TTDA Today
Jun. 4, 2014

Execs: Recycled tires gaining traction in market
Rubber News
Markets for recycled tires are more diverse and sophisticated than ever, with rubber-modified asphalt an especially promising technology for the future, according to Dick Gust, director of government affairs and president of national account sales for Liberty Tire Recycling. But effective management of end-of-life tires, whether by government or industry, still plays a major role in ensuring that scrap tires get to useful end markets, says Glenn R. Maidment, president of the Rubber Association of Canada.More

The pressure's on to check your tires
Globe Newswire
Pounds per square inch, alignment, and tire tread aren't things that drivers typically think about on a daily basis, yet failure to check and maintain your tires can result in what the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates to be 11,000 tire-related crashes each year. National Tire Safety Week, June 2-8, is a week dedicated to educating drivers about the importance of tire safety and aims to reduce the number of collisions caused by tire neglect. More

Building workplace safety with rewards and recognition
Occupational Health & Safety
Recognition and reward for a job well done fulfills a basic human need for acknowledgement and affirmation. When we are recognized for our contributions, we naturally engage at a higher level and contribute more. Successful safety managers incorporate the concept of recognition and reward into their safety programs to drive positive safety behavior and ultimately impact financial results. More

TPMS: Educate the consumer to turn a blinking light into a profit center for your shop
Tire Review
Let's face it, nobody gets into the tire business for the cheering crowds or the recognition and deep respect of our fellow man. We're in the tire business to make money, but unfortunately that's been getting a bit harder to do lately. Matt Winslow, director of speakers and content at Automotive Training Institute, sums up the problem in a nutshell. "Tire margins are very low today." As a result, many dealers have begun looking for alternate strategies to help them survive, and a great many have found that the single most important component of these new strategies is to concentrate on TPMS sales and service. As TPMS technology has grown out of infancy, it has become clear that TPMS is in fact an extremely important aspect of tire sales and service that must be handled well at both the mechanical and the customer service levels for a tire business to be successful today.More

A good sense of humor is great for your sense of life and business
Small Business Trends
How do you express your sense of humor without going overboard, off the edge, or over the top? It's sometimes really hard to do, but it can work wonders for building likeability and memorability at networking events, conferences and meetings. More

Be loyal to customers, and they will be loyal to you
Business 2 Community
Many companies constantly wonder how they can instill loyalty in their customers ... how customers can be encouraged to come back to their business time and time again. Is it in the quality of products supplied? The speed of the service? But it's actually very simple: if you express loyalty towards your customers, they will be loyal in return.More

The power of a simple demonstration
Modern Tire Dealer
Sales is a fascinating profession, and tires are a fascinating product. Most consumers don't understand the complexity of tires, and as a result, find a simple explanation and simple demonstration both interesting and helpful.More

14 things you can tweet about at a trade show
By Trace Cohen
To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question. Tweeting for the sake of tweeting at a show is fine, but you can add a lot more value if you tweet about relevant things. Most people come to a trade show to find new products, services and/or ideas. Now that we are in the digital age, people are looking more and more to social networks like Twitter to find news from other people. It is time to step up and be the one to tweet something that is interesting. More

How to survive rising health care costs
The Washington Post
Small business owners have a lot to consider when it comes to employee benefits. Health care costs have been rising steadily, and with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, many small firms may see a further increase in their premiums. Nevertheless, employers know that robust benefits packages are a huge draw for talented workers and a key component of employee retention. To prevent larger organizations from poaching their best people, small business owners are looking for more affordable ways to take care of their employees — and it isn't all about health care. More

Record US car sales with sustained profit sets trend
Bloomberg Businessweek
A half-decade after the near-death of American automaking, the Detroit Three have reached an unprecedented milestone: They're boosting sales while remaining consistently profitable. May U.S. auto-sales numbers are projected to show Americans are continuing to buy more cars. Vehicle deliveries in the U.S. may have risen 6.5 percent to 1.54 million, the average of estimates compiled by Bloomberg. Adjusting for seasonal trends, automakers are on pace to sell 16.1 million vehicles this year, according to the estimates.More