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Study: Expect auto recalls to remain high in 2015
NBC News
If 2014 was the "Year of the Recall," 2015 will be following close behind. Stout, Risius and Ross, a financial advisory firm, released its second annual automotive industry warranty and recall study suggesting that the federal government is getting better at determining when there is a problem and getting automakers to take action, which will mean more recalls than normal this year. Another year with 63.9 million vehicles recalled shouldn't happen nor should a replay of last year's type of recalls where two large events dominate the recalls. More

Demand for premium, Tier 1 tires on the rise
Modern Tire Dealer
Demand for replacement tires is higher than it was a year ago, and tire dealers report customers are choosing premium, Tier 1 tires over other less expensive products in the market. The monthly Tire Demand Index report from Northcoast Research Holdings LLC in Cleveland notes the index has been in expansionary territory for 17 of the past 19 months. "These findings reinforce our confidence that the domestic replacement market is in the midst of a volume recovery cycle."More

Goodyear's concept tires highlight how everything is getting smarter
At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona all the chatter revolves around smart watches, phones and other devices that are supposed to inspire gadget lust. About 387 miles away in Geneva, Goodyear is outlining its concept smart tires. Simply put, everything is getting smarter by the minute and dueling conferences — Mobile World Congress and the Geneva Auto Show — highlight the trend.More

Senate bill wants recall vehicles fixed before registration
Cars or trucks subject to industry recalls would have to be repaired before the vehicles could be registered under a new bill introduced in the U.S. Senate on March 2. The legislation, sponsored by Democratic Sens. Edward Markey of Massachusetts and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, is the latest congressional response to the deadly defects in General Motors Corp.'s ignition switches and Takata Corp.'s air bag inflaters, which have prompted millions of recalls.More

Tire dealership owner faces 99-year sentence
Tire Review
Following a drug raid at a tire dealership in Edinburg, Texas, the store’s owner is facing felony drug charges for selling cocaine to drive-thru motorists, according to media reports. The owner of Joe’s Tire Shop was charged with possession with intent to distribute more than four but less then 200 grams of cocaine, a first degree felony. According to local reports, his bond was set at $50,000.More

Texas Supreme Court seat belt ruling adds 'hurdle' for injured plaintiffs
Autobody News
A recent Texas Supreme Court ruling overturned a four-decade old law which made evidence of not wearing a seat belt invalid in auto collision. This suit adds another hurdle for injured plaintiffs, says one local veteran trial lawyer. On Feb. 13, the high court squashed the previous 1974 ruling, which offered "plaintiffs safe harbor from the harshness of an all-or-nothing scheme that barred recovery for even the slightest contributory negligence," the court’s opinion read. More

Charitable planning: How to donate and get tax breaks for giving
By David B. Mandell, JD, MBA, and Carole Foos, CPA
The will to give is strong in many people, including tire store and service owners [collision repair professionals]. As a society, we cherish the right to give to the charitable institutions of our choice. The will to give is what we refer to as "charitable intent." We want to give. Often, the biggest hurdles to giving are that we do not know how to give or we assume that our family will suffer as a result of our giving. Our goal here in this article, is to show you a few ways to make such gifts in a tax-savvy manner.More

11-step replacement shocks, struts
Tire Review
Springs and struts are prone to a few suspension issues, especially in the harsher northern climates. The front strut bearings can start creaking and then bind up, and we’ve seen more than a few front and rear coil springs break due to corrosion. So, let’s discuss what you can look for when one of these vehicles comes into your shop. Most of the time the customer complaint will be, “I hear a rattle in the front over bumps.” We’ve all heard those complaints and usually we’ll find loose sway bar links or worn ball joints or tie rod ends.More

A cautionary tale: Safety first
Tire Review
Sean Phillips writes, "Of course, it had to happen while I was out of the shop running an errand. Frankly, if I had been there it never would have happened in the first place. One of the services my wheel repair shop provided was the welding of certain cracked wheels, if the weld could be done safely. We used a vendor for the welding itself, an expert at TIG welding aluminum alloys. Once the wheel was welded, we would carefully grind and smooth the bead of solder on the outside surface of the wheel to ensure an airtight contact with the tire, while leaving the bead on the other side for strength."More