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Aug. 12, 2015

Tire registration issue creates some strange alliances
Rubber & Plastics News
As the saying goes, politics truly do make strange bedfellows. Such is the case with the ongoing debate over a proposal to return to mandatory tire registration. The issue is heating up because the Senate has been considering legislation that would call for a return to mandatory registration of tires, either as stand-alone legislation or as a provision in the transportation funding reauthorization. More

Determining the right PSI
Tire Review
More than a few of us have spent time looking for the placard with a vehicle’s tire pressure recommendations. And more than a few consumers have looked at their owner’s manual or that elusive placard and wondered why the pressures there are different from the maximum pressure on the tire’s sidewalls. How do the automobile manufacturers and their tire suppliers come up with those numbers?More

Among the states, self-driving cars have ignited a gold rush
The New York Times
Whether it is fuel savings, safer commutes or freed-up time behind the wheel, motorists have many reasons to embrace self-driving cars. But another group is just as eager to see these vehicles on the road: politicians. Lawmakers from California, Texas and Virginia are wooing the autonomous-car industry, along with the jobs and tax revenue that come with it.More

Investigation: Shattering sunroofs put drivers at risk
It was a routine ride to work until Wade Owens heard it. Wade then felt small pieces of glass raining into his car and into his eyes. The sunroof on his 2013 Kia Sportage had shattered, a scary experience, but not an isolated one. An ensuing investigation found hundreds of complaints to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about the problem. The complaints led Audi and Hyundai to issue voluntary recalls on some models. More

How older people became the future of the US auto industry
Bloomberg Business
American seniors have never been healthier or wealthier. At the same time, cars have never been crammed with more features to safeguard drivers with fuzzier vision, slower reactions and stiffer necks. Those forces have created a powerful economic engine for car manufacturers. This might just be the first time ever that one of the most promising demographics for the auto industry is represented by Social Security recipients.More

US auto imports hit all-time high
The Detroit News
U.S. auto imports hit a new all-time high in the first half of the year — as auto production is surging in lower wage countries such as Mexico and a strong dollar is hindering American exports. The overall U.S. trade deficit rose 7.1 percent — adjusted for seasonal fluctuations — to $43.8 billion in June. Autos, which includes vehicles, parts and engines, accounted for more than one-third of the trade deficit as U.S. auto imports rose to $29.8 billion, the U.S. Census Bureau reported Aug. 5. More

Wheel bearing lessons
Tire Review
Wheel bearings are either of the ball or tapered roller variety. Front-wheel bearing applications are an angular-type ball bearing, which will accept greater thrust loads than a Conrad-type bearing, and will accept a 100 percent load in the radial or thrust position and any combination of a 100 percent load. A tapered roller bearing will accept both a radial and a thrust load.More

Michelin pilot program sells tires online — and offers concierge service
Modern Tire Dealer
Michelin North America Inc. is in the process of launching Michelin OnSite, which will enable consumers to purchase tires online, via mobile device or by phone, and have them installed and serviced at a time and place of their choice. This new program, to be piloted in the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, area helps address the growing "on-demand" needs of consumers, including their increasing desire for convenience, speed and simplicity in the tire-purchasing process, according to Michelin. More

Mazda recalls 193,000 CX-9 crossovers for rusty suspension parts
Car and Driver
Mazda is recalling 193,484 CX-9 crossovers in the U.S. because their ball joints can rust and cause the front control arms to break off, according to filings with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. On 2007-2014 CX-9 models, the ball joints connecting the lower control arms to the front wheels may loosen or suddenly detach while driving, which can result in a partial loss of steering or stability. Mazda knows of at least 16 reports of ball joint separation since NHTSA opened an investigation in June. More

Here's how Tesla will win the coming hacking wars in the auto industry
Business Insider
Hacking has suddenly become a big concern in the car business. Hackers showed a Wired reporter how they could remotely take control of a Jeep, and now another hacker has revealed how to gain access to a Tesla Model S. Hackers have revealed a vulnerability in General Motors' OnStar system. Where will it end? It will never end. The arms race is officially on. More