TSRA Weekly NewsBrief
Jan. 29, 2015

Downsize your rifle load
Field & Stream
The author has shot a great many animals with modest rifle rounds, and looking upon the slain critters that could not have been bashed flatter if he'd dropped a safe on them, he's wondered: why on earth would any hunter need more gun? Power has its place. If you'd like to dance in the alder thickets with a brown bear, you want lots of it.More

'American Sniper' widow speechless after rifle raffle
For another weekend, moviegoers will be glued to their seats, watching the grit and turmoil of Chris Kyle, the real-life character portrayed in "American Sniper." But for Kyle's widow, Taya, the blockbuster hit is all too real. Fortunately, she's not alone. Friday, Taya was left searching for words after the nonprofit organization AmericanSnipers.org awarded her family $62,000 from its successful rifle raffle. The group auctioned off five rifles from its site. One of the rifles was a replica of the McMillan .338 Lapua sniper rifle that Kyle used in combat, which Taya signed.More

3 rules: Shotguns as investments
Outdoor Life
How many investments can you name that virtually guarantee a sizable return on your money while offering the added bonus of pride of ownership? Buying antique automobiles might be one, and collecting fine art is certainly another, but if you didn't say gun collecting, you missed one of the surest bets around. But first, what is a gun collector? More

Top 3 best bunny guns
Outdoor Life
You can hunt rabbits with just about any shotgun, but the three in this article are perfect for the briar patch. For example, you might not immediately associate the Weatherby name with rabbit hunting, but there are few guns better for busting bunnies than the SA-08. More

How to prepare for deer season in January and February
By John McAdams
Right now, deer season is over for virtually every hunter in the U.S. Some of us were fortunate enough to bag a deer this year. For others, well, there's always next year. Regardless of whether you were successful this deer season, now is not the time to rest — quite the contrary. Scouting and preparation done in January and February can pay off significant dividends in the upcoming deer season. Continue reading to find out what you should be doing now to prepare for deer season next year.More

Texas leads country in guns surrendered at airports
When it comes to guns left behind at the nation's airports, everything is bigger in Texas. Six Texas airports were in the top 20 on the Transportation Safety Administration‘s list for firearms discovered at checkpoints.More

Great new optics for 2015
Rifle Shooter Magazine
It's no secret that 2014 saw a sizable slump in gun sales and gun-related equipment sales. It was inevitable; folks stretched their purchasing budgets during the 2011 to 2013 buying frenzies, and last year spending had to convalesce. As a consumer, there's a silver lining: Manufacturers put the wizards in their research and development departments to work, tasking them to produce exciting new products that offer previously unheard-of features in order to drive future sales. Optics benefited. Across the board various manufacturers stepped up their game, rolling out advancements and features that make their new products honestly attractive. More

New turkey hunting regulations proposed by TPWD
Lone Star Outdoor News
The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is considering closing spring eastern turkey hunting in 11 East Texas counties, restructure the season in two other counties and extend the youth-only fall turkey season. The recommendations are among a brief slate of proposed turkey hunting regulation changes for 2015.More

Make mine a pump: The quick-firing Remington 7600 holds its own
What have been the most popular, most successful deer rifles of the smokeless powder cartridge era? I'd have to say the Winchester and Marlin lever actions, first sold back in the 1890's and still made today, in somewhat revised form.More

Ruger shows off the new Ruger 22/45 Lite pistol
Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc., the leader in rimfire semi-automatic pistols, is excited to announce the addition of a new Ruger 22/45 Lite pistol for 2015. The Ruger 22/45 Lite was first introduced in 2012, combining the lightweight precision-molded Zytel polymer grip frame of the Ruger 22/45 with an aerospace-grade, aluminum receiver.More