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Sep. 2, 2015

Turn your data into profit
Modern Tire Dealer
Dave Vogel says most tire dealers are sitting on a pile of money. And ignoring it. Their computers might as well be stuffed with cash, and their filing cabinets overflowing like a triple-cherry slot machine jackpot. All because of this common scenario: A consumer comes into a shop; a technician does an inspection and finds repairs that need to be done; but for whatever reason — the common refrains are the consumer doesn’t have the time or the money — the work isn’t done right away. More

Deluge of recalls dings auto customer satisfaction
USA Today
A record year of recalls took a heavy toll on customer satisfaction with the auto industry, according to a new study. The American Customer Satisfaction Index reported recently that its gauge for car-buyer satisfaction fell to 79 on a 100-point scale in 2015 from 82 last year. The 3.7 percent drop was fueled by concerns over the massive increase in recalls throughout the auto industry since early 2014. More

A flat performance for run-flat tires
Modern Tire Dealer
The standard complaints about run-flat tires that wear too quickly and offer an uncomfortable ride aren’t going away. In the last five years as the replacement rate of non-run-flat tires on two-year-old cars has improved by 4 percent, the run-flat replacement rate hasn’t budged an inch. The annual survey by J.D. Power and Associates focuses on consumers who have replaced one or more tires during the first two years of new-car ownership. The replacement rate for run-flat tires is much higher than non-run-flats. More

Toyota's top suppliers prepare a tech blitz
Automotive News
Steer-by-wire systems. Grille shutters. More efficient regenerative braking. Direct-shift automatic transmissions. Those are just some of the advanced technologies Toyota Motor Corp.'s key suppliers are readying for the world's biggest automaker. The systems will start arriving as early as next year, linked to Toyota's shift to a new, standardized vehicle platform called Toyota New Global Architecture. More

Fiat Chrysler recalls prompt calls for greater auto oversight
The Hill
Alleged violations of the Motor Vehicle Safety Act by Fiat Chrysler have sparked fresh calls for the Obama administration to increase federal oversight of the American auto industry. Fiat Chrysler was recently fined $105 million by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for allegedly failing to properly notify drivers, car dealerships and federal regulators about recalls that affected about 11 million vehicles. The company has also been accused of neglecting to repair cars in a timely fashion, as required by a 1966 law. More

Bridgestone launches redesigned consumer tire website
Tire Review
Bridgestone Americas has launched its newly redesigned website for Bridgestone-brand passenger and light truck tires. The site features enhanced and easy-to-use tire search capabilities to simplify the tire buying experience, said the tiremaker, adding the site is built with a mobile-first approach and responsive design, allowing consumers to shop for tires seamlessly online and on-the-go regardless of device.More

Undoing stuck behavior and fear of change
By Michael S. Haro, Ph.D.
Have you ever caught yourself saying: "Why do things have to change? I've just gotten used to doing it this way." If so, then you are probably getting older. Resistance to change is not so much a negative as it is a fear of the unknown: "If I do change, or even make suggested adjustments, what's that going to do to my patterned lifestyle?" Yes, the fear of change — whatever your age — can be a block that limits your ability to truly live in the present.More

August sales may struggle because of Labor Day
Soon, millions and millions of Americans will gleefully skip out of work for the long Labor Day weekend. You know what's also happening next weekend? It's the biggest and best weekend to buy a new vehicle on the entire automotive calendar. But because of how this year's Labor Day weekend falls — it takes place entirely in September, rather than running through the end of August, like it did last year — there's concern that August figures will be disappointing.More

South Texas heat taking a toll on tires
Drivers might want to check their vehicle's tire pressure before the next drive around town. AAA Texas said it has been busy rescuing San Antonio drivers due to tires overheating, likely causing them to blowout.More