PLACE Weekly Wrap-Up
Dec. 17, 2014

Top 5 packaging trends for 2015
Greener Package
There are five major trends that will continue to deeply impact packaging and its associated industries in 2015: The growing importance of sustainability; the demand for supply chain transparency; the rise of new barrier/coating packaging technologies; continued emphasis on lightweight packaging; and the importance of delivering frustration-free packaging.More

Upcoming webinar: Evaluation of LLDPE Sealants and Structures for Ultrasonic Sealing
Want to learn more about Ultrasonic Sealing? Join us for a webinar titled Evaluation of LLDPE Sealants and Structures for Ultrasonic Sealing on Jan. 15, 2015 at 10 a.m. ET. This FREE webinar is sponsored by the TAPPI PLACE Division. Speakers include Dan Ward, NOVA Chemicals, Alexei Kazakov, NOVA Chemicals and Sophie Morneau, Branson Engineering.More

Bud Light's new packaging creates experiences
Packaging Digest
Lately, there has been talk on how variety and customization is playing an integral role in packaging across the food and beverage sector, especially as big brands are trying to compete against smaller brands who have caught the eyes of millennials who crave differentiation. Bud Light is jumping on the bandwagon by debuting a new bottle designed to see how "up for whatever" its fans really are. This is all part of the ongoing "The Perfect Beer for Whatever Happens" campaign that launched at the 2014 Super Bowl.More

What's next for packaging machine automation?
Automation World
It wasn't too many years ago that a debate was still raging among packaging machine builders and their customers about the value of servo motion control for packaging. But that debate is over. Servos are widely accepted, and machine builders and users are enjoying the benefits of fully mechatronic designs. With this enabling technology now so widespread, one wonders where the next significant increase in competitive advantage and performance can come from for packaging.More

Things to consider about adhesives in packaging
Packaging Digest
In packaging, adhesives are a significant expense — and a potential area for savings when done efficiently. Typically, you will be bonding major flaps (the outside larger flaps) to the inside minor flaps. It might not seem like a deal-breaking process, but it can be if you are unable to meet customer expectations or if you are wasting glue in an attempt to keep packages as secure as possible.More

Chemically-resistant film for high-barrier pharmaceutical applications
Packaging World
Exponent 2 is said to offer improved sealing characteristics over Barex due to easier-to-create hermetic seals and improved line speeds. ClearFoil, a barrier-coated polyester, is coextrusion coated with a non-crystalline polyester sealant to create Exponent 2. Pre-made or inline pouching, lidding, and flow wrap applications are anticipated to be the first commercialized package types. When compared to traditional foil-based high-barrier structures, Exponent 2’s reduced number of layers and gauge is said to offer cost-savings and create an improved environmental profile for a wide variety of pharmaceutical products.More

Ecover launches home care line in plant-based bottle
Packaging Digest
Ecover's new home care line has launched its eco-friendly brand in new sustainable packaging to mark its 35th anniversary. The green cleaning pioneer partnered with Sonoco to produce the plant-based plastic bottles. "As a leader in the green cleaning space, Ecover sought a packaging partner who could collaborate on sustainable packaging solutions and meet an aggressive commercialization timeline," says Andrew Moreno, procurement director, Ecover North America.More

Dow: Resin compatibilizer for use with barrier film scrap
Packaging World
The new resin compatibilizer from Dow is said to be giving millions of pounds of barrier film scrap a second chance at life. Based on a reactive ultra-low viscosity, RETAIN Polymer Modifiers 
allow pelletized barrier films, containing materials like ethylene vinyl alcohol or polyamide, to be more evenly dispersed into a polyolefin matrix.More

The smaller, the smarter: Small-sized packs hit on convenience and price
Industrial Baking & Snacks
Light-weight, smaller bakery and snack packages are more affordable and convenient for consumers, says Euromonitor International. "Small, single-serve flexible pack sizes are more affordable to buy and that is a tremendous advantage, considering that consumer spending in most of the Western European markets has declined in the last three years," he said.More

Touchcode ink technology customizes consumer, package interaction
Packaging Digest
A Sun Chemical partnership for conductive inks creates smart packaging that opens up new opportunities to create a "tailored consumer experience" through packaging. One result of T+Sun, a partnership between Sun Chemical and T+Ink, is Touchcode, an embedded code. When touched to a smart device, Touchcode activates a range of options, including security and web interaction. It also collects “unprecedented” data analytics about users’ purchasing habits.More

Packaging: Not suitable for children
Packaging Today
Throughout the development of packaging we find numerous points for consideration, for example, protective function, marketing aspects and logistical factors, but often there is a focus on the visual or ecological aspects too. Good packaging should do one good thing: It should be easy to open. The removal and dosage of the contents by the user should be achieved without any problems. The re-closure should also present no problems and ergonomics is a priority.More

Data predict significant growth for bioplastics to 2018
Packaging World
The results of European Bioplastics' annual market data update, presented at the 9th European Bioplastics Conference in Brussels in early December, confirm the positive growth trend of global bioplastics production capacities, according to the organization. "The market is predicted to grow by more than 400 percent in the mid-term," said François de Bie, Chairman of European Bioplastics.More

The biggest rebrands of 2014
Design Week
Design Week took a look at their coverage of the year's biggest design stories from brands spanning from clothing to food brands. The year started with a new identity for the Made in Britain campaign, created by The Partners. Made in Britain is an initiative to promote British-made products and the new identity replaced a previous logo that was designed after a student competition. The Made in Britain identity went on to win the identity design category at the 2014 Design Week Awards. More

Advances in nanotechnology can improve food safety and prep
Food & Beverage Development
A consumer backlash based on the fear of the unknown may have temporarily blocked marketing of nanotechnology in foods, but the ability to manipulate particles 100,000 times smaller than a strand of hair could improve food safety and prep, according to a Cornell University associate professor.More

Flip Bottle reaches prototype stage in high-barrier PET
Packaging Digest
This patented, all-in-one bottle and glass moves closer to commercialization in a prototype in the form of an oxygen-scavenging 187mL PET container. Learn more about this fascinating, one-of-a-kind package and find out what's next. Periodically over the past year and a half we have updated the saga of Vincent Allora, inventor and owner of the Flip Bottle, a unique, patented and one-of-a-kind container for wine and other beverages. Here are the latest developments regarding the invention starting with a newly created oxygen-scavenging prototype.More

Lids are 'often overlooked' in flexible packaging
Food Processing & Packaging
Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Bury has partnered with The Lake District Dairy Co. to produce polyester lids for its Quark stir-in sauces. The 50 micron polyester co-extruded lids cover a range of three products in eight colors. Ken Dunlop, sales manager, Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Bury, said he was seeing a growing trend towards polyester lidding, as opposed to foil, which has the barrier protection of foil and "tears" better and arguable makes print "stand out."More

Seabrook Crisps bag innovative pack from Macfarlane
Packaging News
The new crisp packs are the first design of their type in the snack market and have been created to allow crisp packets to be opened simply and shared easily and then resealed to maintain the freshness. The unique resealable label is being launched initially with 40g packs of Seabrook's Lattice range of crisps. Macfarlane's Reseal-it solution is a re-closable labelling system, which allows consumers to easily open products and reseal them again.More