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Oct. 29, 2014


2015 Texas Tire & Automotive EXPO
April 16-18, 2015
Westin Stonebriar Resort

1549 Legacy Drive
Frisco, Texas

Program and Registration will be coming soon More

TIA sets expo event registration record
Tire Business
More than 400 individuals have signed up for the Tire Industry Association's special events on Nov. 3 preceding the opening of TIA's 2014 Global Tire Expo in Las Vegas as part of the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show. The special events consist of the TIA Cocktail Hour, the Tire Industry Honors Awards Ceremony and the TIA Welcome Reception, all scheduled for Caesar's Palace Las Vegas. Registration for these events is up more than 30 percent from 2013, TIA said, and is a record.More

Auto suppliers could go out of business in wake of massive recalls
Auto suppliers, which make most of the parts that go into today's cars and trucks, could end up being the big losers as automakers recall vehicles at a blistering pace. Automakers have recalled a record 56 million vehicles so far this year, eclipsing 1999's record of 55.6 million cars and trucks. Just recently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration expanded a recall of faulty air bags made by Japanese supplier Takata to 7.8 million vehicles manufactured by 10 automakers.More

Tire repair trends
Modern Tire Dealer
While there might be some debate regarding the first person to say, "The only thing that is certain in life is death and taxes," it’s obvious they were not talking about the tire business. Among the many certainties are the loss of tread depth, the dependence on natural rubber, the need for correct inflation pressure and, of course, flat tires.More

Keep sales and service sharp
Tire Review
Tire Review's Tim Good writes, "Here we are in the final quarter of 2014 and again we are all saying how fast the year has flown by. Many dealers have reported that their OTR tire businesses are up this year compared to last year, which is excellent news. But I also hear the same familiar comment: finding and retaining good OTR tire sales and service people is very difficult, and that makes it hard to maximize on the actual potential the market has to offer."More

No quick fixes for drivers affected by air bag recall
Most auto recalls usually involve one carmaker at a time, but a recent massive recall affects not just one, but 10, ranging from BMWs to Toyotas. At the center of it is Takata, a little-known but extremely important auto parts-maker. The company makes more than one-third of the air bags in all cars. Nearly 8 million vehicles have been recalled to have defective air bags fixed, and Congress is now opening an investigation into the problems.More

Goodyear to test self-inflating tires on fleets
Modern Tire Dealer
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. will begin testing its self-inflating tire system called Air Maintenance Technology on U.S. trucking fleets in the next few months. The tests are part of a research project supported by United States Department of Energy's Office of Vehicle Technology. Since 2011, Goodyear has been developing and testing its AMT innovation, which can aid in fuel savings and carbon dioxide reductions while potentially improving tire life, casing durability and safety, and eliminating need for manually inflating tires.More

Only US inner tube plant marks 50 years in Arkansas
Tire Business
Bridgestone Americas Tube Business, based in Russellville, Arkansas, is marking 50 years of making inner tube products. The Russellville plant is the only remaining tube producer in the U.S. and Canada, according to Bridgestone. The facility produced its first butyl inner tube on Oct. 24, 1964, manufacturing 14,650 units per day.More

Industry defends use of crumb rubber in artificial surfaces
A recent NBC News report is reviving controversy over a commonly used recycled rubber product that many officials in the rubber industry say is harmless and highly useful to many, a possible carcinogen to others. "Not to downplay the seriousness of this issue," said Michael Blumenthal, founder of consulting firm Marshay Inc. and former Rubber Manufacturers Association vice president. "But now it boils down to this: those who like crumb rubber artificial turf, and those who don't."More

Social becomes sales: Facebook, Twitter to battle over e-commerce
By Emma Fitzpatrick
Establishing a social presence for your business is no longer optional. Social has become the customer service line, a satisfaction meter, a fan club and your personal brand bulletin board. Not surprisingly, a whopping 92 percent of marketers already know social media is really important for their business. But, given the time investment and emphasis placed on social in today's marketing world, who would have guessed 2 out of 3 of those same marketers think their Facebook efforts may be ineffective? Well, that number will surely be changing soon.More