PLACE Weekly Wrap-Up
Dec. 22, 2010

Top ten trends for 2011
Packaging Magazine
As we approach the close of 2010, Packaging Magazine predicts some of the trends and changes facing the industry for 2011.

Academics develop technology to recycle 'all plastic packaging'
Packaging News UK
Researchers are seeking investors in a new method for recycling mixed plastics that they claim can recycle 100 percent of all plastic packaging. Academics at Warwick University say that their process can cope with any type of plastic waste and will break some polymers back down to their original monomer state.More

Barrier bottle maintains clinical efficacy for nutritional products
Packaging Digest
As the formula can be affected by exposure to oxygen and UV light, Vegenat needed a bottle that would provide effective protection against these elements, while being suitable for sterilization during filling. The product is commonly used in hospitals and other health care environments, so it was also vital that the packaging could offer shatterproof and lightweight qualities for optimum safety and convenience.More

Green Guides for packaging and products get an update but still have gaps
Greener Package
Marketers often use labeling and advertising claims about the environmental benefits of their packaging or the products in them. So when the Federal Trade Commission announces proposed revisions to its Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims, or "Green Guides," it's big news for packaging.More

RPC Group set to acquire Superfos rival for €240 million
Plastics & Rubber Weekly
U.K.-based rigid packaging producer RPC Group announced that it has agreed to buy Danish packaging rival Superfos for €240 million. The Superfos business generated sales of €294.5 million and ebitda before non-recurring items of €52.3 million for the year to the end of December 2009. RPC Group, which generated sales for the year to April 2010 of £720 million and ebitda of £40.9 million, intends to finance the deal through a combination of a €90 million rights issue and debt (in the form of a €130 million loan). More

Peelable ends improve the opening of tuna cans
Packaging World
The ends allow for smooth and safe opening, a plus for guarding against sharp edges on cans, and provide convenience in a category where many packages frustrate consumers.More

Macpac completes £750 thousand investment plan
Packaging News UK
Thermoforming specialist Macpac has completed a £750,000 expansion program with the installation of two Illig machines. The Stockport, U.K.-based firm said the expansion would enable the firm to target the food industry with its range of bespoke packaging.More

Intelligent sensors in new i-dration bottles to provide hydration advice
Packaging Magazine
Product design and technology firm, Cambridge Consultants, has developed the i-dration drink bottle, a device that works in synchronization with a smartphone, to help sportspeople maintain levels of hydration.More

Paper and sustainability
Greener Package
Invented a long time ago and constantly improved over the course of many years, paper has come to be viewed as a quintessentially traditional packaging material. Revisiting the potential applications and advantages of this material may be beneficial in the current economic climate.More

Study: Global organic food, drinks market to near $60 billion this year
Packaging Digest
The global market for organic food and drink is recovering from the economic slowdown, with revenues projected to approach $60 billion this year. Although growth has slowed from previous years, revenues have expanded over three-fold from $18 billion in 2000.More

Christmas heralds crisp business for Sirane films
Plastics & Rubber Weekly
Packaging company Sirane is claiming a seasonal surge in demand for its Crisp It and Sira Crisp packaging films as the Christmas season advances and the international trade in packaging materials intensifies.More

Co-packer puts Sunkist brand front and center
Packaging World
A hot-fill standup pouch with a patented dispensing feature is just one of the innovative packaging formats that Protica is launching under the well-known Sunkist brand.More

Low charges not volume growth behind Huhtamaki 'positive profit warning'
Food Production Daily
Huhtamki said its decision to reveal for the first time in 2010 a definite forecast for its full year EBIT did not signal a huge jump in its operating profits or a change in the overall economic environment. More