TTDA Today
Jul. 22, 2015

Chinese tire tariffs now are final
Modern Tire Dealer
Tariffs on passenger and light truck tires made in China are here to stay. The U.S. International Trade Commission voted at 11 a.m. on July 14, and affirmed both the anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations. This means the tariffs now are final, and will remain in place for at least five years. The cases will be reviewed in 2020. More

Talks underway on requiring used-car recall repairs
The Detroit News
U.S. Senate staffers, auto industry officials and others held intensive talks recently on a proposal to require recalled used cars to be repaired before being sold, The Detroit News has learned. The proposal — if adopted — would be one of the most significant auto safety reforms in years and pose a challenge for the nation’s 17,000 new-car dealers that sell millions of used cars a year. But it is still unclear how expansive the requirement would be and whether the Republican majority in the Senate will agree to it. More

Tire registration bill begins its journey
Modern Tire Dealer
Legislation that would make tire registration mandatory has cleared its first hurdle, a vote by the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation. That committee’s work will be combined with other bills, including one already passed by the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, and ultimately drafted into the Surface Transportation Reauthorization Bill, more commonly referred to as "the highway bill."More

When is road force balance overkill?
Tire Review
Can road force balancing really make a difference? To answer the question of whether road force balancing is overkill, we should probably start by reviewing some basics. We balance tire/wheel assemblies primarily to eliminate, as much as possible, vibration. Vibration produces ride disturbances that are uncomfortable for the driver and passengers and may cause uneven tire wear. More

Toyota recalls 625,000 cars over software malfunction
Deutsche Welle
The world's largest carmaker, Toyota, has recalled around 625,000 hybrid vehicles over a software malfunction that can bring the gas-electric cars to a sudden stop. The call backs mostly affected the popular Prius model. More

Wage gap, benefits at forefront as UAW begins talks with Big Three
By Alan Kelsky
Negotiations with the Big Three automakers — Ford, General Motors and Fiat Chrysler — have begun, and the advantage appears to be with the United Auto Workers in what are expected to be contentious talks. The public is again turning to American-made cars, with sales continuing their upward trend for Ford and GM. In fact, both these manufacturers make more profit per vehicle than either Honda or Toyota.More

Robot cars get 32-acre city at University of Michigan to hone skills
A simulated city opened July 20 on the north campus of the University of Michigan to test how self-driving cars will travel in the future without mowing down pedestrians or causing colossal crashes. "We had the faculty here at the university design the fully evolved future," Peter Sweatman, head of the Transportation Research Institute, which oversaw the creation of the M City test facility, said in an interview. "After all, we’re replacing humans with machines and those machines need to be able to operate in a full, rich environment."More

Your employees are not expendable
BodyShop Business via Tire Review
Angelo DiTullio writes, "This article has a strange title, right? Your employees aren’t like a faucet. My dad always used to say that. It wasn’t a concept I grasped immediately early in my career. However, I’ve come to realize how truly important it is. As the decision maker in your shop, there are many levers and knobs you can turn to try to get different results and metrics. However, your workforce should not be one of them."More

Bye-bye, Adobe Flash! Hello, HTML5 video
By Lonny Alfred
Once an unquestioned component of multimedia on the Web, Adobe Flash and other third-party media plugins are heading toward the end of their days. For businesses, this means yet another item to add onto their to-do list. Many businesses sites have already made the transition to mobile-friendly responsive design. But the increasing number of cyberattacks through outdated Flash players makes it more apparent that websites need to transition to a more secure option: HTML5.More

Fiat Chrysler wins top Total Quality Award for 1st time
The Strategic Vision Total Quality Awards are 20 years old in 2015, and Chrysler has never topped the awards before. Until now, that is. Fiat Chrysler took the overall award on the corporate level with six segment leaders from Fiat, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram. More