TSRA Weekly NewsBrief
Dec. 27, 2012

What the left won't tell you about the boom in US gun sales
From Aug. 23, 2012: As gun sales surged in early 2009, the going joke among employees of gun manufacturers was that President Barack Obama was the "greatest gun salesman of all time." The trouble with this backhanded complement, however, is left-leaning news outlets have since used it to avoid something that really scares them.More

Compact .45 handgun a breakthrough
Las Vegas Review-Journal
From Feb. 9, 2012: One of the frustrations faced by folks with concealed weapons permits is finding a gun that packs the punch they want, hits where they aim and is still easily concealable. When it comes to punch, many shooters prefer a .45 automatic Colt pistol but tend to shy away from the caliber when contemplating a firearm for concealed carry purposes or home defense.More

UN gun control treaty will reveal gun laws Obama really supports
Fox News
From July 19, 2012: Sometime later this week, the U.N. will finally unveil its Arms Trade Treaty. The exact date the treaty will be released is a secret. Russia, China, France — with its new Socialist government — Britain and the Obama administration are writing the treaty behind closed doors. Yet even if the final treaty is being kept under wraps, we still have a pretty good idea of some of the requirements that will be in it. More

US military snipers are changing warfare
USA Today
From May 17, 2012: When Marine Sgt. Jonathan Charles' unit arrived in Afghanistan, the American troops faced an entrenched enemy that picked a fight with the Marines almost every time they stepped off base. "They couldn't get outside the wire more than 50 meters before it was a barrage of fire," said Charles, a scout sniper. The Marine battalion quickly dispersed well-camouflaged scout sniper teams throughout the area. More

Federal judge severely limits Second Amendment rights
Daily Caller
From March 1, 2012: Over the last few years, the Second Amendment has experienced somewhat of a rebirth, thanks largely to a pair of Supreme Court decisions: District of Columbia v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago. In these seminal decisions, the Supreme Court affirmed the understanding of the Founding Fathers that there is indeed an individual right to keep and bear arms, a God-given right to protect oneself that is guaranteed to us in the Second Amendment to our Constitution. More

Holder tells Congress that Obama wants to ban guns
From Feb. 16, 2012: U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder recently appeared before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to answer questions about his role in the deadly "Fast and Furious" gun-running scandal. However, instead of answers, Congress got more defiance, more arrogance and more wasted time with an attorney general who clearly feels no sense of obligation to the American people or our rule of law. More

Senior citizen shoots armed robbers at Internet cafe
Guns & Ammo
From July 19, 2012: On July 13, 71-year-old Samuel Williams was at the Palms Internet Cafe in Marion County, Fla., with his wife. Williams, a concealed carry permit holder, was armed with a .380 pistol. When two 19-year-old masked robbers entered the business brandishing a pistol and a baseball bat, and carrying a large bag, Williams must have known that his decision to draw his pistol and engage the armed robbers would be potentially life-changing. More

Firearms industry responds to Mexican president's calls for US gun control
National Shooting Sports Foundation (blog)
From Feb. 23, 2012: Last week, Mexican President Felipe Calderon unveiled a large sign with the English message "No more weapons!" on a Mexican bridge facing El Paso, Texas. Calderon used the unveiling of this sign to call for additional gun control measures in the United States, including the reinstitution of a ban on modern sporting rifles. More

9 new handguns for 2012
Guns & Ammo
From Jan. 19, 2012: It's 2012, and despite the impending end of the Mayan calendar, this year is shaping up to be a stellar year for new handguns. Every manufacturer out there is acutely aware that carry guns are the new norm, that we all want something light, powerful, easy-to-carry and not expensive. And that we are more than willing to move down the gun-shop counter until we find what we want. More

What President Obama says he'll do to your gun rights
From Oct. 25, 2012: During the second presidential debate, a participant, Nina Gonzalez, asked President Barack Obama, "President Obama, during the Democratic National Convention in 2008, you stated you wanted to keep AK-47s out of the hands of criminals. What has your administration done or planned to do to limit the availability of assault weapons?"More