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Jan. 29, 2014

Industry trade groups sign R2R info agreement
Tire Business
Four major auto and aftermarket associations have signed a memorandum of understanding to ensure reasonable access to auto repair and diagnostic information to all independent repair shops and do-it-yourself vehicle owners nationwide. The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, the Association of Global Auto Makers, the Automotive Industry Aftermarket Association and the Coalition for Automotive Repair Equality announced the MOU Jan. 22, setting the stage to settle a disagreement that's been active for more than a decade.More

NHTSA opens probe into brake failures of Toyota Camry hybrid sedans
The Baltimore Sun
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened a probe into intermittent brake failure in the 2007 and 2008 Toyota Camry hybrid sedan. Dozens of consumers have complained to the agency about the problem, asking it to force Toyota Motor Corp. recall the cars. The agency recently said it would look into reports of delayed braking and brake failure from owners of the vehicle. The problem could affect up to 30,000 cars. NHTSA said it has had 59 complaints, including two reported accidents.More

Marketing opportunity missed: What about winter tires?
Modern Tire Dealer
A great deal of the United States is going through what feels like a mini ice age, with freezing temperatures and ice and snow on the roads. In some states, the temperatures are below zero, even before taking the wind-chill factor into effect. So to help keep drivers safe in what the Weather Channel and others are overhyping as a "winter vortex," one metropolitan Cleveland, Ohio, independent tire dealer recently went before the cameras to spread the gospel.More

Why company culture is so important
By Erica Cohen
Company culture. While it's become the center of attention in many discussions about how to build a successful company, does everyone who talks about company culture actually understands what it means and how to create and maintain an authentic one? More

5 risks to your business not in plain sight
Fox Small Business
Disasters come in many shapes and sizes, which means it's not enough to prepare for natural disasters, but small business owners today also must think about what they will do if they lose key employees, are the victims of fraud or see their computer systems compromised.More

Be a leader in your industry: Help others
Think about the qualities that define industry leaders. They are knowledgeable, well-connected, credible, and amiable — among other things. And, because of these traits, they're always in a position to help others in the industry.More

NRF outlines commitment to protecting consumer data from attack
Tire Review
The National Retail Federation recently sent a letter to congressional leaders outlining the retail industry's commitment to protecting sensitive consumer data following recent cyberattacks and thefts. The letter restated the industry's support for a transition from current credit and debit cards to cards that would store data in an embedded computer micro-chip and require the use of a PIN rather than a signature.More

The good news, bad news, ideas to jump-start 2014 business tax planning
Business owners, in particular, have come to realize they missed the opportunity for some 2013 tax savings and have vowed to get ahead of these tax issues in their 2014 business planning. Compounding what some call their "taxpayer's remorse" is confusion. Forty of the 500 provisions in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act amend or add provisions to the U.S. tax code. To help in the effort of making smart tax choices proactively, the following offers a look at the 2014 playing field for taxes. More

Light vehicle sales goal: Top 16 million mark
Rubber News
Sixteen million is back — and it's likely to stick around for quite a while. New U.S. light vehicle sales are widely expected to surpass 16 million in 2014 for the first time since 2007, the culmination of a long recovery from the disastrous recession. The U.S. auto industry posted light vehicle sales of 15.6 million units in 2013, an 8 percent gain over 2012, according to industry data. So to reach 16 million, sales will need to rise 3 percent in 2014.More

Modern Tire Dealer Facts Issue: Size popularity contest
Modern Tire Dealer
What tire sizes should you keep in inventory? That is a question every tire dealer asks himself or herself regularly. Each dealership has its own demographics. However, a list of the most popular original equipment tire sizes from two years ago can't hurt in your decision-making. According to the Rubber Manufacturers Association, as published in the 2014 Modern Tire Dealer Facts Issue, the most popular OE sizes in the United States in 2011 were as follows.More