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Hocker North America


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Hocker North America
February 2018  

Discover Energy Savings
from Hocker North America


Core Shredders

Imagine shredding a core in 21 seconds. Now you can!

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Spec Rundown:

  • Easy on & off functionality or can be kept on for continuous operation
  • 120 cardboard cores per hour (3 meters in length)
  • Equipped with feeder- automatically drawing in cardboard cores
  • Feeder has a diameter of 7.5
  • Minimize storage costs by integrating shredded cores into regular disposal costs
  • Frequency 22kW (30 horsepower) motor that drives the cutting unit & avoids start up energy peaks.
  • Frequency controls lower power consumption by 15%
  • Quick amortization rate of approximate 2 year (about 1600 cores/month)


PHSH Shredder with Core Entry:

Everything you need to save time & money

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Our Energy Saving Strategy:

  • Multiple fan system automatically ramps up to the proper CFM required per production run. This system then automatically turns down the CFM as machines turn offline.
  • Ie3 Fans help lower operating costs and increase saving costs
  • Capability to adapt the filter to fit future needs. Add more clean air fans without purchasing another filter.
  • Material separators separate the clean air from the waste material, allowing companies to return heat back into the building at a (99.9%) filter rate.
  • Customizable filters can be configured to any width, length, or height depending on customers needs.
  • Completely Designed and Installed by Hocker North America (one stop shop).
  • Quick fit ducting allows you to move machines around efficiently, while limiting time and labor expenses.
  • Fully integrated control cabinet with access for remote diagnostic.
  • Drastically reduce recycling costs with our integrated briquetter systems and core shredding technologies.

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Are You In?

Start saving time, money and energy today! Give Ben a call at 616-881-3328 or email him at to learn about the maximum savings available for your company.


Why Hocker?

Hocker North America is your one stop shop for state of the art green tech. Hocker is proud to be the leading corrugated dust collection company in all of Europe for the past 20 years. Featuring German Engineering, Hocker North America brings exclusive products & services to the United States!

Hocker North America can handle every aspect of an efficient, integrated, dust collection system from design to ducting to collection to waste management (briquetting). Our experienced and helpful sales team will work with your company to create custom solutions, designed specifically to meet your company’s individual needs.

Hocker North America offers products with extensive energy and cost saving advantages. Our state of the art products provide competitive advantage and an increase ROI.

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