TAPPI's Caught in the NET
Oct. 9, 2012

Can textile additives save lives?
Textile World Magazine
Yes, they can. But let's start from the beginning - and with a question: Do you know SAP? Yes, you may say, this is computer software. Yes, but not this time. SAP here means superabsorbent polymers, which are mainly used for disposable nonwovens such as baby diapers. SAPs are probably one of the least known components in the entire textile industry - if the nonwovens industry is considered to be part of that sector.More

Free webinar from TAPPI Binders and Additives Committee
On Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2012 at 2 p.m. eastern the Binders & Additives Committee of the TAPPI NET (Nonwovens Engineers & Technologists) Division would like to invite you to participate in a free webinar on acrylic chemistry. This presentation will be given by Maureen Nunn and Melinda Einsla of Dow Chemical. It is appropriate for a diverse audience and attendance to previous TAPPI webinars is not needed, nor is chemical degree. The presentation will cover a brief review of polymerization and focus on the use of Acrylic polymers in the textile nonwovens area. Register today!More

Textile manufacturer opening plant in Rome
The Associated Press via The Sacramento Bee
A New Hampshire textile manufacturer plans to open a new $15 million manufacturing and distribution facility in northwest Georgia. Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal said recently that Foss Manufacturing Co. is expected to create 150 new jobs over three years. Foss makes nonwoven fabrics and specialty synthetic fibers.More

Ahlstrom's Brazilian wipes sale delayed
Nonwovens Industry
The transfer of Ahlstrom's Brazilian's wipes operation has been postponed once again. Although the company aniticpated that the transfer, which had been delayed already, would take place in the third quarter, not all of the necessary permits have been issued by Brazilian authorities.More

LyondellBasell launches new fifth-generation PP catalysts
LyondellBasell announced the launch of a new family of fifth-generation non-phthalate catalysts for polypropylene production. These catalysts will be sold under the existing Avant trade name and complement the company's well-established third-, fourth- and fifth-generation Ziegler-Natta PP catalysts.More

Bondex to expand Trenton, S.C., operations, add 13 Jobs
TextileWorld Magazine
Bondex Inc. - a Trenton, S.C.-based producer of thermally bonded nonwoven materials for filtration and separation, medical, composites, and electrical and business machine substrates, among other applications - will invest $6.4 million to expand its operations, adding 13 jobs in the process. More

CaviWipes1 next generation disinfectant wipe
TotalCare announces the launch of an all-new next generation surface disinfectant wipe, CaviWipes1. The all-new CaviWipes1 are the only low-alcohol surface disinfectant/cleaner wipes that offer materials compatibility with a kill time of one-minute for TB and all other labeled organisms.More

3M laminating bulker offers ease of use, increased efficiency
3M introduces 3M Laminating Bulker, offering outstanding properties for fiberglass construction applications. With high conformability on compound curves, excellent print-blocking capabilities and low resin consumption, 3M Laminating Bulker provides ease of use along with a host of other qualities designed to help fabricators increase efficiency.More