brands working with artists and fashion designers (like Absolut and Coca-Cola), architects working with artists (like Frank Gehry collaborating with artists HENSE, Chris Lux and Maya Hayuk on Facebook's new headquarters at Menlo Park), and designers working with brands (like Nigel Coates and Lloyd Loom, or Jasper Conran and Stuart Crystal).More

This Milk In A Bag Makes Recycling As Easy As Possible
Fast Company
Danilo Makio’s milk carton is half-recycled before you even open it. His design takes a familiar idea — a bag of milk in a rigid jug — but opts to make the whole thing recyclable. The Re-Pack carton comes in two parts. An outer "jug" made from cardboard, plus an inner bio-plastic bag which contains the milk. Unlike regular Tetrabrik-style cartons, which need to have their parts separated before recycling, and then the actual carton processed with lots of water to reclaim its materials, Makio’s design is pre-separated. More

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