TSRA Weekly NewsBrief
Sept. 8, 2011

4-H shooting sports program builds character, survey says
Texas Agrilife
When asked, 4-H kids said that of all the activities available to them, shooting sports is the biggest character builder, according to a Texas AgriLife Extension Service 4-H leader. "In an evaluation that 4-H members filled out themselves, shooting sports ranked as the activity that most increased six leadership abilities, based on their level of confidence in those areas," said Luis Saldana, AgriLife Extension program specialist.More

SB 321: Spotty understanding for the new law
If you work for a Texas company and recently received information from your employer regarding your right to have a firearm in your vehicle while parked in your employer's parking lot, TSRA's Alice Tripp would like to know and would also like to see the document. Most companies have moved toward complying with Final Version of SB 321, which became law on Sept. 1. This law protects the jobs of Texans wanting to have a firearm in their vehicle. It allows all firearms and ammunition and most industry employees are protected, with or without a concealed handgun license. The exceptions, which are not exclusions, are within the gas and oil industry.

Remember the issue was heavily opposed for a number of sessions and industry lawyers are still working to discover and create loopholes and hurdles impacting the new law. These struggles are not specific to Texas and have been the case in every state that passed a similar bill.More

No shooting this go-round for renewing instructors
This fall, Texas Concealed Handgun Instructors are in various stages of renewing their instructor credentials. Some have completed their online application, others have taken the online exam, many have done both, and yet others are waiting. Everyone has been waiting to be told the details of how, with the new online renewal process in place, instructors would go about qualifying on a shooting range.

Soon all DPS-certified Texas Concealed Handgun Instructors will receive a packet of information with the detailed answer to this question and more. However, the really good news is that beginning with this year's 2011 renewal group, instructors will demonstrate range proficiency every other renewal.

This means renewing instructors in good standing will not be required to demonstrate handgun proficiency this year. The few who might be required to demonstrate proficiency have recently lapsed credentials. These few will be notified seperately.

All questions about future range qualifications will be answered with materials in the packets. Don't fret.

So Texas Instructors, get your online business taken care of.

DPS has two classes scheduled in October to certify new instructors as the program continues to grow. We currently have 2,680 active CHL instructors and 505,208 active Texas licensees. More

Time for new hunting and fishing licenses
Whether you hope for a place to dove hunt, teal hunt, or fish for shark, you better pick up that license. Don't test the water and be fined.

Members, stay tuned for information about a National CHL Reciprocity Bill moving in Congress later this fall. We'll let you know when and who to call.

Remember TSRA is the NRA state affiliate but our money and our power comes from Texans. Join, renew, or up-grade your membership at www.tsra.com or call 512-615-4200 during regular business hours.More

Contribute to TSRA members impacted by deadly fires
Because of months of severe drought and high winds, wildfires have spread quickly, especially over the Labor Day weekend. In areas around Bastrop, Spicewood, Lake Travis, Leander and many other Central Texas sites, the devastation continues. At Bastrop State Park, all but 100 acres of the 6,000-acre park were charred. The Bastrop fire has destroyed nearly 900 houses and, at the time of this release, was only about a third contained. The fires have not been limited to Central Texas, either. In 2011, Texas has been hit by fires that have burned an area the size of Connecticut!More

Excise taxes create enormous annual return on investment to outdoors
Southwick Associates
An analysis conducted by Southwick Associates and Andrew Loftus Consulting for the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies found that federal excise taxes collected on the sale of hunting and shooting equipment represented an approximate 1,100 percent annual return on investment to manufacturers between 1970 to 2006 and taxes collected on sport fishing equipment generated a striking annual ROI of 2,157 percent between 1955 and 2006. More

Camerons Custom's Garcia tops USPSA Area 4 Open race shoot-out
With five stage wins, Camerons Custom Guns' Eddie Garcia of Mesa, Ariz., took an early lead in the Open division contest at the U.S. Practical Shooting Association's Area 4 Handgun Championship in Wichita Falls, Texas, and held on to take the title with a final score of 1434.1737. Team Rudy Project's Edwin Garcia of Pearland, Texas, finished third with 1361.6795 points.More

Olympic airgun team trials: Programs and registration now available!
USA Shooting
Olympic Team Trials for air rifle and air pistol will be held in two stages. Olympic Airgun Trials Part 1 will be held Dec. 2-4 in Anniston, Ala. at the Civilian Marksmanship Program-North facilities. The second trial will be held Feb. 24-26, 2012, at the CMP's South facility in Camp Perry, Ohio. The Olympic Team selection will be the aggregate of the four match courses and two best finals.More

Texas migratory bird hunting report
Ducks Unlimited
Most of Texas is dreadfully dry, especially the coast. Unless you have access to water wells or second-cropped rice fields, you probably do not have water to hunt teal. Due to the drought, Lower Colorado River Authority canals are limiting water usage on the coast to agricultural practices only and not "duck water."More

New national delegates selected for NSCA
National Sporting Clays Association
Voting has closed and results are in for NSCA's 2012-13 national delegates. Each state's number of delegates is determined by the number of NSCA members in that state. Terms are for two years. The newly-elected delegates assume office on Jan. 1, 2012, and conclude Dec. 31, 2013.More

Compete against the nation's top shooters
National Wild Turkey Foundation
Top shooters from around the world will converge at the NWTF's headquarters to prove who is the best at still-target shooting. Still-target shooting simulates turkey hunters shooting a wild turkey gobbler at 40 yards. Winners are determined by the number of pellets a shooter is able to put in a 3-inch circle in the kill zone of a gobbler's head on a paper target. More

Video: FNH SC-1 over/under shotgun
Guns & Ammo
Chris Chambers from FNH USA provides an exclusive look at the company's first attempt at a competition level shotgun. The new FN SC-1 over/under shotgun touts classic Belgian-made tubes and a Winchester 101 platform modified for the competitive shooter, a 28-inch chrome lined, ported barrel and a laminate blue stock. More

Elk calling champ: Follow the 'ARC' to hunting success
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
You might expect a top elk caller to focus his hunting advice on proper call selection, volume, tone, timing or teamwork. But the winner of the 2011 Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation/Leupold World Elk Calling Championships says perhaps the most critical step to calling in elk is how you set-up to intercept an approaching bull. Corey Jacobsen of Boise, Idaho, is the reigning and 3-time world champion elk caller, as well as a consistently successful bowhunter. More