TSRA Weekly NewsBrief
Aug. 28, 2014

Women become increasingly involved in gun groups
News21 via The Center for Public Integrity
More women than ever before own guns. Nearly 79 percent of firearms retailers reported an increase in female customers between 2011 and 2012, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation. From this surge in popularity comes classes, specialized apparel, custom firearms, shooting-group memberships and conferences for women.More

Want to get better at shooting? Start competing
For many people, competitive shooting seems as distant from their skill level as the NFL is from Peewee league, but that's not normally the case. Shooters needn't be intimidated by competitive shooting sports, as many of them are both inexpensive to get into, and feature divisions that cater to shooters of all skill levels. The most important part when starting out, is to pick the shooting sport that a shooter both enjoys the most, and lends itself to the shooter's skillset. No matter what discipline you excel at, there is a shooting sport for you.More

Texas Parks and Wildlife to bar permanent duck blinds at Caddo Lake WMA
The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is planning to prohibit permanent duck blinds on the Caddo Lake Wildlife Management Area. The department said in a recent press release that the move, effective during the 2015-16 waterfowl season, will resolve escalating public use conflicts and natural resource issues.More

Fact or fiction: Steel vs. lead shot
Shooting Times
When lead shot was first banned for waterfowl hunting on a national scale in 1991, manufacturers scrambled to provide a non-toxic shot with ballistics comparable to lead. The results — as hunters who experienced this transition might attest — sometimes fell short of that mark. Steel remains the most common non-toxic shot, but hunters still complain about its performance, as well as crippled birds and missed opportunities.More

National 4-H shooting competition committed to Grand Island, Nebraska, through 2020
The Grand Island Independent
Grand Island will host the National 4-H Shooting Sports Invitational through 2020. Dates for the event have been extended four more years beyond the previous agreement. The event has been in Grand Island in 2008, 2009 and 2012 through 2014.More

Texas officials predict memorable dove season
San Antonio Express-News
Good news for hunters and bad news for doves: The Texas Parks and Wildlife department projects a memorable dove-hunting season this year. Both mourning and white-winged dove populations have increased since last year, meaning a "good" season, according to a news release.More

Hunting regulations for 2014-15 reflect healthy duck populations
Houston Chronicle
Barely a week away from the Sept. 1 opening of dove season in most of Texas and ahead of the Sept. 13 opening of teal season, the state's 300,000 or so wingshooters saw the final pieces in their annual planning puzzle fall into place this. During its recent meeting at Houston's Museum of Natural Science, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission approved agency staff's recommendations for dates, bag limits and other rules governing the 2014-15 hunting seasons for ducks, geese and sandhill cranes.More

'Pull!': Clays beware, the ladies are coming
CBS News
Numerous studies show that women are taking up guns for a lot of reasons — many for self-defense. But there's another group who see it more as a sport, CBS News correspondent Jan Crawford reports. It starts with a simple but decisive command: "Pull." The voices calling the shots, like the shooters, all are women. Just don't mistake their support and encouragement for a lack of competition.More

Browning's new hunting rifle is innovative, accurate and affordable
Guns Magazine
Is there a more famous name than John Browning in the firearms business? Not likely, and the icon has long since left us. Just the use of his name doesn't make any firearm outstanding, but from my experience, whoever is running the show seems to be holding up their end. Browning has many examples, and the company's new A-Bolt 3 rifle is a perfect fit for the average hunter.More

Houston Safari Club provides grant to NRA Foundation
Lone Star Outdoor News
The Houston Safari Club is stepping up to help youth hunters. Houston Safari Club has provided a grant to The NRA Foundation in support of their Youth Hunter Education Challenge program. The grant was specifically provided through HSC’s affiliate organization, The American Conservation and Education Society (ACES). More

These could be some inconvenient crime statistics for gun control advocates
The Blaze
Chicago's crime rate has dropped since Illinois became the 50th state in the nation to adopt a concealed carry law last year, the Washington Times reported. Robberies are down 20 percent this year, according to Chicago Police Department statistics. Burglaries are also down 20 percent, while motor vehicle thefts are down 26 percent.More

Honoring legendary gunwriter Bob Milek
Guns & Ammo
Many of today's shooting enthusiasts aren't familiar with one of the greatest gunwriters of all time, Bob Milek. During the 60s, 70s and 80s, Milek brought a new level of energy and expertise to the shooting community. Over the course of Milek's distinguished career, his byline appeared in most sporting periodicals, and he held staff positions at Guns & Ammo, Shooting Times, and Petersen's Hunting.More

Women become increasingly involved in gun groups
News21 via The Center for Public Integrity
More women than ever before own guns. Nearly 79 percent of firearms retailers reported an increase in female customers between 2011 and 2012, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation. More

So, really, where is the .22 rimfire ammo?
American Rifleman
The major domestic ammunition makers have been producing more ammunition than ever. They are all up in terms of total production — double, and in some areas, triple-digit increases. They are all running three shifts. And when it comes to center-fire cartridges, at least of three of the big makers are caught up and beginning to load either new products, line extensions or specialty loads.More

About that time: 2014-15 Texas hunting and fishing licenses on sale Aug. 15
Lone Star Outdoor News
New licenses for the 2014-15 hunting and fishing seasons go on sale Friday, August 15. The current year Texas hunting and fishing licenses (except year-to-date fishing licenses) will expire Aug. 31.More